The annual biggest shopping period has officially started
Hello and welcome to Epiccarry! The deals you have been waiting for are finally here! On Friday, we will slash the prices across the entire website by mighty 25%! Furthermore, we’ll be keeping the prices as low as possible for you till the very Tuesday. The discount starts at 25% on Friday, 20% on Saturday, 15% on Sunday and, finally, 10% on Monday for those of you who didn’t have enough boosting over the weekend.

The discounts:
Are not additive, with each other and other discounts, coupons or promotional offers;
Cannot be applied to bundles and packages, i. E. “Buy 3 Mythic+ Dungeons and get one free”;
Old discount stop working and get replaced by new ones every calendar day, at midnight.

Due to the large volume of orders, group activities may take longer than usual to start during this weekend. Groups for Mythic+ and Arena/RBG are only able to boost one person at a time.

code – bf25works only on November 29th
code – bf20works only on November 30th
code – bf15works only on December 1st
code – bf10works only on December 2nd