Farming, farming, famous farming. We are doing it since the first WoW and it is one of the main archetypes of the game. Nonetheless, every expansion comes with desirable items you should farm if you want to advance and enjoy the game like a pro. 

Now, we will show you some of the best things to farm in Shadowlands as well as how to do it in the best possible way. After all, you probably already got a part of the picture of what to farm in Shadowlands, but we will cover all that is to it.

Farming Gold

What To Farm In Shadowlands?
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As with every expansion, gold has a crucial role in Shadowlands, and it dictates your progress and gives a juice to your gameplay. Furthermore, if you want to afford all the bells and whistles of Shadowlands, then prepare for some serious “golden farming”. Ever thought about those luxurious merchant mounts? – Well, let’s show you how to make enough buck to get it. 

Moreover, there are many ways to farm gold and here are some of the fastest and most profitable ways to do it.

First, you can make a lot of gold in the Auction House, especially if you are just starting and don’t have that much of it. So, the best way to earn it is from farming craft materials and later selling them at the Auction House.

 To be precise, start by hunting for herbs, ores and leather as they are sought after the most. Also, you’ll need a specific skill set in herbalism, mining and furriery respectively. Therefore, if you want to earn a lot of gold and don’t mind building needed skills for it, then great! 

Furthermore, let’s just make a small preview of how much you can get by selling these resources:

For new Shadowlands herbs (EU) is somewhere around 90 – 150 gold/piece (nightshade goes around 500 gold/piece which is just amazing)

For ores it is somewhere around 90 – 150 gold/piece (lithium ores go around for 300 gold/piece). 

The final piece of advice is to find resourceful add-ons that can show you where to search these craft materials, so you can farm them even faster).

Fish Farming

What To Farm In Shadowlands?
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If you are a fisher type of person and you want to avoid slaying dozens of mobs, you can use this technique to farm gold. Precisely, go and catch big sea ray as it is worth, at the time of writing this, ~ 200 000+ gold.

Besides, this rare mount is pretty valuable as players can use it underwater also. To amp your chances to catch it – drop your net in Drustvar area in BfA and you should eventually catch it.

Farming Rare Mounts

What To Farm In Shadowlands?
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If you are a type that gets bored from learning farming skills, then you can try to find some rare mounts. Particularly, they are sellable at high rates, and the only problem is how to find them. 

Couple that with a low drop rate, and it becomes obvious that odds aren’t in your favor. However, it’s worth a try, especially if you don’t mind going on a rampage and killing dozens of mobs for a chance to get a rare drop. 

Meaning, you can easily find what you’re looking for when it comes to farming rare mounts. Just take a second to ‘’breathe’’ and find the best possible tactic to farm. 

Farming Renown

What To Farm In Shadowlands?
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One of the highlights of Shadowlands are Covenants, and we all already know that their essential currency is Renown. Therefore, let’s see how to farm it the fastest way. Suffice to say, sticking to Covenant storyline will get you Renown in itself, but when you finally complete it, you’ll be forced to find other ways. Well, here is the remedy for it:

  1. Completing weekly quests that tell you to get the Anima for your Covenant’s Sanctum
  2. Making sure you are following the “rescue-lost-souls” weekly quests, which will send you to The Maw

Apart from these two ways, here are some alternative ways to also ramp up Renown:

  • Playing PvP
  • Responding to Covenant Callings
  • Playing Raids
  • Playing World Quest Rewards
  • Playing Dungeons to get loot drops

Farming Honor

What To Farm In Shadowlands?
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For this one, if you want to keep levelling up your Conquest gear, you will need Honor. There aren’t many guides that show you how to farm this one, but don’t worry – we’ve found a few great ways to farm it.

Hence, the first thing to try is Arena Skirmish where you can get approximately 1360 Honor in an hour. The second way is to go through Random BattleGrounds where you can net around 1300 Honor also in an hour. 

Additionally, go for Random Epic BattleGrounds which can net you 1592 Honor in around 70 minutes. Finally, if you really want to work around the clock to farm Honor, play Rated BattleGrounds where you can gain up to 292 Honor in an hour. 

All in all

To wrap it up, we gave you some ideas and showed you how to farm the best way. What’s more, most of the advice here is to show you how to farm gold, but there are also some other witty ways to make a quick buck in WoW. Feel free to follow our advice and you’ll see that the result will come naturally. In the end, have a lot of fun and happy farming.