Shadowlands brought so many changes, and we certainly didn’t experience all of them fully. One of them surely is Mythic+ difficulty in Dungeons. Most of us are used to BfA rules as we are familiar with what to expect while playing Mythic+ BfA, but can we say the same for Mythic+ in Shadowlands? Well, these new changes deserve their own guide, so we’ve decided to make one and introduce you to all changes in the Mythic+ in Shadowlands. 

Furthermore, we will compare Shadowlands Mythic+ vs Battle for Azeroth Mythic+, to make sure you can fully discern how things are working now. In relation to that, our guide will serve as Shadowlands Mythic+ Dungeon guide, and when we talk about Dungeons – Torghast certainly is a specific Dungeon. Finally, Mythic Season One started on December 8th. 

Mythic+ Difficulty in Shadowlands

Mythic Difficulty In Shadowlands

In Shadowlands, things look a tad bit different where Dungeons offer more flexibility and ever-changing challenges for a 5-people group. Also, they are focusing now more on quality play and action instead of strict time limits which exuded raw speed-chasing.

Now, Shadowlands Mythic+ Dungeons is a bit special, so let’s see how it works:

  • At some predefined levels of Mythic+, the dungeon will get its affix that will change the enemies’ mechanics, making the experience more perplexing
  • Once you get Mythic+ Dungeon done, an ‘’epic’’ type of gear at a superb level awaits you. Therefore, that’s one of the best places to equip yourself
  • With your climbing of the level-ladder, enemies will be stronger, so their health will be higher and they will be able to do more damage
  • Dungeons with Mythic+ difficulty come with levels that define their difficulty
  • You can play all Dungeons from Shadowlands on Mythic+ now, 8 in total

Now, let’s take a closer look at the Bfa Dungeons and how they differ from the ones in Shadowlands.

Mythic+ Difficulty in BfA

Mythic Difficulty In Bfa

Obviously, we’ve all played Mythic+ in WoW’s long history and it probably represents a challenge for us and our hero’s skills. Not only that, but the most valuable items and other stuff are obtained from gliding through the Mythic+ – a difficulty mode for the bravest and wittiest. What’s more, let’s see how was Mythic+ worked in BfA and which benefits it brought.

In comparison with previous expansion, when it first came out BfA brought these changes:

  • It introduced seasonal affixes (weekly for each Keystone level 10 and up)
  • It forbade gear swaps
  • Bonus Rolls are available, however, only once you get to the end
  • BfA had four difficulty levels:

1) Normal 

2) Heroic 

3) Mythic 

4) Mythic+

  • Changes with Affixes distribution – Tyrannical and Fortified became major ones, they are available only on every second level of the Keystone

Besides, Mythic+ mode could only be activated once the normal Mythic Dungeon is done. Therefore, that’s only possible with the use of Font of Power. Additionally, you could get much-needed Keystone, but it’s needed to open a chest that comes weekly which is right in front of your house – in the Capital.

  • Changing of the talents and specialization wasn’t allowed in the Mythic+ Dungeon. But, 1 out of 5 players could do it by leaving the place. Later on, the rest of the crew should use 2 summons to get a said player back in the Dungeon and to their location.
  • In BfA gear level you could get was changing according to difficulty, exactly like this:
  • Item level 370 gear for Normal Dungeons
  • Item level 385 for Heroic Dungeons
  • Item level 400 for Mythic Dungeons

As we can see, these two expansions are different in many ways, especially when it comes to Dungeons. So, let’s continue and see what is the most fun and the best way to enjoy Mythic+ Shadowlands Dungeons.

Mythic+ Shadowlands Guide

First of all, it’s important to know where to engage into Mythic+ dungeon, and we offer you a few steps you’ll need to go through in order to do so. Therefore, the first requirement is possessing a Mythic Keystone (it doesn’t have to necessarily be you that carries the keystone). Nonetheless, obtaining it is possible by killing the finishing boss that stays in the Mythic 0 dungeon. On the other hand, you can find it in Challenger’s Chest that occurs every week. 

Next, setting the right difficulty is needed, and then you can step to the Font of Power. Then, Mythic Keystone carrier should interact with the Font of Power to access Mythic+ User Interface. Moreover, it’s good to move Mythic Keystone in the middle of the Mythic+ UI window. 

Now, you should wait a bit while the UI gets updated. Finally, you should only click the ‘’Activate Button’’ (red colored one) and you are all set! Get ready as you will only have approximately 10 seconds until the Mythic+ timer starts counting.

Dungeon Objectives of the Mythic+ 

When speaking about objectives, a major objective you’ll need to accomplish is:

Slay every boss and as much mobs as you possibly can, in time until Mythic+ timer hits 0.

As soon as you’re done with the slaying, your reward will come as a chest, as well as the Mythic Keystone update!

Now, there are few possible scenarios that vary on your success rate and effectiveness while playing the dungeon.

Finishing every objective until the timer hits 0 will ensure you of the Keystone that’s higher leveled for some other dungeon. To top it off, every member of the party will be awarded with an Anima and one or two pieces of loot as well.

Completing your objectives after the timer hit 0 will result in less abundant rewards. Precisely, your Keystone level will drop by 1 for the exact same dungeon you were already playing and your party won’t get any loot.

Besides, getting the dungeon done will enable a UI window which will show your stats and newly obtained Keystone level.

Rewards of the Mythic+ 

As we previously stated, two different ways of obtaining items are possible. Precisely, the first way is by getting everything from the chest, and the second way refers to the Great Vault. Simply speaking, the Great Vault represents a feature that occurs weakly, and it ensures you with various items and prizes for your performance in PvP, Mythic Keystone Dungeons, and Raids. 

Be advised, the loot you can get will get significantly extended only if you put an extra effort and play all three activities. Anyhow, you can choose only one loot reward from the Great Vault. 

The third way for some yummy items and prizes is using a Bonus Roll that is available for all who entered that Dungeon. 

Debuffs & Affixes

One major debuff while grinding through Dungeons is ‘’Challenger’s Burden’’ and it affects the whole group. Suffice to say, this debuff removes 5 seconds from the Mythic+ timer each time one from the group dies. Plus, this debuff’s purpose is to make players consider tactics and decisions while indicating if the place is currently too heavy for the party to handle. That level of difficulty is measured by the frequency of die rate and may indicate that the party is in need of a stronger gear or a better strategy. 

When speaking about affixes, you probably know that they are likely to impact opponents and behavior in that place. Also, your Keystone may come with an affix and that will define the enemy’s behavior in that Mythic+ dungeon. Besides, they change per week globally and those who start a Level 10 Mythic+ dungeon will carry those same affixes.

Currently, there are four special and newly introduced affixes in Shadowlands:

  1. Storming – During a fight, opponents should occasionally conjure whirlwinds which are causing damage
  2. Spiteful – Enemies’ allies resurrect from non-boss cadavers and start chasing players randomly
  3. Inspiring – Some of the non-boss opponents are under the inspiring effect on their comrades which makes them stronger

With two affixes removed:

  • Teeming
  • Skittish

Lastly, those who play are able to obtain the first affix at Mythic Keystone level 2. And, it’s usually the one or another (Fortified or Tyrannical). These will rotate every 7 days, so it will make either bosses or trash mobs stronger. 

You’ll see the Second affix at the Keystone level 4, the third at the Keystone level 7, and the fourth (seasonal) affix at the Keystone level 10.

Final words

We believe that things are much clearer now and that your experience in the Mythic+ Dungeons will be easier with this. What’s more, we hope you’ll get many valuable rewards and deeply enjoy while doing Dungeons. One last note, come up with a good strategy, test the things around for a bit and the success carrying valuable loot won’t be omitted.