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Tactic knowledge
You will know what tactic you must depends on classes you are playing against

Build fix
Top gladiators will explain you what build is correct for your class and setup you play in

Class tricks
Our guys will open you special tricks of your class that you probably didn’t know

Analysis of rotation
We will analyze your rotation and will explain what you need to change

You will get experience of fighting side by side with best PVP players

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  • Here you can buy PVP COACHING BOOST with top EU PVP players;
  • All our coaches are many times gladiators;
  • You will play side by side with best PVP players;
  • Boost includes 1-10 hours of playing in 2v2 or 3v3 brackets as you prefer;
  • You can use your paid hours as you prefer (like 1 hour every day);
  • “Extra coaching” option includes explaining of basical knowledges of your class, analyze logs of your rotation, talent build, macro and addons setup;
  • We guarantee, that after service is done you will be playing better otherwise we will make a 100% refund.

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  • No gear requirements;
  • Gold to make needed chants and build changes;
  • Skype or TeamSpeak 3;
  • Be near pc in boost period as all your AFK time counts in coaching time.

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Buy PVP Coaching Boost – stop hiding on shadow and stat crashing faces of enemies!

Do you want to go all the way by yourself from low mmr to the highest arena ratings? You don't want to give out the information about your account? There is nothing more simple, just order the service PVP Coaching from Epiccarry.com and you will storm the arena by yourself. Buy wow PVP coaching and talk to professionals about any questions you are interested in.

Wow coaching boost is an optimal opportunity to train your arena skills. Learn from the best representatives of eu pvp community. The education at any time that is comfortable for you. You will have an opportunity to know smth new about your class and also take part in the struggle on arena during wow coaching boost.

Buying wow coaching you can be certain that PVP coaching will be completely done in time. Also you won't have to transmit your account, so you can be 100 % sure that it will be safe for you. Epiccary.com give wow PVP coaching only from the best eu pvp players. So buy wow pvp coaching boost and get your skill grow up. You will get pvp boost coaching from top wow PVP players. After that you will not be looking team mates, they will look you!

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