One of the most intriguing features of the new WoW expansion is Dragonriding; and it’s just the time, as flying mechanics didn’t have any global renovations for ages. Never, to be more precise. And even though these renewals work only inside a new continent, we may experience absolutely new feelings of flying, as if we were flying an actual dragon.

This overview will cover all aspects of dragonriding, including glyphs locations and the known customisation nuances. To learn about new Dragonflight expansion features, check out our complete overview.

General Facts

Wow Dragonriding Mechanics Overview

There are four dragonriding mounts, each given to a player during the main questline in each Dragon Isles zone. A Highland Drake, a Cliffside Wylderdrake, a Renewed Proto-Drake, and a Wildborne Velocidrake. All drakes are completely customisable; players may change their skin tone and the form of their tail and horns and select armour and eye colour. There are so many appearance changes that it may seem you are customising a new character. But there are lots of things in common, indeed. Drakes are to be levelled and trained; they have their own talent tree. To get a rare appearance players are to visit Mythic+ dungeons, raids, Arenas, RBGs, and all other game activities, just as they would for dressing up their character. So practically, these mounts are another character you should take care of.

Apart from practical usage, Dragonriding also has an entertainment aspect. Players participate in races and sort of PvP skirmishes high in the sky. And all the more bitter is the fact that Dragonriding is not a replacement for regular flying and won’t be available outside Dragon Isles. But if the experiment proves itself right, the developers will widen it to other continents, probably.

A funny, yet very important note. You may turn your dragon into a two-seater mount. Visit a Dragonriding Trainer to do so and see your group member flying alongside you as a whelping!

Dragonriding Talent Tree

As was already mentioned, all four dragons have their own talent trees. Players get acquainted with this mechanic during the introductory quests within the first Dragon Isles zone, the Waking Shores. A responsible NPC is called Lithragosa; she stands at the Skytop Observatory and will eagerly present to you the dragonriding talent tree.

The tree has only one branch and not that many talents, but each talent is really useful and gives new abilities. An interesting fact: These talents affect Dracthyr’s racial ability Soar in different ways.

All dragonriding abilities spend Vigor – a special material that regenerates 1 point every 30 seconds when you stay on the ground. It does not matter whether you are mounted or dismounted.

The dragonriding talent tree has nine rows and looks like this:

Row Talent Description Cost
1 Drake and Rider Training Your Vigor is increased to 4. 1 Glyph
2 Redirection While moving at low speeds, Surge Forward‘s effectiveness is increased up to 125%, decreasing as speed increases.

3 Glyphs
Dynamic Stretching Your Vigor regeneration rate is accelerated to 1 Vigor every 25 seconds while grounded.
Thrill Chaser Thrill of the Skies generates 1 Vigor every 10 seconds.
3 Ohn’ahra’s Gusts Surge Forward blocks Djaradin projectiles. 3 Glyphs
4 Dragonrider’s Initiative Dismounting damages nearby enemies and slows them by 30% for 5 seconds.
3 Glyphs
Dragonrider’s Compassion Dismounting shields nearby allies and increases their movement speed by 20% for 5 seconds.
5 Restorative Travels Your Vigor regeneration rate is accelerated to 1 Vigor every 20 seconds while grounded. 4 Glyphs
6 Airborne Tumbling Whirling Surge evades Wingshredders and dismounts airborne enemy players. 4 Glyphs
7 Dragonriding Learner Your Vigor is increased to 5. 4 Glyphs
8 Draconic Cultivation Acquiring herbs or minerals increases your Vigor recharge rate by 10% for 10 seconds.

5 Glyphs
Dragonrider’s Hunt Defeating an enemy increases your Vigor recharge rate by 10% for 3 seconds;This effect can only occur once every 10 seconds.
9 Beyond Infinity Your Vigor is increased to 6.

5 Glyphs
Yearning for the Sky Your Vigor regeneration rate is accelerated to 1 Vigor every 15 seconds while grounded.
At Home Aloft Thrill of the Skies expires 5 seconds more quickly.

Each ability has a price to be learned. These prices are special Dragon Glyphs (the last column) which can be found all over the Dragon Isles. The amount of Dragon Glyphs required to unlock talents in the next row increases as you progress further down the tree. Hence, you are to collect them all to master your dragon to the maximum level.

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How to Get Your Dragon

Wow Dragonriding Mechanics Overview

To start a new flying adventure, players are to learn Dragonriding skill first. The corresponding quest chain starts in Waking Shores and calls In Defense of Life. The Dragonriding Emissary Lord Andestrasz will become your teacher in everything concerning new flying ability.

By the end of this storyline, you will get your first dragonriding mount, a Renewed Proto-Drake, learn some air manoeuvres, and gain a few new skills. 

A Highland Drake is a reward for the quest Calling the Blue Dragons of the main storyline in The Azure Span zone.

A Cliffside Wylderdrake mount is also a quest reward. You are to complete all four storylines in the Thaldraszus to get it. Well, technically, it will be a reward for the quest Back to the Future, but it stands at the very end of all chains.

A Wildborne Velocidrake is granted to players as a reward for the quest Shady Sanctuary in Bonds Renewed, the third chapter of the main storyline of The Nokhud Offensive in Ohn’ahran Plains.

It’s good to know that you can start your dragonriding mounts hunt right after you have finished the introductory quest chain in Waking Shores.

Drakewatcher Manuscripts Sources

Wow Dragonriding Mechanics Overview

All four dragonriding drakes are completely customisable. We may change literally everything, starting from the colour of their eyes and scales up to the form of spikes on their tails. Some customisation options are more frequent, while others are very rare. Some tints and forms you get automatically while moving along the plots in the Dragon Isles locations, and some you can find in dungeons, raids, and various PvP activities.

To attach a new, say, set of claws, you need to find a special scroll, Drakewatcher Manuscripts, which, in their turn, are given for completion of various activities. Below, you may find a list of all known Drakewatcher Manuscripts.

World Quests:

Manuscripts have a chance of being found in Dragon Racer’s Purse.


Valdrakken Accord

Wrathion & Sabellian

Cobalt Assembly


The Waking Shores

Ohn’ahran Plains

The Azure Span


Rare Spawns & World Drops



Renown Reward:


World Drop:


The Great Swog:


Highland Drake: Embodiment of the Crimson Gladiator – Gladiator in Dragonflight Season 1 Rated PVP.

Dragon Races

There are a bunch of different races all over the continent, where you take part in riding your Dragonriding mount. For completing all of them at Gold, you get new customisation options.

Dragon Glyphs

Wow Dragonriding Mechanics Overview

As we mentioned, Dragon Glyphs are, so to speak, a currency for learning new dragonriding talents. Unused Dragon Glyphs look like this: and as soon as you interact with this logo, it turns grey.

There are a total of 40 Glyphs scattered all around the Dragon Isles, for 10 per zone. To get them, players have to fulfil minor tasks like climbing up the highest mountain or flying under a very low bridge. To get to some places, players will have to use newfound talents and abilities. Each Glyph awards one Dragonriding talent point, so you must collect them all. Each Dragon Glyph you collect rewards you with achievement, which means they are account-wide! Now, this is outstanding news! You need to gather all Dragon Glyphs only once, and after this, your alts will gain all talent points automatically! 

Dragon Glyph Locations

Glyphs are spread all over the new continent, and it’s hard to explain their locations. Instead, we leave here all 40 achievements given for finding Dragon Glyphs. They are hints themselves already.

Waking Shores GlyphsOhn’ahran Plains Glyphs
Dragon Glyphs: Crumbling Life Archway
Dragon Glyphs: Dragonheart Outpost
Dragon Glyphs: Life-Binder Observatory
Dragon Glyphs: Obsidian BulwarkD
ragon Glyphs: Obsidian Throne
Dragon Glyphs: Ruby Life Pools Peaks
Dragon Glyphs: Scalecracker Peak
Dragon Glyphs: Skytop Observatory Tower
Dragon Glyphs: The Overflowing Spring
Dragon Glyphs: Wingrest Embassy
Dragon Glyphs: Dragonsprings Summit
Dragon Glyphs: Emerald Gardens
Dragon Glyphs: Mirror of the Sky
Dragon Glyphs: Nokhudon Hold
Dragon Glyphs: Ohn’ahra’s Roost
Dragon Glyphs: Ohn’iri Springs
Dragon Glyphs: Rusza’thar Reach
Dragon Glyphs: Szar Skeleth
Dragon Glyphs: The Eternal Kurgans
Dragon Glyphs: Windsong Rise
Azure Span GlyphsThaldraszus Glyphs
Dragon Glyphs: Azure Archives
Dragon Glyphs: Brackenhide Hollow
Dragon Glyphs: Cobalt Assembly
Dragon Glyphs: Creektooth Den
Dragon Glyphs: Imbu
Dragon Glyphs: Rhonin’s Shield
Dragon Glyphs: Lost Ruins
Dragon Glyphs: Ruins of Karnthar
Dragon Glyphs: Vakthros Range
Dragon Glyphs: Zelthrak Outpost
Dragon Glyphs: Algeth’era
Dragon Glyphs: South Hold Gate
Dragon Glyphs: Stormshroud Peak
Dragon Glyphs: Algeth’ar Academy
Dragon Glyphs: Temporal Conflux
Dragon Glyphs: Thaldraszus Apex
Dragon Glyphs: Tyrhold
Dragon Glyphs: Valdrakken
Dragon Glyphs: Vault of the Incarnates
Dragon Glyphs: Veiled Ossuary