Cataclysm Classic Herbalism Boost

Find yourself in the mood to touch some grass? Rejoice! With the Cataclysm Herbalism skill, you can do it without leaving your house! Herbalism skill is a pivotal Gathering profession in WoW Cataclysm Classic that can be used in many circumstances, but mainly for crafting Alchemy potions and Inscription inks.

Already considering leveling the Herbalism skill up? Be prepared to collect all the herbs in both Classic and Cataclysm zones, then. Plus TBC and WotLK for good measure. Or simply rely on our Cataclysm Herbalism Leveling service and have your Herbalism profession boost completed in a flash! Our professionals employ the best Cataclysm content route data to gather herbs and boost you to a desired level quickly and efficiently.

Service Includes

This boost will be completed in Cataclysm Classic Herbalism Boost | Buy boostPiloted mode.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 10–15 minutes.
Estimated Completion Time is flexible:

  • Normal: 8–12 hours;
  • Express: 4–8 hours;
  • Super Express: up to 4 hours.

Additional Options

Add 50,000 Gold — if you’re buying the Herbalism profession level boost, gold is another step to prepare your character for the endgame content, such as raids. Purchase this gold at the lowest market price and go fulfill your shopping dreams!
Stream — the Cataclysm Herbalism profession boost is performed via piloted mode, which is a perfect opportunity to pick this additional option and watch our pro booster complete your request live on YouTube or Twitch!


Level 85 Cataslysm Classic character. Use our Cataclysm leveling boost if you don’t meet this boost service requirement.

How It Works

Here’s what our course of action for the Cataclysm Herbalism Boost will look like. Have a look at the details:

  1. Use the Cataclysm Herbalism Profession slider on your right to select your current level and the level you want to reach. Choose the additional options you fancy and proceed to checkout. In three to ten minutes, one of our service managers will be there for you to answer all of your questions and discuss your Cataclysm Herbalism Profession Boost schedule in our chat;
  2. Kindly free up some space in your backpack for the herbs we’ll gather for you before the boosting commences. We do it via account sharing and cannot decide which items are junk for you!
  3. You’ll be constantly updated by our agents on how the process of your Cataclysm Herbalism service goes, so no need to worry;
  4. Professions leveling in World of Warcraft is boring but quick, so you can expect us to start your Herbalism leveling process almost immediately after the payment and finish it in under 12 hours if you choose the full 1 to 525 Herbalism run; yes, our speed is this high!
  5. When our team has delivered your best Herbalism Cataclysm Classic service, find a few seconds to rate us on Trustpilot and perhaps specify a point or two you liked about us the most!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Herbalism skill work in Cata Classic?

There were many new mechanics added to Cataclysm Herbalism and all the professions in general. Gathering professions, in particular, saw the new addition of earning experience from nodes, meaning that you’ll now gain XP by gathering herbs, mining ores, and skinning beasts. That’s a nice addition given that you can sell those materials at the Auction House if you don’t need them. Tracking those nodes on your minimap is yet another Cataclysm feature!

Another nice Cataclysm game addition is the revamped Darkmoon Faire, which has several profession quests you can check out. The Herbalism profession quest is called Herbs for Healing (you must be at least of skill level 75 to see this quest). It required you to gather six Darkblossom flowers at the Darkmoon Island. The rewards are:

Can I use a price match option for the Cataclysm Herbalism leveling service?


The answer is yes! You can buy our offer at a discounted price if you find another service platform offering the same kind of Cataclysm Classic profession boost cheaper than we do, but before that, please check if they are trustworthy enough (not offering scam services). If you’re puzzled, try to find their Trustpilot or profile or even a populated Discord server with happy customers present. Security first!

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