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Experience the OG Wrath of the Lich King Raiding in 2022!

If you would like to conquer the original WotLK content for the first time or re-live the experience you had in the good ol’ times, without the need to look for a good guild and unnecessary downtime related to playing with amateur players, look no further! This service allows you to acquire your own professional raiding group that will move to the realm of your choice and help you in your journey through all the raids of WotLK content phase I.

How It Works

By buying our VIP Raiding subscription, you essentially sponsor a professional team of 24 players to create and level up characters in the realm of your choice. These characters will, once ready, be used to run every raid of WotLK content phase 1 (Tier 7 during the preparation, Naxx, OS and the Eye every week for the duration of the subscription once the preparation phase is over) with you and other characters you invitethese characters may belong to you or other people. You and your friends will be able to participate in these raids yourself, or delegate any of your characters to one of the raiders and watch the runs via live stream.

The runs will be done in the Master Loot mode, with you as the person responsible for distributing the items dropped during runs. You and the people you invite have the right to claim all the loot, valuables, mounts, and recipes that dropped during the runs.


Stage 1: Preparation

Duration: 2 weeks.

The raiding team will buy and start leveling fresh WotLK Classic accounts to level 80 4 days after the first payment of your subscription is complete (this downtime is due to the fact that the raiding team may need some time to wrap their current orders up). Once the characters hit the level cap, the raiders will start working on preparing them to the raids and equipping them in gear that is adequate for the job; they will start running Heroic dungeons, and later raids. You can participate in these raids with your main character, your alts, or invite your friends and guests to get some gear.

Your first payment has to be done before the preparation process begins. Also, keep in mind that the team will need the loot that will drop in the first 2 raid weeks to get ready for future phases of raiding. Stage 2 may be postponed slightly if they won’t get enough items to proceed with the service.

Stage 2: the Real Game Begins!

Duration: until you cancel the subscription.

That’s it! Once the first 2 weeks has passed, the group is ready to start routinely farming raids on your schedule. They will adjust their schedule according to yours and you will start conquering Naxx, EOT and OS in the team you helped to create. Reap all the loot and experience benefits any hard-core raiders would kill for in the original WoW WotLK back in 2008.

What You Get

Team icon 32x32 | Epiccarry TBC Classic
A team of professional players to run the hardest and most prestigious raids in WotLK.
Loot icon 32x32 | Epiccarry TBC Classic
Any items you choose during these runs.
Gear icon 32x32 | Epiccarry TBC Classic
An ability to equip an unlimited number of characters (yours or not) in the most powerful gear available during the content phase 1.
Team icon 32x32 | Epiccarry TBC Classic
A very real chance to get Invincible; once it drops, it’s yours.
Friendship icon 32x32 | Epiccarry TBC Classic
A priceless experience of raiding with a group of friendly professional raiders.
Coaching icon 32x32 | Epiccarry TBC Classic
Free coaching and explanation of the mechanics of encounter and your class, should you need it.


This is a subscription-based service. This means that you will have to buy it every month (including the preparation) until you decide that you no longer need it. The payment has to be done by the 25th day of every month or by the start of the last week of the month.

Pros and Cons of buying our Raid Subscription


  1. You get to run Naxx, Eye of Eternity, and OS on a weekly basis in a raid that you, basically, own. What’s more to say?
  2. You and your friends/guildmates get free coaching from one of the best teams in the Wrath of the Lich King and experience conquering the high-difficulty encounters.
  3. This is the most cost-efficient boost on the WotLK market if you have or want to have a lot of characters equipped in Tier 7 gear.
  4. You get to choose the schedule and duration of runs. No more skipping the weekly raid runs due to scheduling conflicts!
  5. You and your guests or partners will get a great way to spend time gaming together.


The price. HOWEVER, if you account for the value you get from this service, it is actually the most cost-efficient product on our site, given that you and/or the people you are planning to run with need all the stuff that you pay for. You can even split the cost among you, to make it more affordable!


Level 80 character. Use our WotLK leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

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