As we all know, Torghast, the Tower of the Damned, is a very difficult dungeon in Shadowlands. And, every boss that appears in this dungeon is also not to be considered a piece of cake. However, there’s a way to slay them all – and we are going to discuss that now.

So, let’s dive deep into the Tower of the Damned and see what bosses await us there.

Who are Torghast Bosses and When do They Emerge 

There are 19 different bosses in this dungeon, and they all have their strong and weak sides. Now, it’s up to you to find out their weak points so you can deal with them easier. 

But, before we start discussing the bosses, it’s also important to know that they emerge in two different ways.

Depending on the ‘’run’’ you’re doing, bosses appear:

  • While doing a Normal Run, you will face only 1 boss – On the 6th Floor
  • While doing a Twisting Corridors run, you will face 3 bosses – On the 6th, 12th, and 18th Floor

Anyhow, let’s see more about these bosses.

Dark Ascended Corrus

When it comes to damage-avoiding abilities, this boss surely is stacked with them. Therefore, it’s quite hard to deal with this one. 


  • Falling Strike
  • Shadow Rip
  • Stygian Shield

However, there’s a cunning way to use Blinding Smoke Capsules in order to defeat this boss. Simply, activate them and you will be able to sneak past the ‘’Shadow Rip’’ ability and avoid it to the fullest. 

Custodian Thonar 

With a complete understanding of this boss’s abilities and tricks, you can easily defeat him. Otherwise, you’re going to have a hard time dealing with Custodian Thonar.


  • Noxious Could
  • Meat Hook
  • Thorned Shell

One solid piece of advice is to fight this boss only in corners of the room. This way, you are minimizing the damage done by Noxious Cloud. And also, feel free to use Blinding Smoke Capsules, as this boss is stacked with melee damage. 

Gherus the Chained 

There’s no reason to fear this boss as it only has 3 abilities you should look out for. Namely, two abilities are not that impactful and the one that is, is not used that much.


  • Deafening Howl
  • Devour Soul
  • Incorporeal 

Simply put, just interrupt the Deafening Howl ability as it’s crucial to stay in the fight against this boss and not be feared. 

Goxul the Devourer 

This boss is known for his healing orbs. So, it’s quite useful to have a lot of area damage to take down these orbs as soon as possible. 


  • Shatter Essence
  • Mass Devour

In order to defeat this boss easily, you need to use a lot of Crowd Control abilities. Namely, it’s of the most importance to interrupt his Massive Devour spell. As for the orbs from Shatter Essence, just cleave them down!

Patrician Cromwell

Positioning, positioning, positioning – That’s actually what matters the most when you fight Patrician Cromwell. He is able to cast Void Zones all across the room and therefore, you need to avoid getting stuck there.


  • Creeping Sins
  • Crippling Burst
  • Dark Bolt Volley
  • Dread Plague 

You can easily interrupt his casts, but most importantly, you should interrupt Crippling Burst. You definitely don’t want to fight with low attack speed and reduced primary stats. 

Arch-Suppressor Laguas

When it comes to Arch-Suppressor Laguas, you only need a lot of interrupts and curse-removal abilities. This boss will surely put up a good fight!


  • Curse of Frailty
  • Deaden Magic
  • Soul Bolt
  • Suppress 

Since you can’t interrupt Suppress, it’s important to dodge it. Other spells you can interrupt, but keep in mind to prioritize interrupting Curse of Frailty.

Kosarus the Fallen

A tough one, that’s for sure! It’s important to know that Kosarus The Fallen is hard to deal with. 


  • Collapse
  • Predator’s Gaze

There’s always a dilemma when facing this boss as Collapse is requiring you to move, but the Predator’s Gaze is best avoidable once you stop. So, it’s best to use teleportation spells and see how that goes.

Warden Skoldus

There’s no need to explain much here as this boss is a straightforward obstacle. Keep in mind to dodge all his abilities and try to inflict as much damage as you can.


  • Hulking Charge
  • Rat Traps
  • Rats!

Simply interrupt Rats! ability as it will leave you exposed for his other two spells. Other than that, you shouldn’t have any trouble dealing with this boss.

Maw of the Maw

Doing Twisting Corridors, you will face Maw of the Maw Boss which is possibly the worst possible option. 


  • Gunk
  • Devour Obleron Armaments

Gunk is best to be interrupted, but there’s no much harm if you don’t do it, it’s the Devour Obleron Armaments you should be worried about. The easiest way to deal with this ability is to have as little Obleron Powers as possible. Simply, don’t collect them often through Thorgast. 

Writhing Soulmass

This one surely has a unique set of skills, but it’s not that hard to defeat it. It really depends on your class and your abilities. 


  • Split

It’s crucial to mark the Main Boss at the start! In that light, you will do damage only to the main boss instead of killing blobs all around.


It’s funny how Synod is both the easiest and the hardest boss in this Dungeon. Simply, this depends on your class and your interrupt counts. 


  • Interrupting Slam
  • Intimidating Presence
  • Solidify 

You either kill him fast or you don’t kill him at all! Also, it’s important to interrupt the Intimidating Presence as this is the most powerful spell he can cast.

Cellblock Sentinel

Dealing with this boss might be annoying and frustrating since his abilities will lower your DPS. Therefore, prepare for a messy fight with lots of juking and avoiding.


  • Crumbling Walls
  • Ground Crush
  • Lumbering Might
  • Shockwave

All these spells are easily avoidable. So, all you need is a bit of patience and a strong will to survive! It’s easy to kill Cellblock Sentinel after you dodge all his spells.

Binder Baritas

As one of the most powerful add bosses in here, Binder Baritas is easy to deal with once you figure it out. You should kill all his spawns as soon as possible – that’s the catch here.


  • Bind Soulds
  • Soul Echo
  • Shadow Bolt

Invest in your Crowd Control spells and kill all adds that came to living because of the Bind Souls. Other spells are fairly easy to dodge if you kite a bit.


Decayspeaker is surely one of the trickiest bosses in this dungeon. However, it’s fairly easy to handle him as long as you learn how to approach him.


  • Hardened Shell
  • Bite
  • Acid Bomb

First, remove his Hardened Shell stacks (9). Then, go berserk on him and let him have it! It’s important to use only fasts casts at the beginning of the fight, so you can use the real power after the stacks are down.

Elder Longbranch

If you’re a melee character, you’re going to have a hard time dealing with this one. That’s because you need to avoid his stun ability, and that’s nearly impossible from a close distance.


  • Bounty of the Forest
  • Crush
  • Hardened Shell

Remove Hardened Shell stack with low cooldown spells and then use your real focus power to take this boss down. Also, it’s important to interrupt Crush as it’s going to stun you for a while if you don’t.

Watchers of Death

It’s all about interrupting all casts from this boss, or shall we say, this gang. Simply, this boss is designed to make you put in extra effort.


  • Fearsome Howl
  • Prophecy of Death
  • Steal Vitality

It’s crucial to have 1 interrupt for every Fearsome Howl, and try to interrupt Steal Vitality as well. Other than that, you should be just fine. 

Warden of Souls

You need to find your best kiting abilities and use them against this boss. Anyway, this is one of the nastiest bosses in Torghast since it represents an add fight.


  • Fearsome Howl
  • Soul Fragment
  • Well of Souls

The important thing here is to keep this boss away from the Well of Souls zone. Otherwise, you’re screwed. As for interrupts, you can only do that against Fearsome Howl which we strongly recommend.

The Grand Malleare

It’s easy to dodge spells from this boss, but keep in mind that his abilities are deadly! 


  • Ground Crush
  • Inferno!
  • Withering Roar

Keep your eye on the Withering Roar as it’s the most important spell to interrupt. On the other hand, two remaining abilities are easy to kite, so you don’t need to interrupt them if you don’t feel like it.

Observer Zelgar

Even though this boss is an ‘’eye’’, it does have some really strong abilities that can kill you! In case you don’t want to get one-shot, you should try to interrupt all his abilities.


  • Aerial Strikes
  • Focused Blast
  • Ocular Beam

All these abilities are deadly! That’s why you should pay most priority to interrupt Focused Blast. Other spells are fairly easy to dodge, but don’t take this one lightly.