The Mage Tower Challenges are a series of mind-bending puzzles and tests, designed by the titans to test mages’ wit and will. It is said that those who complete the tower challenges will be granted an audience with one of the titans themselves.  This guide will give you a look at what awaits inside!

You’ll first want to head to Dalaran and speak to Zooti Fizzlefury, who is located inside the Broken Isles’ Legerdemain Lounge.

He will have a quest for you called “Challenges”, which has a 1-day cooldown. If you’re doing this on alts, make sure each one has their own copy of this quest.

Once you have the quest, find a portal to Dalaran Crater on the Broken Shore. It’s located on Wrynnfall, above where you first entered the zone.

You will be able to access the Mage Tower starting at Level 98 and scaling to your highest level follower(s).  

That being said, let’s dig deep into the Mage Tower Challenges, shall we?

Brief info about Legion Timewalking Mage Tower

Legion Timewalking: Mage Tower Challenges Overview

There are four wings in all, each with three challenges and a boss encounter at the end.  

Completing each wing’s challenges will award achievement and a new color for your mage tower hearthstone. 

Completing the final Achievement: “Mage Royal” will reward you with an exclusive staff transmog!

At higher difficulties, each wing’s boss encounter will scale in difficulty and reward a token with a chance for a cache that can include Legion artifact appearance gear or Titan Runestones.

When can you attempt the Mage Tower?

Mage Tower will become available only during the Legion Timewalking event. The next event will start on December, 7th, 2021.  

What are the requirements for this fun?

Some challenges may require certain abilities and special tactics.

Your gear will be scaled down, but still, you’ll want to make sure you are using the best possible gear for your character’s current level.  

Any expansion-specific bonuses such as Covenant abilities and signature abilities, any Shadowlands Legendary effects, Soulbind traits and Conduits, Shards of Domination, Azerite traits, and Essences from BfA, and so forth will be disabled during the challenge.

What are the Mage Tower Challenges?

Each challenge is specific for a set of classes and specs.  Some challenges may require certain abilities and tactics, so be prepared!  

How does the gear scale?

All gear is scaled to your current level, and no heirlooms and expansion-specific gear are allowed!  

We’ve found that you can safely use Level 210 gear for the final boss encounter.

Tier sets will most likely be useless. You will want to make sure you are using the best possible gear for your character’s current level. The bosses do not hit hard, but they will be very annoying to deal with.

You can expect that most fights become easier as you gain more items / levels.  

Challenges Available in Mage Tower

Here are all challenges available in Mage Tower. Let’s overview all of them.

Closing the Eye 

Legion Timewalking: Mage Tower Challenges Overview

You’ll have to use your vision to find a wandering Eye near the start of the tower. You will need to take note of where you first entered as this is EXACTLY where it patrols.  

We recommend going away from the entrance and making sure no other player is nearby or else they might kill it before you can! You will need to avoid all patrols and get close to the eye, then attempt a “stun” on it. If done correctly, you will be able to complete the challenge and receive your new color for your hearthstone!

An Impossible Foe 

Legion Timewalking: Mage Tower Challenges Overview

This challenge will require you to kill a boss that has 50 million hp.

We really don’t want to spoil too much about this fight but what we can tell you is that it’s very possible if you are geared!  

The God-Queen’s Fury 

Legion Timewalking: Mage Tower Challenges Overview

You will need to kill Al’Akir in this arena-like challenge!   He does not have too many abilities but you will want to bring AoE heals for the Lightning Bolt. You’ll also want to avoid taking damage from Nether Burn which is his deadliest ability. 

However, it is possible for your healer(s) to outheal the damage it does.    This challenge can be completed with 2 elite players or more if your party / raid is well geared!

It’s very important to note that this boss does not scale at all when you attempt higher difficulties. He will require a moderate amount of DPS and heals regardless of the difficulty tier.

Feltotem’s Fall 

Legion Timewalking: Mage Tower Challenges Overview

This challenge will require you to kill Dreadboss Fel Lord Zakuun. You’ll want to set up your camera so that you can see the boss and portal at the same time.    The first mechanic is called “Binding Dark.” This will tether all party members together with a beam of light. 

It’s important for the party member at the very top of their threat to take damage from this tether. The other mechanic is called “Celestial Breath.” You will need to make sure you are spread out by about 5 yards or else you’ll receive a massive amount of damage! 

This boss also has a tank swap mechanic where a random tank will get debuffed with a stacking debuff that increases their damage intake. You’ll want to perform this tank swap when the stacks reaches about 5 – 6, however, you can actually get away with not swapping if your tanks are geared enough.

Thwarting the Twins 

Legion Timewalking: Mage Tower Challenges Overview

This challenge requires you to fight off both Ko’ragh and Imperator Mar’gok. This is a very difficult encounter because your tank(s) will need to move a lot while avoiding AoEs. It’s also important that you kill the Nether adds that spawn, especially when they cast “Fist of the Legion,” which is a deadly ability.

You will need to split your DPS and healers into two groups: one for Ko’ragh and one for Imperator Mar’gok. It’s important that you keep an eye on both bosses because they share a health pool, meaning if either dies the encounter will be over! 

The other thing you will need to manage is Nether Corruption. This debuff will stack and increase the damage you take over time. You’ll want to make sure this doesn’t stack too high otherwise it’ll become difficult for healers.

The Highlord’s Return 

Legion Timewalking: Mage Tower Challenges Overview

This challenge requires you to kill Highlord Kruul. You’ll want to make sure you have a LOT of DPS for this fight!    He has a lot of abilities that will be deadly if you are not well geared enough. 

One ability he uses constantly throughout the fight is “Torment,” which is a stacking debuff that will increase the damage you take from him. Another deadly ability he uses is called “Hell’s Judgment” which will deal massive damage to everyone within 40 yards of the boss as long as it doesn’t die first.

He can also cast “Apocalypse” on you, which will cause them to deal AOE damage and stun players within 10 yards of them. You will want to make sure you don’t stand near the afflicted player as this ability does quite a bit of damage!

End of the Risen Threat 

Legion Timewalking: Mage Tower Challenges Overview

This challenge requires you to kill Lady Sacrolash and Darkmaster Gandling. This is a very difficult fight because you will have very little room for error. The two things that are the most deadly throughout the encounter are “Death Ray” and “Animate Guardians”.

Death Ray deals massive damage, especially if it isn’t handled properly. You will want to have interrupts ready for Sacrolash / Gandling when they cast this spell!

Animate Guardians is a channeled ability that deals massive damage over time to the entire party, which means you’ll need cooldowns or multiple healers to supplement your gear level if you are not yet geared up enough. 

One last thing to keep in mind is that Darkmaster Gandling has an ability called “Empower” which will increase his damage and haste by 100% per cast. 

You’ll want to stack up with your group when the boss casts Death Ray and quickly clear it out before going back to fighting Gandling. Also, make sure you interrupt Sacrolash when she casts Death Ray.

In conclusion

If you are looking for the best Mage Tower challenges to tackle, then this article is perfect for you. From being able to fight off both Ko’ragh and Imperator Mar’gok in “Thwarting the Twins” or defeating Lady Sacrolash and Darkmaster Gandling in “End of the Risen Threat”, there’s a challenge for every class and spec! 

Whether you’re an experienced player with well-equipped gear who wants to take on these difficult fights solo or if you have friends willing to help out, we hope our guide has helped provide some insight into tackling these challenges successfully.