Story Time

Even though this must seem a little odd these days, the achievement system hasn’t always been integrated into the game. What we know now as an inseparable part of some game mechanics, for example, you will not be able to fly in BfA zones until you complete many achievements; started just like an additional competitive, yet fun way to spend time in the game.

The achievement system changed throughout the years. The majority of rather dangerous achievements from Realm First! category was removed from the game completely, though a few, like Realm First! Shadowlands Keystone Master still exists.

On the other hand, another category of achievements Glory of the Raider lives and prospers, being one of the most popular nowadays. There are a total number of 27 such achievements, four out of which relate to guilds. The rewards are always the same – new mounts. The new 9.1 patch for Shadowlands is not an exception and has brought us a new representative of this achievement family – the Glory of the Dominant Raider that makes you completing ten lesser achievements and rewards you with a Hand of Hrestimorak. Today we are going to tell you, what you need to do to obtain this rideable hand.

Note, however, that none of the achievements may be done in LFR. You need to visit the Normal or higher difficulty of the raid to be able to complete the Glory of the Dominant Raider.


Name A Better Duo, I’ll Wait

Glory of the Dominant Raider Overview

This achievement is connected to the first boss of the raid – the Tarragrue. During a fight, the boss will cast Hungering Mist ability, where you may notice two NPCs – Buttons (a tiny one) and Moriaz the Red (a shadowy one). Your task is to reunite them until that particular Hungering Mist fades away. Both NPCs spawn at different spots, but always at opposite sides of the fighting area. Just wait for the next Hungering Mist, pick up the Buttons, and rush to another guy. Kill the boss in the usual way after this.

It is recommended, though not necessary, to use Oddly Intangible Key anima power to resist damage, a Priest with Leap of Faith ability to fasten the process, and any class with high mobility to accomplish this task.

Eye Wish You Were Here

Glory of the Dominant Raider Overview

This achievement is made while fighting with the second boss of the raid – the Eye of the Jailer. Fight a boss in a usual way, trying to keep the center of the area clear. After you lower boss’ health to around 30%, it will cast Immediate Extermination. One of the players is to use the Scavenged S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera that is located at the back of the room. The rest of the raid is better to gather around the boss. Everyone including the boss should get the Photoflash! debuff. This might take several attempts, so be careful. Finish a fight in a normal way after this.

Tips: It’s better to dismiss all the pets due to accident bugs;

         Move closer to the boss to put a debuff on it.

To the Nines

Glory of the Dominant Raider Overview

The next achievement takes place while you fight the Nines boss. Fight Kyra and Signe until they summon Skyja. She will periodically cast Fragments of Destiny upon three random players. Your task is to collect nine Fragments on a single player to form a Shard of Destiny. As Fragments of Destiny jump to the nearest player after being dispelled, it’s better to gather all players with this debuff at one spot. However, the Shard will appear only in the case all fragments on all other players (except for the chosen one) are dispelled; like if you have 9 stacks on one character and, say, one on another – you will gain no Shard. After a chosen player (it better be a tank, after all) has all nine stacks, they change into a Shard of Destiny and you may dispel all the stacks. Finish the fight in a usual way.

Tips: Having three tanks for this achievement is preferable;

         The chosen tank should have a good magic resistance;

         Better have at least two players with stacks up until the very end, as they might auto-dispel.

I used to Bullseye Deeprun Rats Back Home

Glory of the Dominant Raider Overview

An achievement for the basketball players: you are to toss three spheres through two hoops, one of which is moving.

Now more detailed. Fight Remnant of Ner’zhul until it has 30% health left and stop DPS then. Pick up appearing Orbs of Torment, move closer to the hoops, and toss them. You will see a shady flash around the hoop and a remark in the chat, saying a goal has been scored in case your toss was successful. Keep fighting the boss in the usual way.

Tips: All raid members may do toss the ball;

Wait until the moving hoop is at its highest peak and then toss your sphere;

Watch carefully, as not every throw is successful.

Tormentor’s Tango

Glory of the Dominant Raider Overview

This is another sports-related achievement on the list – for sprinters this time. The achievement is related to Soulrender Dormazain boss. Note, that everyone in the raid should complete all the steppes; this is not a personal achievement.

Target Garrosh Hellscream and type /taunt before starting a fight. This will give you 20% speed slowness debuff Hellscream’s Burden. The task is simple – avoid receiving damage from Torment and Tormented Eruptions abilities by moving to the safe zones.

Tips: Delegate a certain someone, who will announce, where to move – that eases the task;

         Use any and every speeding ability at your disposal.


Glory of the Dominant Raider Overview

The achievement looks more like an additional encounter mechanic, so it should cost no particular troubles. Pull the lever that is located in front of the fighting area entrance. This leads to the appearance of the cells with Burning Souls inside, which cast nasty Terrifying Shriek and thus may cause a wipe. Your only task is to destroy these cells, interrupt fear casts, and kill the Painsmith Raznal boss. That’s it.

A tip: You may control the cells instead of destroying them each time, as they do not replace themselves.

Knowledge is Power

Glory of the Dominant Raider Overview

To complete this achievement you need to kill both, the Guardian of the First Ones boss, and the Vazzaren the Seeker add that spawns to the left of the fighting area. The mob respawns if you wipe, so do not worry about that. Keep the add to the side due to its cleave damage and wait for the boss to cast purging protocol. After that move the add into the Energy Core, make sure it is enlightened. Once it’s done, finish the Vazzaren the Seeker in the first place, and the Guardian of the First Ones boss after it.

Tips: You’ll probably need three tanks on this encounter. One of them will especially keep Vazzaren busy;

Better save your BL to kill the add;

Pay special attention to Harrowing Blast and interrupt it ASAP.

Flawless Fate

Glory of the Dominant Raider Overview

Here you need to avoid the damage from Fated Conjunction, Call of Eternity, Echo of Eternity, and Fate Fragments while you conquer Fatescribe Roh-Kalo. This is a personal achievement, meaning you have to rely only on yourself.

Tips: Use 100% immune bubbles/shields in case you have nowhere or no time to run away;

You will not get an achievement if you die at the beginning of the fight;

Better not be positioned in the center ring if you are up for this achievement;

Do not mess up the whole run trying to get an achievement!

Together Forever

To complete an achievement you need to find a pet named Mr. Bigglesworth three times at three different locations:

Glory of the Dominant Raider Overview
The first time you will find it right after the fight with the first boss the Tarragrue in the first trash area on your right.
Glory of the Dominant Raider Overview
The second time you may find it on your way to Soulrender Dormazain. The last time you may find a cat just before the entrance to a fighting area with Kel’Thuzad.

The person, who pets a cat for the last time will have a burden to carry it. As soon as Mr. Bigglesworth makes himself comfortable on a chosen player’s shoulders, this player’s speed slows significantly. This character has to bring a cat to the Phylactery and reunite it with the Remnant of Kel’Thuzad. Defeat the boss in a usual way after this.

Glory of the Dominant Raider Overview
An important addition: all the damage from the Remnant of Kel’Thuzad increases to 500% after the delivery of the cat.

This World is a Prism

Glory of the Dominant Raider Overview

The last achievement in this category is made on the last boss, Lady Sylvanas Windrunner. Wait till phase two to start doing the achievement. First, you need to gather four orbs, related to four covenants by color. Note, that the place of each orb is fixed, but the order is random.

The first prism is just behind your appearing spot. From there you may see a third prism, by the way.

The second orb is at the end of the third chained platform; you will be able to get there as soon as Sylvanas burns.

The third sphere (the one, you have noticed before) is on the fourth chain on the left.

To find the last prism the chosen player is to run at the end of the fifth chain and turn to the left around the corner.

This is the positioning of all four prisms. The raid group appears at the top of the map.

After all the orbs are gathered, fight the boss in a usual way up to phase 3. Once you find yourselves in Oribos, take a look at the square platforms with Covenant logos on them. The players with orbs are to stand on these squared platforms and channel the cast. This is the correlation of symbols with colors:

Necrolord – green;

Night Fae – Dark Blue;

Kyrian – Light Blue;

Venthyr – Red.

As soon as the fourth prism is activated, all four players may return to the rest of the raid and join the fight.

Tips: You don’t have to represent the concrete covenant to collect a certain prism;

         There is no need to activate the orb in the order they were gathered.


As you might have noticed, this Glory of the Dominant Raider is rather entertaining and has several references to different in-game events or characters; the most ancient one is the famous Mr. Bigglesworth, who was originally named after Dr. Evil’s cat and probably became Kel’Thuzad’s familiar at times, the lich was still a human.

The reward this time is the Hand of Hrestimorak mount, as it was said at the beginning. This transport has a unique /mountspecial: it demonstrates a random variation of the Rock, Paper, Scissors game.