• Here you can buy Pantheon Trinket Boost;
  • You will get one of Pantheon trinkets on your choice: Eonar’s Compassion (heal), Aggramar’s Conviction (tank), Golganneth’s Vitality (agility dps), Khaz’goroth’s Courage (strength dps), Norgannon’s Prowess (caster dps);
  • Boost includes farm of 940 trinket on your choice as default option;
  • You will get Argus the Unmaker kills every week till your chosen trinket will drop;
  • In case “Upgrade to 1000 Ilvl” option, we will farm for you trinket and will upgrade it to 1000 item lvl via killing Argus the Unmaker weekly to get Pantheon’s Blessing (+ 5 item lvl per week = 16 weeks to upgrade from 940 to 1000);
  • In case “Add Off-Spec” option, we will farm for you 1 more chosen 940 trinket on one off-specs;
  • Boost takes 1-8 weeks, however it may take more time due to random personal loot chance drop;
  • Personal loot means that you will have a personal chance to get an item from the boss;
  • We do this service with or without account sharing as you prefer.


  • Attention! Trinket drop chance is absolutely random and drops only with personal loot chance (according to our experience it takes 1-8 weeks, however we can’t guarantee that it will not take more then 8 weeks);
  • Attention! There is no difference in what mode will be boss killed – Normal, Heroic or Mythic (940 item lvl trinket will drop);
  • Attention! There is only one chance per week to loot the trinket, no matter on difficulty (means in case you killed it in normal mode, you will not be able to get it in heroic or mythic during this reset);
  • Attention! Boost will be completed on Heroic or Normal mode on your choice (for the same price);
  • Attention! Please note that in case you don’t want the trinket and want cancel the order, you will get next amount refunded: 100% refund in case service is not started, 70% in case first run were completed and 10% less for each next try. For example we did 5 runs and you want cancel the order, you will get 30% refunded. However you are allowed to switch the service on any character you wish without any extra payments;
  • Attention! Please note “Upgrade to 1000 Ilvl” option includes boost your main ordered trinket to 1000 item lvl. In case you have chosen both “Upgrade to 1000 Ilvl” and “Add Off-Spec” options, you will get main trinket 1000 item lvl and off spec 940 item lvl trinkets;
  • Attention! Please note that you will get % refund amount of not completed boost, in case you have chosen “Upgrade to 1000 Ilvl” option and left less then 16 weeks till release of new Battle for Azeroth expansion (means we will refund you 1\16 of extra option price for each 5 item lvls missing).


  • No gear requirements;
  • Some gold, just in case we need to change chants and gems;
  • In case of acc sharing we need only your login and password, we don’t need your answer on secret question and password to your mail, that makes impossible to steal your account;
  • In case of acc sharing remove authenticator from your account or cancel mode “ask code each time I login”, and provide us code.

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