Playing Druid in WoW TBC brings a special kind of feeling. This class is specially designed with versatility in mind which offers every player to choose many paths to go by. Therefore, Druid Class in WoW TBC is known to have three main talent tree paths:

  • Balance
  • Feral – DPS/TANK
  • Restoration 

As it is shown, Feral has a DPS and TANK option which is actually a Druid Form variation – Cat for DPS and Bear for TANK.

With that on our mind, let’s look at some stuff everyone should know for each category. Here are some of the crucial strength aspects for each path you choose to go:

Balance Druid – Strengths and Positive Sides 

Wow Tbc Druid Leveling Guide

The most crucial thing to know about Balance Druid leveling is that your main advantage is utility. Namely, this class is superb when it comes to a bit more crowded places like dungeons, quest lines, and others. 

In addition to that, feel free to rely on your character to inflict a decent amount of damage, both target and AOE. But, the most noticeable aspect of this class is survivability. 

Feral Druid – Strengths and Positive Sides 

Wow Tbc Druid Leveling Guide

As Feral Druid has two different types, knowing which one you would prefer is a key. Each side has its advantages and downsides. For example, Feral Cat mode is awesome for leveling as a solo player as it mostly uses Energy and not Mana.

On the other hand, the Feral Bear form is more than a valuable asset in every dungeon. The sole purpose of this mode is Tanking. Therefore, you can easily mitigate lots of damage and help your tank almost any boss in any dungeon. 

Of course, with good itemization, everything seems easy. So, make sure that your Feral Form is equipped with suitable leveling gear. 

Restoration Druid – Strengths and Positive Sides

Wow Tbc Druid Leveling Guide

When it comes to Restoration Druid, most people tend to avoid this class. Not that this class is bad, but it’s just not that fun as doing absurd amounts of damage as Feral or having everything available as Balance Druid.

Restoration Druid is known as a healer which ensures that you’ll have more than enough sustain and heal. This will allow you to participate in any dungeon as a healer. On top of that, utility is one of the strongest sides this class has to offer.

Gear up Accordingly

As we are talking about leveling and doing quests here, it’s important to mention some of the most important items you should have in mind. In that light, you will be able to achieve more and improve your game faster.

Leveling is quite fun and therefore you should definitely consider the next group of items. We will divide them into categories for each talent tree. 

  • Balance Druid – Best DPS itemization in TBC

Once you reach level 59, you should already have Mana-Etched Gloves which is a great starting item to have in TBC. Next, as you progress slowly to level 70, many items will be available for you in dungeons and quest lines. 

That’s why you should always prioritize doing that instead of anything else. 

Furthermore, you should immediately get your hands on these items if you have the chance to do it:

  1. Sethekk Oracle Cloak
  2. Druidic Helmet of Second Sight
  3. Manaspark Gloves
  4. Ivory Idol of the Moongoddess
  5. Lamp of Peaceful Radiance

These are very powerful items that will allow you to instantly increase your leveling abilities. 

  • Restoration Druid – Best Healing gear in TBC

As a healer, you should prioritize utility and mana regeneration instead of damage or survivability. That’s why it’s important to have:

  1. Bloody Surgeon’s Mitts
  2. Slippers of Serenity
  3. Karja’s Medallion
  4. Spiritualist’s Mark of the Sha’tar
  5. Oshu’gun Relic

In case you find these items while doing quests or dungeons, consider yourself a lucky man! These are one of the best items for every Druid Healer. 

As for the Feral Druid itemization, we’ll get to that part later. 

The Best Professions for Leveling in TBC for Druids

As we all know by now, professions can help us a lot when it comes to leveling. Also, choosing a valuable profession is of the essence not only for leveling. 

Anyhow, for Balance Druid, it’s a good idea to get Leatherworking as it will enable you to master a useful skill and the Windhawk Armor later. 

Feral Druids are most likely to develop in the field of Engineering. This profession will definitely be of help as it will allow you to craft valuable and useful things.

When it comes to Restoration Druids, we strongly recommend Tailoring which will allow you to develop into Primal Mooncloth specialization

Where should you go?  Dungeons and Quests

Once you get a hold of level 60, your TBC journey begins. And, it’s important to follow the questline as it’s provided in the game. Each quest will have a suitable dungeon for you to explore. 

But, most importantly, Dungeon Grinding is of the essence here. Stack your heals, prepare for fights, and begin your adventure with Dungeons. 

Dungeon Grinding, again, depends on your talent tree orientation. Therefore, for Feral Druids, it’s a good idea to follow Physical-oriented Dungeons, and for Balance and Restoration, Spell-like Dungeons are a better choice.

In that light, here’s the list of Dungeons you should consider as a Feral Druid:

  1. The Blood Furnace
  2. The Slave Pens 
  3. Mana-Tombs
  4. Sethekk Halls
  5. Karazhan
  6. The Black Morass
  7. Shadow Labyrinth
  8. The Steamvault

Start doing Dungeons in this order and you’ll easily advance to level 70. Also, you will see that each dungeon from the list has a level requirement you will need to meet. 

Balance and Restoration Druids are more likely to get into the Spell-like dungeons. Here’s the list:

  1. The Blood Furnace
  2. The Slave Pens 
  3. Mana-Tombs
  4. Karazhan
  1. Sethekk Halls
  2. Shadow Labyrinth
  3. The Steamvault

Clearly, the list is not that different from the Physical Dungeons list, but it has a few minor adjustments. 

Which Talents Should You Consider? 

No matter what gear you have, or which professions you mastered, it will all come down to a Talent Tree. Therefore, optimizing your talent tree in order to achieve the best possible results is necessary for leveling.

Let’s take a look at the best talents you could choose for Balance Druid. 

There’s not much to say about picking the right talents for Balance Druid – It’s definitely one of the easiest ways to go, a straightforward way. It’s important to prioritize any talent that buffs your Starfire, Moonfire, and Insect Swarm. 

On top of that, picking up the Starlight Wrath and maxing up Improved Nature with Focused Starlight is of the essence. 

However, when it comes to Restoration Druid, it’s a bit of a different story. 

Here, you will have to make sure to pick anything that buffs your Lifebloom and Rejuvenation. In that light, it’s important to maximize Improved Mark of the Wild and Intensity, as well as Nature’s Swiftness. All of these picks will enable you to have a perfect Tree of Life Build. 

Feral Druid Leveling Guide From 1 to 70

Feral Druids are one of the most popular choices you can encounter in TBC. Therefore, many people that play this class are often faced with quite challenging leveling tasks. Luckily, we are here to show you everything you need to know in order to get from level 1 to 70 in TBC with a Feral Druid

First of all, Feral Druid is known to have two paths, DPS or TANK. No matter which path you choose, the principle is the same – you need to prioritize a couple of things for leveling.

So, let’s begin from the top.

Feral DPS Druid Leveling Advice

With more than enough stuff on your mind, here are some crucial things you should consider while leveling.

  1. No need to engage into multi-mobs 

Once you start pulling mobs in order to level through quests, it’s important to have in mind to take one fight at a time. Since Feral DPS Druid is known to have a lot of target damage, it’s a good thing not to spread that damage onto multiple enemies.

  1. Prioritize movement speed buffs

Once you get to level 60, it’s a good idea to choose movement speed talents. This way, you won’t have to use a mount in order to travel short distances. This means that you can get Feral Swiftness which will increase your movement speed in a cat form by 40%.

  1. Escaping death with utility tools

With specially designed tools that only Druids have, you can handle almost any mob. You can easily use Entangling Roots in order to get that extra damage and survive longer. Also, it’s a good idea to prioritize using Dash to run away swiftly once the fight gets too hot.

  1. Play with both your mana and health 

It’s crucial to use both your mana and health accordingly in order to maximize your leveling. So, killing enemies in a Cat Form is recommendable until you get low HP. After that, get back into your prime form and use your mana to heal your HP. With this kind of strategy, any leveling task will be a piece of cake. 

Feral DPS Leveling Talents

When it comes to talents, DPS druids are facing the same build as for the PVP combat. This means that your Druid will be a killing machine. So, it’s a good idea to prioritize Nature’s Grasp and Primal Tenacity talents. 

Moreover, Nurturing Instinct is also one of the best leveling talents, even though it’s not a good thing to have in a PVP combat. Furthermore, there’s a good set of skills you can pick like:

  • Bash
  • Maim
  • Dash
  • Faerie Fire
  • Mangle

All of these talents will improve your leveling game as they are allowing you to kill enemies faster. 

Feral DPS Itemization

Items and gear in general are big contributors to achieving great leveling abilities. That’s why you should prioritize getting items from dungeons and quests. Also, you can always trade some items and get new and better ones as the game progresses.

So, when you get to level 60, it’s a good chance that you’ll already have solid items. However, there’s still room for improvement, and that’s why you should try to find Bladefist’s Breadth and Nomad’s Woven Cloak. These are really good when it comes to your primary attributes. Also, you can get so much out of these items.

On top of that, Mantle of Perenolde and Hourglass of the Unraveller are also a good catch. If you get your hands on these gems, equip them immediately. 

Feral TANK Druid Leveling Advice

Since you’re going to be one hell of a TANK with a Feral Druid, it’s not that hard to level at all. With a smart usage of Growl, you’ll be able to hold the line in any Dungeon. Anyhow, here is some interesting advice you should consider.

  1. Practice Pulling every time

When it comes to playing a TANK in TBC WoW, it’s important to know that you’ll be holding the line. That’s why you should always charge in and attract aggression. However, it’s the best option to first pull a decent stack of mobs. 

That way, you will be able to take less damage while your allies have the chance to easily distribute damage onto enemies. 

  1. Mind enemy vision

Line of sight is an important thing to mind when you play a tank. It’s probably best to first cast a couple of spells on enemies and retreat to a perfect position. This way, they will lose you from their sight while you can attack and pull smaller parts of their group.

  1. Increase your Rage before charging in

As you’ll work and feed off of your Rage, it’s important to stack it up before you start tanking. Once you start absorbing Rage, you can easily cast Magle Maul combo which will kill any mob. Also, it’s important to save your Rage once you finish a certain stack – Don’t shift back to your original form. 

  1. Focus and Mark your important Targets 

Marking the primary target will increase your Rage once the target is killed. Therefore, do it before every combat and tell your allies to kill that one first. That’s also the best way to have everything under control. 

Feral TANK Leveling Talents

Feral Druid Tank build is more oriented towards the PvE style. That’s why you should get talents that will boost your survivability and AoE damage. Therefore, getting Savage Fury to the maximum is of the essence. 

Besides that, Primal Fury and Predatory Strikes should be your first choice once you have the chance to choose them. And, feel free to max them in the shortest possible period. Furthermore, there’s no need to choose Nurturing Instinct as this talent will do so little for you.

Ferocity will be your primary choice once you get to high levels. On top of that, choose a bit of talents from the Restoration tree, this will increase your survivability and allow you to stand your ground more.

Feral Tank Itemization 

Items for Feral Druid Tank are probably the most durable class in the game. By that, we mean that some items will last you for a long period of time – there’s no need to change them at all. 

Some of these items are: 

  • Vest of Vengeance 
  • The Blood Furnace
  • Bogstrok Scale Cloak

Besides that, there’s always room for improvement, so you can get your hands on stuff like Ursol’s Claw, Staff of Beasts, Darkguard Face Mask. 

Also, keep in mind that these items will not only boost your survivability but also enable you to deal more damage as you’re getting attacked. Rage, on the other hand, will only stack more and allow you to instantly go from one fight to another.