The Burning Crusade Classic brought us a lot of changes regarding the gear for PvP. And, the most common question people ask is whether you are able to just enroll into the PvP world.

Well, you are! 

However, leaving aside the whole concept of quests and dungeons is a bit weird at least. And, it’s only the storyline part you will be missing, but also some really great pieces of gear.

So yeah, playing WoW TBC only for PvP is possible, but not nearly as fun as playing the whole thing.

Anyhow, let’s get back to the main point, the gear!

Obtaining PvP Gear – Are You Going to Miss Something?

Can you just PvP in TBC?

The first thing that comes to mind about only playing PvP, is ‘’am I going to have good gear’’? Well, PvP gear in TBC is mostly found in battlegrounds and arenas, so in order to improve your gear, you don’t need to do quests or dungeons.

But, there are a couple of exceptions:

  • Weapons – Players who only do PvP have to wait quite a lot in order to get their hands on solid weapons. However, players who combine PvP and PvE, are most likely to find good weapons before they even start PvP.
  • Resilience – Not having a complete set of items can really hurt your stats in terms of PvP. Also, you won’t have the Resilience bonus that comes equipped once you find and use all items in the PvE mode.

Anyhow, getting away with only playing PvP is definitely possible, but it will take you a bit more time to truly become a great warrior. On top of that, players who do both PvE and PvP will surely have the upper hand in the PvP world.

Did TBC have PvP gear?

Can you just PvP in TBC?

As in any new expansion, the gear is changing and there will always be more items included in the upcoming fights. So yeah, there is a new gear in TBC, especially the one needed for PvP battles. 

First of all, the first big thing in TBC, about the PvP gear, is the Arena Season 1 Gear! This is a completely different and definitely amazing thing that came to life in this expansion. Namely, each class has its own set available for players only if they get all the items.

You can acquire these sets from vendors such as Grikkin Copperspring, Evee Copperspring, Ontok Shatterhorn, etc. Also, you must get all parts of the one set in order to achieve bonus stats and benefits that come with each set. 

In that light, acquiring Head, Shoulder, Chest, Legs, and Hands items is important! You can also get Feet and Waists, but there’s no need to make an extra effort for that since these items will not provide any stats, they are just for the looks.

Let’s Get Our Hands on PvP Gear

In order to fully equip your character with the best possible gear for PvP, you will need to acquire as many Arena Battle Points as possible! You will actually need to get these points only to buy the gear you want and not to maintain your reputation.

That being said, it’s clear that you need to muster as many Arena Points as you can, the gear is not cheap. Depending on the piece, one item can vary from 1000 to 3750 Arena Points. 

And, it’s not that easy to achieve a huge number of Arena Points, so be aware of the effort and time you put into getting these points. You should know how to spend it in the best possible way. 

Do you need PVE gear to PvP in TBC?

Most definitely NOT! But, it’s not a bad idea to have some solid gear in order to help you in your battles in PvP. In case you didn’t get this part, it’s important to get yourself equipped for PvP, but you can’t get that in one buying. Therefore, as you acquire items for PvP, you can still use some items from PvE in order to get better results in battles.

That’s the whole point!

For example, players who are slowly progressing through the game while doing PvE, are more likely to get good items. From there, and with that items, they can easily move into the PvP world. And, after a while, once they acquire items for PvP, they will normally replace PvE gear with the suitable PvP gear. 

All in all, it’s a good idea to save some items in order to move faster and get yourself prepared for the PvP. 

Is PvP Gear better than PvE Gear?

Can you just PvP in TBC?

As we mentioned before, each type of gear is specially designed to provide a player with a special set of bonuses and benefits. Therefore, PvE gear is especially good for leveling, questing, and doing dungeons. 

On the other hand, PvP gear is a bit more straightforward. Meaning, you can count on PvP Gear to be useful in hand-to-hand combats such as Battlegrounds, Arenas, and so on.

Also, everyone who is planning on equipping their character with only one type of gear is doing themselves a favor. In case you want to level and do quests, then getting your character equipped with PvE gear is of the essence. The same goes in the other direction – PvP gear is best for PvP activities.

This concept is not only given to players to do with it whatever they want. The game itself made PvP gear completely useless outside of the PvP activities. And the same for the PvE gear, PvE items are useless in arenas.