Cataclysm Classic Inscription Boost

For players looking for a versatile and rewarding craft, the Inscription profession can be a great pick. The representatives of this great profession can craft powerful glyphs, scrolls, Darkmoon Cards, and Vellums – all of which are a great way to discover WoW Cataclysm characters’ true potential.

However, as with many other things in WoW Cataclysm, the Inscription Profession requires a tremendous amount of effort and time to upgrade to a skill level where crafted consumables start to shine. It involves collecting an ungodly number of herbs scattered across World of Warcraft and then milling them into pigments. And yes, it sounds much more interesting than it actually is. Skip the mindless grind with our Cataclysm Inscription Leveling service!

Service Includes

  • Inscription Profession level of your choice (up to 525);
  • Essential Glyph, Scroll, and Vellum Recipes necessary for efficient crafting;
  • All the loot obtained during the service.

This boost will be completed in Cataclysm Classic Inscription Boost | Buy boostPiloted mode.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 20 – 30 minutes;
Estimated Completion Time:

  • Normal: 2 – 3 days;
  • Express: 2 days;
  • Super Express: 1 day.

Additional Options

50,000 Gold – after the inscription profession boost, we will transfer additional gold to your account.
Stream – watch our boosting specialist upgrade your Inscription skill live!


Level 85 Cataclysm Classic character. Use our Leveling Boost if your character’s level is unfit for this service.

How it Works

Can’t wait to get your hands on all those potent glyphs and scrolls and master a full profession? This leveling boost is here specifically to help you with that. However, it might be your first time with our boosting service or boosting in general, and we know that it can be scary to entrust your hard-earned WoW character to some strangers from the internet. If that’s the case, then please, read this step-by-step guide, and hopefully, it’ll boost your confidence in us just enough:

  1. Pick the Inscription skill level you need, check our additional options and delivery speed, and place an order. Make sure that your Cataclysm Classic character meets our requirements;
  2. In a flash, one of our reliable customer specialists will contact you through website chat to confirm the schedule, your character name, and other details necessary to complete the order. Make sure to ask them all the questions you have regarding our services, the payment, or whatever else you want to know;
  3. After that, a reliable booster will be assigned to your order. For the next week or so he will literally swim in inferno ink, crafting glyphs and scrolls until he reaches your scribe’s full potential. He will also keep you updated on the progress. Don’t forget that this particular service is in Piloted mode, which means account sharing. Don’t worry, though, keeping your account safe is our top priority;
  4. That’s essentially it. Once your Cataclysm Classic Inscription profession boost is complete, you will receive a notification. You are now absolutely welcome to go craft epic gear you’ve always wanted or dominate that auction house with your products – whatever your heart desires.

Don’t forget to leave some feedback before you go; your opinion gives us an advantage over our competitors, as well as an opportunity to provide you, our beloved customers, with more value-for-money Cataclysm Classic deals!

Frequently Asked Questions

What herbs should I focus on when gathering if I want to improve my Inscription profession to the maximum level?

To make the upgrading process more efficient in the game, you must play with a focus on the following herbs:

  1. Cinderbloom
    • Found in: Mount Hyjal, Deepholm, Twilight Highlands;
    • Yields: Ashen Pigment (used to craft Inferno Ink) and Burning Embers (used to craft Blackfallow Ink);
  2. Stormvine
    • Found in: Mount Hyjal, Vashj’ir;
    • Yields: Ashen Pigment and Burning Embers;
  3. Heartblossom;
    • Found in: Deepholm;
    • Yields: Ashen Pigment and Burning Embers;
  4. Twilight Jasmine
    • Found in: Twilight Highlands;
    • Yields: Ashen Pigment and Burning Embers;
  5. Whiptail
    • Found in: Uldum;
    • Yields: Ashen Pigment and Burning Embers;

We also recommend you focus on High-Yield zones: Uldum (Whiptail) and Twilight Highlands (Twilight Jasmine and Cinderbloom) are particularly dense in herb nodes, making them excellent areas for gathering large quantities quickly. Another efficient method is just to pay us to do all the heavy lifting.

Any useful addons that can streamline my resource farming?

No such thing as “streamlining resource farming”, I’m afraid. It’ll always be boring to some extent. You can, however, boost (or at least make it a bit more bearable) your Cataclysm Inscription farming with GatherMate2, Routes, Gatherer, or FarmHud. All have been updated to work with Cataclysm Inscription.

Can Inscription be profitable and how?

Of course, it can be profitable! At least after a while. You can craft powerful glyphs and scrolls and sell them for gold at the Auction House. Glyph of Death Coil, for example, goes for 50 – 150 gold! There’s also Scroll of Stamina IX for 2-10 gold each, and people usually sell them in bulk.

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