Will There Be a New Class in Shadowlands?

While Shadowlands is introducing many smaller or bigger scale changes, we can expect to see a lot of different things. As with every expansion, it is logical to think about enchantments that it’ll bring or innovations that can accompany. Therefore, we cannot but wonder if there will be a new class available in Shadowlands?! 

So definitely, let’s see if we will level our heroes as a part of the new class or not.

Class and class changes 

Just to make it clear, class and (existing) class changes are different things – There will be many class changes and revamping for existing ones. We will also cover that segment, however, when thinking about whether any brand-new class will be introduced, the answer is not quite simple.

If you wonder why it isn’t – It’s because, generally, we would now during 2020 will a new class or race arise. Moreover, that is not the case – to be precise, there was no sign from Blizzard that they were making innovation in that direction. 

Still, the most recent delay of Shadowlands actually brought some mystery to it all. We now know the new release date, but we don’t know exactly what they were polishing for almost a month. 

Obviously, we most likely won’t get a new class, but we can surely expect better-polished customization and a bunch of changes applied to existing classes. 

Do players want a new class?

Will There Be a New Class in Shadowlands?

After all this talk, did we even wonder if all of us want a new class? Well, we probably didn’t and while probably most of us would like to get their hands on it, some players are against it. Further, that is because players are already frustrated enough with existing classes.

 What’s more, many of them lack decent gameplay and some should definitely be diligently refurbished. Additionally, many are dissatisfied with the fact that they play, say, 3 different classes within the same class.

Additionally, BfA already introduced and enhanced character customization options and Shadowlands is continuing in that direction. All that with a broad variety of new customizations in the domain of eye color, skin tone, tattoos, hairstyles. 

Before it was very hard to make these – now they’ll become available at the tip of one mouse-click. Also, Death Knight is available for all races, and we welcome it big time.

And finally, by adding Covenants, introducing crafted Legendary items, rolling-out Anima Powers, all classes will further get a range of new enhancements. Maybe we won’t get a new class, but we’ll certainly enjoy more polished ability-expanded classes.

Not to forget, the biggest reason why we shouldn’t hope for the new class follows. Precisely, Blizzard had its ups and downs, with the accent on downs recently. Nevertheless, introducing a new class in Shadowlands would be Blizzard’s major selling point and we would know it a long time ago. Since this isn’t the case, we can write it off, and only, only leave some space for Blizzard to introduce it later. Incidentally, it might be Blizzard’s surprise for later and a try “to regain their glory”.

Tl;dr — no, with this addon Blizzard had broken their tradition of releasing a new class every other expansion. However, they’ve more than made up for it by:

  • adding covenants;
  • adding conduits and new abilities.
  • adding a gajillion of legendary items and their variations.

All this means that we should have just enough new things to carry us through the SL.