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    We're sorry for inconveniences, RBG boost services will be available not earlier than 10/10/18 due to the matter that we set the high standards for our teams to process with the orders only with the high-qualified manner


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Buy 40 RBG wins mount with conquest points and get it today!

Your friends don’t team up with you because of low rbg raiting. Here you can buy rbg boost for cheapest prices. There is no need to spend much time to farm rbg wins. Just let the professionals do it for you. They will do everything you ask: rbg rating boost rbg gear, farm rbg rating and etc.
Moreover you can buy arena rating or some arena boost from one of the best teams. Rbg mounts, arena mounts, rbg rating, honor points and many other services, such as challenge modes reputation mounts pve boost. You can count on filling out the order in a short term. Here you can Buy RBG wins – Conquest points Cap for cheapest price. Only 2 days and you will get your mount for 40 RBG wins – Vicious Saddle.

If you need some Rating go and try our RBG Rating Service! Special service only for our customers! And of course only with us you can buy Hero of the Horde/ Hero of the Alliance boost service for best price!

Buying on epiccarry.com you can be sure in safety of your account. We are using clean IP of your country so it looks like you logged from neighbour house. Our main task is to make each customer happy no matter what you are ordering small service or big boost, every customer is special for us.

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Artifact Power Each RBG Win

Artifact power per win – Soldier’s Glory
Artifact power daily reward for first win – Soldier’s Legacy

artifact power

40 RBG Wins

Achievement Wild Combatant/Wild Combatant + mount for Vicious Saddle


75 RBG Wins

Mount Reins of the Vicious War Steed/Horn of the Vicious War Wolf + Veteran title



  • Here you can Buy RBG Wins Boost;
  • We will boost chosen amount of RBG WINS  for your character on real games against real opponents (No Wintrade);
  • You will get artifact power for each win – Soldier’s Glory and daily reward for first win – Soldier’s Legacy ;
  • You will get 300+ honor points per win;
  • Awards mount [Vicious Saddle] that can be changed on mount [Vicious War Raptor] or [Vicious War Wolf] or [Vicious Skeletal Warhorse] for Horde and [Vicious War Ram] or [Vicious War Steed] or [Vicious Warsaber] for Alliance in case 40 wins order;
  • Awards mount [Vicious War Steed] for alliance or [Vicious War Wolf] for horde in case 75, 150 or 300 wins order;
  • According to the fact that it is real games we can’t state the exact speed of the boost;
  • All RBG wins will be done on random mmr but we do not guarantee that your rating will go higher or lower then it was before as default option;
  • Usually, games happen in period from 7 PM CET till 1 AM CET;
  • You can expect the next approximately ETA for orders: 1-10 wins (1-3 days), 11-25 wins (2-4 days), 26-50 wins (3-7 days), 51-60 wins (7-14 days), 75 wins (15-18days) but all noted terms are average time and it may take a few more days;
  • In case “Safe 1800 rating” we guarantee that your rating will not drop lower than 1800 rating after our boost (you are required to have 1800 or higher rating);
  • In case “Safe 2000 rating” we guarantee that your rating will not drop lower than 2000 rating after our boost (you are required to have 2000 or higher rating);
  • We provide this service Selfplay and Piloted (in case of account share you should understand the possible risks of getting banned);
  • We are able to provide screenshots or stream of your boost to prove that it was done not via wintrade;

All the options of this service will be available again after 2-3 weeks Battle For Azeroth Patch release.
ATTENTION! You can lose some rating, in case you got it before the boost as a default option. In case of any Safe Rating option, we guarantee that it will not drop lower then chosen option guaranteed it;

ATTENTION! We are not using any kind of wintrade as some other websites do and ready to give you stream or screens of your boost. Be attentive as for wintrade your account may be banned (02.05.2017 there was a huge banwawe for RBG wintrade and a lot of accounts got permanent bans, so think twice before buying it from wintraders, even if it is arena wintrade, as some day it may be permanently banned);


  • Minimum 930 ilvl pvp gear and 70 traits are required; If you don’t have time to gear up your character we can make it for you, buy it here;
  • The maximum character level of the current expansion is required. In case you don’t have time to lvl your character, you can order leveling here.

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Choose the service

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Once your payment went through, our Customer Support will contact you via Skype or E-mail to organise your boost



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    We are working from 2008 on market of World of Warcraft and know how to make every customer feel happy. Ordering on Epiccarry.com you can be sure in 100% satisfaction as we are selling impressions not just a simple pixels

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    Fair Price

    Due to big amount of orders we can make the lowest prices on market on all our services. You don’t need to look any other boosters as we can complete any service professionally and for fair price in the shortest terms

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    Guaranteed delivery

    We have our own team that doing all orders so we can guarantee the quality and time of service delivery. All our boosters are part of our team and doing orders only for our customers, we know how to make all perfect without any delays                                                        

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    Account Safety

    We always use clean VPN for every our customer so it looks like you have logged from PC of your neighbour. We never give our orders to random boosters as other websites do. Most of our order can be done without account sharing


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    New Shops

    Every few monthes apear new shops that starts selling services, but as usually they works 2-3 monthes and then disapear with all money for not completed orders. And as result you get not finished boost and no money

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    Human Involvement

    They put high price on products and just reordering it from other websites what makes price on their services too high. Or making it to low and doing boosts for 5 usd on their own using bot or forbidden programs. As result you get ban of your account

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    Service Delay

    Other services don’t give you estimated time when your boss will be started or completed. As a result you can wait weeks till your boost will be completed when it price will be much lower then you paid for it

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    There are a lot of scammers that proposing you good deals for low price without any proofs of completed orders. As result you will get not what you have ordered or will be scammed instead of boost


For win in the RBG, you can get a lot of awards such as PVP currency, weapon upgrade, PvP gear and much more. If you want to play in PvP, then all these things will you need. PvP armor gives many bonuses to PvP level items and trinket set gives a huge bonus to armor.

But what if you don’t have a PvP rating or you have only PvE equipment? Then you must farming to many honor points, and after this conquest points to buy all necessary armor. And now you can go for a RBG win. But that’s not all. You are unlikely to take a team with a high rating. So it will be very difficult to get what you want. But don’t worry, because we can help you. Here you can buy RBG wins without PvP gear requirements. Get Veteran of the Alliance and take the beautiful horse, or get Veteran of the Horde and take the mighty wolf.

Buy 40 RBG wins

In each Pvp season you can get not only new equipment, but also a new mount. Get 40 victories at RBH and reward Vicious Saddle. This wonderful award will show everyone that you are a very experienced PvP player. If you be replaced this saddle for one of the PvP mounts, you top up your collection a rare exhibit. In order to get this achievement, you will need to boost RBG 40 wins in one season. After getting achievements, you get all the awards, like a mighty Horn of the Vicious War Wolf or beautiful Reins of the Vicious War Steed. If you want to buy a Vicious Saddle, write to us. We’ll help you get all the requisite wins in rated battlegrounds. In addition, you raise your RBG rating and take much Honor Points and Conquest Points.

Buy 3 RBG wins

If you need to make a quest Battle Hardened and take 3 victories in the RBG, we can help you. Here you can buy weekly RBG quest. Our professional PvP players will do for you all three needed victories for this quest. We do not use any additional programs, so all winning will be fair. Boost RBG 3 wins and don’t waste your time for looking a good team. Along with the victories you get many other achievements and arena points.

Our professional PvP players will help you get the necessary victory at RBG. Even if you don’t have any wins or not PvP gear, we can help you. Your level of objects is not important for us. You should only have the maximum level of your character.

We have quick wins and high quality

If you want to buy RBG wins in our store, you will receive high-quality services. Our team consists of professional players who earn honestly all necessary wins. This is very important, because all the achievements and will cause no unnecessary questions If you need RBG wins carry at low price, write to us. We will help you pick the desired service.

If you started to perform any achievement, but can’t finish it, we can help you. We finish the any achievement or do any number of victories in the RBG. You will get many awards, up rating in the battlegrounds and popularity among your friends. Write to us and get quality service at an affordable price.