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Buy 40 RBG wins mount with conquest points and get it today!

Your friends don’t team up with you because of low rbg raiting. Here you can buy rbg boost for cheapest prices. There is no need to spend much time to farm rbg wins. Just let the professionals do it for you. They will do everything you ask: rbg rating boost rbg gear, farm rbg rating and etc.
Moreover you can buy arena rating or some arena boost from one of the best teams. Rbg mounts, arena mounts, rbg rating, honor points and many other services, such as challenge modes reputation mounts pve boost. You can count on filling out the order in a short term. Here you can Buy RBG wins – Conquest points Cap for cheapest price. Only 2 days and you will get your mount for 40 RBG wins – Vicious Saddle.

If you need some Rating go and try our RBG Rating Service! Special service only for our customers! And of course only with us you can buy Hero of the Horde/ Hero of the Alliance boost service for best price!

Buying on epiccarry.com you can be sure in safety of your account. We are using clean IP of your country so it looks like you logged from neighbour house. Our main task is to make each customer happy no matter what you are ordering small service or big boost, every customer is special for us.


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Customer support
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11-24 WINS

SAVE -15%

25-39 WINS

SAVE -25%

40-74 WINS

SAVE -35%

75-149 WINS

SAVE -50%

150-249 WINS

SAVE -55%

250-300 WINS

SAVE -60%


Artifact Power Each RBG Win

Artifact power per win – Soldier’s Glory
Artifact power daily reward for first win – Soldier’s Legacy

artifact power

40 RBG Wins

Achievement Wild Combatant/Wild Combatant + mount for Vicious Saddle


75 RBG Wins

Mount Reins of the Vicious War Steed/Horn of the Vicious War Wolf + Veteran title



  • Here you can buy RBG WINS that awards conquest points;
  • We will boost chosen amount of RBG WINS  for your character;
  • You will get artifact power for each win – Soldier’s Glory and daily reward for first win – Soldier’s Legacy (the amount of artifact power increases with your artifact knowledge, for example on 15th level of artifact knowledge, awards 11800 artifact power for each win);
  • You will have a chance to get an item each win (more higher your awarage item lvl, more higher items can awards, maximum 840 and with very low chance can be titanforged up to 895);
  • You will get 300+ honor points per win;
  • Awards mount [Vicious Saddle] that can be changed on mount [Vicious War Raptor] or [Vicious War Wolf] or [Vicious Skeletal Warhorse] for Horde and [Vicious War Ram] or [Vicious War Steed] or [Vicious Warsaber] for Alliance in case 40 wins order;
  • Awards mount [Vicious War Steed] for alliance or [Vicious War Wolf] for horde in case 75, 150 or 300 wins order;
  • We do our services with or without account sharing as you prefer;
  • We do this service on low mmr games, so you will not get any rating for RBG wins boost.


  • Attention! During the boost process can be 1-2 looses and as result you can loose 24-48 points of RBG rating.


  • No gear requirements;
  • In case account sharing we need only your login and password, we don’t need your answer on secret question and password to your mail, that makes impossible to steal your account;
  • We guarantee the safety of your account;
  • In case account sharing remove authenticator from your battle.net account or cancel mode “ask code each time I login”, and provide us code.