Well, if you ask yourself what’s the best way to farm Renown in Shadowlands then you must’ve already hit the ceiling. In that light, you saw how essentially important Renown is and its unique connection with your progress. That is why we decided to show some of the most effective ways to farm Renown in WoW’s eight expansion and soar your hero to the sky.

The idea behind the Renown

If it’s not obvious, Renown actually represents your reputation standing with the Covenant of your choice. Logically, as a member of every enclosed group there are levels, and those who stand high – always have better options, perks, and status, so they can move faster to the top of the ladder. 

Suffice to say, Shadowlands is just more of the same in this regard – you get more respected and trustworthy with each level of Renown you gain. Not only that, but you’ll also gain a meaningful connection with your Souldbinds and easier rejuvenate Sanctum of your Covenant and get Covenant unique rewards.

Let’s just say that Renown actually is a currency and that every Covenant has its own – carrying the name of the Covenant (for example Night Fae-Renown). 

What’s more, Renown comes in levels, and Level 2 Renown will be yours after you’ve completed all opening quests from the chosen Covenant. Finally, the cap level of Renown is level 40.

Farming Renown

Farming Renown

With all the above said, there are multiple activities that reward Renown and earn you a better status:

  1. Getting weekly lost-soul quests done 
  2. Collecting Anima for Sanctum of your Covenant
  3. Covenant storyline quests 

Let’s start here first – every in-game week you will get directions in order to enter The Maw and get your souls back where they belong.. Allegedly, most of them are gathered in The Maw for The Jailer to absorb with their Anima and your Covenant will make you get them to the Sanctum. Therefore, your quest will be to go to Torghast, free these souls, and reed them at Sanctum. Once that’s done, Renown will be handed to you.

Another great way is actually farming Anima to supply Covenant’s Sanctum and precisely, you’ll get new directions to bring 1k Anima to it weekly. Getting Anima is pretty easy, you can do many things including but not limited to:

  • By playing World quests when you choose Covenant
  • Finishing quests from Adventure list
  • By looting
  • Slaying Rare Spawn mobs – this will bring decent amounts of Anima
  • By getting Covenant Callings done with a designated NPC of your Covenant

Third, and supposedly the easiest, is to just follow the Covenant’s storyline and complete the tasks Covenant throws upon you. Moreover, some quests, raiding dungeons, and a myriad of unique, Covenant-specific tasks. 

Furthermore, as you progress, you will get Renown level up. However, there’s one downside. It’s the limitation that you are not in option to pick as many quests until you’ve earned the required Renown level for them. A bit of a vicious circle isn’t it, but there are certainly two previous ways that you can use to farm up Renown. 

When speaking of limitations, let’s just mention that the Renown has its weekly number of ranks you can advance and that’s two ranks up. The only way to get more per week is if you get access to a new stage of the Covenant campaign. That way, you can rank up to three slots.

Also, using Threads of Fate will give you an option to level your alt with more flexibility, and playing end-game content will also give you Renown. 

Overall, enjoy the game and have fun playing Shadowlands, as this is the expansion that certainly gives the players flexibility. In that light, use these guidelines to farm Renown and explore the magnificent world of WoW’s latest expansion.