Children’s Week holiday event

Here in Epiccarry, we celebrate Children’s Week in Azeroth with joy and passion, and invite everyone to join us in the merry-making ! Receive a free gift from our team for your engagement with our store during the Children’s week ingame event! These gifts contain a random boost you would normally have to purchase! Win a free boost! Neat, huh?

Wheel of fortune rules:

  • This event starts on April 24, and ends on May 8. All purchases made in this period qualify for rewards, assuming that they meet all the requirements, listed below;
  • You are able to participate in the event if your order total is €150 or more;
  • Every €150 of your order total allows you to spin the wheel once;
  • You can get multiple entries during the event and the number of entries is unlimited. E.g. a €450+ order allows you to spin the wheel 3 times and get 3 gifts;
  • To get an entry, your order total has to be more than €150. This means that if the price after the discount gets lower than that, it does not grant an entry;
  • Rewards must be redeemed before the end of this event;
  • To enter the event, you should use the same email you used making the order;
  • You may to use the gift for any character of your choice;
  • All the gifts are absolutely free and non-refundable;
  • Please do not share the link for the Wheel of Fortune. Prizes are bound to the person that spun the wheel.

Here’s how to join in on the fun:

Place an order with us!

Every order over €150 made during the The Dawning ingame event
counts as an entry towards a Wheel of Fortune.

Contact our customer support

After placing an order, contact our customer support using web
chat, Skype or Discord.

Test your luck!

Spin the wheel! There are three possible prize tiers: Blue, Yellow
and Red. Judging from experience, you should
always aim for a red one!

Claim your prize!

Check in with customer support rep again to claim your prize.
Depending on the prize tier you got, you will be offered to choose a gift from a
selection of options – choose wisely!

Check out what’s in the boxes!
Security Reminder support teams will only ask for your in-game login credentials if it is
required to progress your boost in piloted mode. Persons or messages asking you to reveal your login or password
in other circumstances are illegitimate even if they might seem to be legitimate. Ignore or delete such
requests. For additional security, change your passwords regularly.