Do I play my own character?

NO! You need to provide us with information to your account. All arena orders are doing by professional players and we garant 100% safaty of your account. Wa can provide you with personal stream where you can see how the boost is going.

Do i need transfer to another realm?

Yes, you need transfer to another realm to complete you order, information about server you can get from your manager.

What should i do to make an order?

  • You go to service that have interested you, then you click on it and in service info you press button BUY NOW.
  • You submit order info so we can contact with you on skype.
  • Pay for the order.
  • You will be contacted on Skype so you have direct contact to our manager if you should have any questions. 
  • You will be noticed when your boost is about to start and made sure of all the rules.

How long does it take to obtain the desired rating?

As soon as a team has been set up, the rating is earned very quickly. All arena orders will be done during the term that set in description of the service but sometimes due to technical problams the completing of order can be delayed. Maximum term of delay is 5 days.

Do I keep my rating next season?

All ratings get reseted at the start of a new season, this mean you would have to buy the rating again if you want a specific rating next season.

Do i loose my rating after transfering back?

Yes, arena rating is team rating and when you ll transfer back to your realm you will need to leave the team so your rating will be reseted.

How does the boost work?

All rating will be done by professional arena players in real games against real oponents.

What happens if my order doesn’t get completed?

We offer a 100% money back guarantee to all of our customers. In case order was not complited by our fault we will return you 100% of the payment or will give the rating upgrade or games for free as a compensation for waiting.