Azshara’s Eternal Palace Single Items


  • Here you can buy The Eternal Palace Single Item Boost in Heroic mode;
  • Your run will be completed in Personal Loot mode.
  • The service doesn’t apply to the items with the drop chance lower than 5%, which means the items like Za’quls Schulterstücke (drop chance is 0,2%) we will be unable to farm;
  • We don’t use any kind of programs or bots, only hand work (to prove it screenshots or stream is available on your request);
  • Boost takes random time (it may take 1 or a lot of weeks, but we will be farming it till you get your item);
  • In case of account sharing we will use VPN of your country;
  • We provide this service only with account sharing.



  • Attention! Please be advised to come to the start of the run, so boosters can add you to the raid to not miss your chosen boss. In case you are late boosters will not be able to wait for you near the boss as we have non-stop scheduled runs, in this case we will propose you a nearest date;
  • Attention! You can choose the raid in preferable for you time frames here;
  • Attention! We do not guarantee any items from bosses, as boost will be done in Personal Loot, means you will get items only in case it will drop personally to you;
  • Attention! Please note that in case you don’t want the item and want to cancel the order, you will get the next amount refunded: 100% refund in case service is not started, 80% in case first run was completed and 10% less for each next try. For example, we did 5 runs and you want to cancel the order, you will get 30% refunded. However you are allowed to switch the service on any character you wish, for example you got the item with your guild using the seal or from treasure chest or just don’t want play anymore this class, no problem we will be happy to switch the service on another character or on another item (of the same type) without any extra payments.


  • Level 60 character. Use our Powerleveling service if you don’t meet this requirement.
  • We will need access to your account for some meaningful amount of time to work on your order. The account will be occupied while we work.
  • Please remove the authenticator from your account or cancel “Ask code each time I login” mode. Your account will still be protected by the secret question
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