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We have written about cool WoW achievements, especially in regards to Shadowlands. Since the new expansion is here, it is expected that many of us wanna stoop and conquer the game from the inside out. Therefore, we will talk today about WoW Keystone achievements and how to get them in Shadowlands. In that light, let’s first see what we need to do to get it and later on how to do it and add it to the WoW achievement arsenal.

What do you need?

Not to forget, within Keystone achievements, you can get two cool achievements:

  1. Shadowlands Keystone Conqueror: Season One
  2. Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season One

Now, Conqueror is easier to get than Master, but still pretty demanding and you will need to come at it with due diligence and consistency.

Let’s see what you need for both, respectively!

To get Shadowlands Keystone Conqueror: Season One you’ll need to successfully complete all Season One Dungeons on key level 10 and higher within the time limit. In return, you’ll get a title reward: The Sinful which is currently attained by only 2% of players – impressive huh?

Succeeding, if you are really resourceful and skilled, you will probably step your ambition up and head for Keystone Master Achievement. Moreover, requirements stay the same as with the Keystone Conqueror, except for doing it at Mythic Level 15 and up. Besides, this achievement is attained by only 0% of players which speaks enough and the reward is the bee’s knees – Death Elemental mount, the Sintouched Deathwalker. 

Now, let’s quickly remind ourselves of the Dungeons in Shadowlands Season One:

  1. Necrotic Wake
  2. Plaguefall
  3. Mists of Tirna Scithe
  4. Halls of Atonement
  5. Spires of Ascension
  6. Theater of Pain
  7. De Other Side
  8. Sanguine Depths

To be clear – you can also purchase a boost to save time and get full Keystone Conqueror/Master or use it if you get stuck.

Mini guide

Now, let’s finally see what needs to be done to get these spicy achievements. 

First, we advise you to refer to our earlier guide on Torghast and pick up on some important details while understanding the mechanics of the Dungeon-system. 

Second, the essence of acquiring these titles lies in the Keystones. Therefore, Keystones come with a set of rules – You can only have one Mythic Keystone and will only get one every week.

Further, to get a Keystone you can either finish one Mythic 0 dungeon or join a Mythic+ dungeon by using a Keystone from another player. Following the latter, you’ll automatically get a Keystone from the chest after beating the last boss.

Overall, by finishing a Mythic+ dungeon within the given time limit, your Keystone will be upgraded by 1 level at minimum and 3 levels at maximum. What’s more, the upgrade-level depends mainly on the speed you need for dungeon completion. However, if you cross the time-threshold, your Keystone will downgrade by 1 level and you’ll only be able to use it for that same dungeon. 

Nonetheless, to upgrade your Keystone and push it towards level 10 or 15, focus on the next guidelines:

  • If you finish the dungeon within 80% of the predetermined time, expect your Keystone Key to be upgraded by 1 level
  • If you finish the dungeon within 60 – 80% of the predetermined time, — your key will be upgraded by 2 levels
  • If you finish the dungeon within 60% or less of the predetermined time, expect your Key to be upgraded by 3 levels

Lastly, to maximize your performance in conquering Shadowland’s Keystone achievements, pay attention to affixes, especially the Seasonal Affix which comes at Mythic Keystone level 10+. These affixes influence the overall mechanics in Dungeons, so study them if you are uncertain about the way they work.