Ny’alotha, the Waking City Mythic Run

Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve is required to kill the N’Zoth the Corruptor, and Carapace of N’Zoth. Not having the cloak on you will result in being mind-controlled before you have an opportunity to tag the boss. Thus, the fight won’t count for you.

Ny’Alotha, The Waking City service includes

A Single run of Nyalotha, The Waking City on Mythic difficulty.

A minimal amount of loot that we guarantee for the selected number of bosses. Bosses drop level 130-140 items in Mythic difficulty. We guarantee that you will get the following amount of slots filled with NWC Mythic gear:

  • 3/12 — 2 slots;
  • 4/12 — 3 slots;
  • 5/12 — 3 slots;
  • 6/12 — 4 slots;
  • 7/12 — 4 slots;
  • 8/12 — 5 slots;
  • 9/12 — 5 slots;
  • 10/12 — 6 slots;
  • 11/12 — 6 slots;
  • 12/12 — 7 slots.

One personal loot trader is included in this service by default. He will trade you every item that drops to him.

Please understand, that loot traders are affected by in-game limitations and will not be able to trade an item, if it is higher than one they got equipped in that slot. The average item level of our loot traders is, currently, 130+.

Achievements for killing selected bosses.
For a full 12/12 run, the service also includes Ahead of the Curve: N’Zoth the Corruptor achievement and Uncorrupded Voiwing and “the Uncorrupted” title. 

You are able to add Ny’alotha Allseer to your boost if you choose to kill all the bosses, including N’Zoth the Corruptor.

You can choose either Self-Play Mode Icon 16x15 Self-Play or Piloted Mode Icon 16x15 Piloted mode for this boost. Former means that you will play yourself, alongside best team at our disposal. Latter means that one of our team will play for you. Please, be ready to share your login and password with us if you opt for Piloted.

Depending on the selected amount of bosses, you will kill:

Number of bosses &
guaranteed item slots 

2 item slots

3 item slots

3 item slots

4 item slots

4 item slots

5 item slots

5 item slots

6 item slots

6 item slots

7 item slots
The Prophet Skitra
The Hivemind      
Carapace of N’Zoth  

How will your Nyalotha boost go

We will help you to schedule your run after the NWC Mythic boost is purchased. Alternatively, you can schedule it yourself, using our Raid calendar.

The run will start at a scheduled time.

Our raiders will clear the dungeon as quickly as possible. The run will take no longer than 4 hours.

The boost can be done in Self-played or Piloted mode. If you chose Piloted, you will be able to watch your character via stream.

Loot Distribution Policies

Your run will be completed in Personal Loot mode.

We guarantee that you will get a certain amount of gear during the run.

If you won’t get the guaranteed amount of items during the single run, we will keep running with your character in our group until you get the guaranteed amount of slots filled with Nyalotha gear.

All items that you get during the run count towards the guaranteed amount of items, including items that:

    • you get directly from the boss;
    • you get from bonus roll seals;
    • are traded to you by loot traders.

If you get multiple items in a single equipment slot (i.e. two helmets), they all count as one item.

Please understand that loot traders are bound to customers. This means that you will only get item trades from characters assigned to you. Other raiders and customers are under no obligation to trade you loot.

Please understand that the game loot system does not allow us to trade ALL items. The trade of some items may be restricted by game mechanics.


Level 60 character. Use our Powerleveling service if you don’t meet this requirement.

Your character’s average item level has to be 115 or higher if you would like to kill bosses 8-12 in Piloted mode. Use our Full Gear service if it is lower.

4 reasons to buy an NWC run at Epiccarry

All Epiccarry players have years of experience and are highly skilled in the game. We only hire people that proved their expertise in the field they apply for. Buying a Nyalotha service from us, you can be sure it will be done by a skilled and competent team. Read More

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