WoW Profession Leveling

Profession Leveling Product Description

Here you can buy World of Warcraft (WoW) BfA Profession Leveling boost up to 175 skill.

You will get a boost from 1 to 175 level as the default option.

We will farm the gold and needed reagents to get you the chosen profession.

In case purchasing the Production profession leveling, you will get a related Gathering profession as a bonus (E. g. if you choose Alchemy as a bonus you will receive Herbalism Profession). The Gathering profession bonus doesn’t apply to the USE MY MATERIALS option.

In case choosing the option USE MY MATERIALS we will use your gold and your own reagents to complete the leveling boost of the desired profession (if there is a lack of reagents on the auction of your server the boost may take longer).

USE MY MATERIALS option is available ONLY for the Production Profession option.

Boost takes approximately 7-10 days, it depends on the chosen profession.

We don’t use any kind of programs or bots, only hand work (to prove it screenshots or stream is available on your request).

We will use the VPN of your country.

We provide this service only with account sharing.

Important Info

If Production profession option chosen you will receive as a bonus a relative to it Gathering profession, which helps to boost the main one faster (For example, once the order placed for the Alchemy profession you will get as a bonus the Herbalism).

In case choosing the Enchanting or Tailoring profession, which doesn’t have the supporting profession, the booster will choose himself the bonus Gathering one and all the farmed reagents of that profession will be sold on the auction.

If you don’t have a free additional slot for the bonus Gathering profession, the booster will farm it on your another 110lvl character (it should be on the same realm as requested in the order).

The booster will farm all the needed reagents and gold to perform the order.

All the unnecessary reagent, received during the boost, will be sold on the auction, all the gold received will be spent to purchase the needed ones for the chosen profession.

We’ll create the new character on your account (on the same realm the order placed for) to sell the reagents on the auction.

If the USE MY MATERIALS” option selected, you need to have a sufficient amount of gold for the appropriate profession, which varies depending on the realm the requested character placed in.


A free additional slot for a bonus Gathering profession is required if you order a Production profession. 

Level 60 character. Use our Powerleveling service if you don’t meet this requirement.

We need only your login and password. We don’t need the answer to your secret question and password to your mail, which makes it impossible to steal your account.

Please remove the authenticator from your account or cancel the mode “ask code each time I log in”, and provide us a code.

WoW Profession Boost — About the service

But what if you have no statements with the profession to the maximum level? Wander through Azeroth for weeks in search of the necessary reagents? No, it’s a very long time. But don’t worry, because you can buy profession leveling, and we will make your character useful.Read More

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