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WOTLK Classic PvP Boost Explained

Same as in the previous World of Warcraft expansions, you will need to farm a decent amount of honor points (HP) to buy the starter gear before you can start playing WotLK Classic arena. But few players like wasting hours of their day on a boring HP grind. On top of that, if you aim to get a Gladiator title, you will need to get the best PvP gear.

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How to get PvP gear in WotLK?

Wrath of the Lich King made the gearing process more accessible, which is suitable for casual players. So now you have a few ways to gear up in WotLK. Let’s take a look at them:

  1. Battleground Honor farming. This is still the primary source of getting PvP loot. You can queue on BGs you like and get Honor points for participating in them. For Honor points, you can buy a 200 ilvl Savage Gladiator set for your character.
  2. Vault of Archavon raid. This is a PvE/PvP raid dungeon located in the Wintergrasp zone. You have a chance to loot the gloves, legs, or chest parts of a set.
  3. Craft BoE PvP items. Now you can craft or buy the lowest 187 ilvl PvP items from the Auction House. The crafted items will do well enough for starting a PvP journey.
  4. Buy it for Emblems of Heroism. If you like clearing Heroic dungeons more than BGs, you can buy a 200 ilvl Savage Gladiator’s set for Emblems of Heroism instead of farming battlegrounds.
  5. Buy it for Emblems of Valor. Like with emblems of Heroism, you can spend your emblems of Valor to buy an epic 200 ilvl Hateful Gladiator’s set.
  6. AP (Arena Points). Playing Arena will reward you and points that can be spent on buying the best PvP set – Deadly Gladiator’s set.
  7. The mix of Arena and Honor Points. This new system allows you to buy Hateful or Savage Gladiator’s set via a mix of HP or AP.

Even though the PvP gearing process has become more friendly, it is still dull and requires sufficient time. Don’t have time? No worries, Epiccarry team is here. Just order any of our WotLK PvP Boost offers and enjoy your new powerful gear.

What are the Main Changes in WotLK PvP?

With the release of WotLK Classic, Blizzard changed many things that were in The Burning Crusade content. Most of them make the WotLK PvP gearing process simpler since you no longer need to farm specific Battlegrounds. However, the gearing process remains as time-consuming as ever. The most notable changes are:

  1. Battleground-specific Marks of Honor are gone in WotLK Classic. With the release of Wrath of the Lich King, you do not need to farm them anymore to buy PvP equipment for your character. All unique PvP gear sets in Wrath Classic now either cost Honor for weaker versions or Arena Points for more powerful ones. You will still get Honor points from the usual sources; participating in Battlegrounds, Honorable kills in the world, and WotLK Arena battles still reward you with Honor that you can spend on buying the required gear.
  2. Emblems of Heroism and Valor can be spent on PvP items. If you dislike farming the battlegrounds and prefer Heroic dungeons or raids, you can get the PvP gear for your PvE emblems.
  3. At the start, four unique PvP gear sets are available, not two like before. You can get it from the following sources: crafting (187 ilvl), buying it for emblems of Heroism (200 ilvl), buying it for emblems of Valor (200 ilvl), buying it for arena points (213 ilvl).
  4. In WotLK, you can buy PvP gear using mixed HP and AP.
  5. PvP battles are now available from anywhere in the world. You don’t need to go battleground intendants anymore. Just open the Battleground tab and queue on any BG you like.
  6. You can queue on Random Battleground, which gives extra rewards for participating.
  7. The honor points rewards for participating on the battlegrounds are significantly increased. Also, the system is now counting and analyzing the personal performance of every player and granting better rewards for the most impact.
  8. New outdoor Battleground! WotLK Wintergrasp is a 100 vs. 100 battleground where the Horde fights against the Alliance in one realm.
  9. Vaults of Archavon raid dungeon located on Wintergrasp and drops PvP set pieces.
  10. Personal Arena rating. You do not need to create arena teams to participate in fights.

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New WoW WotLK Battlegrounds

Two new Battlegrounds are available in Wrath Classic: At launch, you’ll have access to Strand of the Ancients, and in later content updates, you’ll be able to explore the Isle of Conquest.

Strand of the Ancients

Assigning specific roles to the sides in the battle, and vehicle combat, are both new features in the 15v15 battleground Strand, but they will become staples in future World of Warcraft addons. The battle will take place in an ancient fortress. One group, the attackers, starts out on foot on the beach with siege engines in close proximity. Their plan is to use the vehicles to break through the four sets of gates that stand between them and their objective. Even though Engineers can utilize a wide variety of explosives, siege engines are the most effective method of destroying the gates.

The defenders, similar to the Wintergrasp will have gun turrets, favorable respawn locations and a time limit that they need to survive for in order to score for this battleground.

The teams swap roles after the attackers capture the objective, or if they fail to do so within 10 minutes. A victorious team is the one that takes the target location first. If neither side succeeds in taking the objective, the battleground is considered a draw.

Strand of the Ancient is also a part of the new meta-achievement: Battlemaster. This is one of the most time-consuming achievements to complete, all thanks to this very battleground. Whenever you feel like you need a little help with farming various SotA achievements, feel free to reach out to us and buy a WoW WotLK Classic PvP boost! Our professional players know how to get every Strand achievement in the most efficient way.

Isle of Conquest

The Isle of Conquest is a huge 40v40 battle between Horde and Alliance and is quite similar to the Alterac Valley: it has plenty of side capture objectives that will allow players to gain resources that can be used to build various vehicles such as siege engines, glaive throwers and even manning the cannons on an airship. These vehicles are used to bring down one of the outer gates and expose the enemy keep which is guarded by the NPC leader. If your faction defeats the enemy general, you will be declared the winner. If both sides fail to defeat the target NPC, the first side to reach 0 reinforcements loses. There are multiple tried and true strategies to win this battleground, but it sure is a lot of fun!

Farming the Isle of Conquest for the achievements is not fun, though. If you ever feel like you’d rather outsource this tedious task and do something else, feel free to browse our WoW WotLK Classic PvP boost section and buy a service that covers your needs! With our help, you’ll be able to take care of all that needs to be done in order to reach your WotLK PvP goals without spending too much of your time.

Wintergrasp Has Been Significantly Changed

You probably have fond memories of leading the fight for Wintergrasp in the original World of Warcraft, and if you want to relive that experience in WotLK Classic, you’ll see that it’s been somewhat updated to provide you with the same kind of large-scale PvP action. The 120v120 PvP combat at the lake in Wintergrasp is still there, but it is now classified as a cross-server battleground instead of an open-world battlefield. If you’re not already queued from being in the zone, you can queue from an NPC in Dalaran just before the battle begins.

When it comes to the actual fighting, not much has changed. You can build those very same siege vehicles at numerous outposts around the zone and then send them charging toward enemy strongholds. The defenders are well-positioned on the high ground and can use turrets to protect themselves. The combat lasts for half an hour. The defenders’ outer defenses must be destroyed, and the relic must be captured, for the attackers to win.

The “Essence of Wintergrasp” is a temporary buff that lasts until the next battle if you win a Wintergrasp instance. It allows you to collect Stone Keeper’s Shards and boosts your experience gain by 5%. If a member of your realm has this buff, all members of your faction can visit the Stone Keeper’s Shard vendors, elemental farming locations, and the Vault of Archavon in Wintergrasp. In other words, In WotLK Classic, it’s possible for both factions to access VoA simultaneously.

Due to the large scale of the battle, it takes truly titanic effort and dedication to achieve everything in lake Wintergrasp. Our WotLK PvP Boost services have multiple offers that are designed specifically to make obtaining most of the rewards this battleground has to offer much easier. Feel free to browse the WotLK PvP section of our website and you’re guaranteed to find an offer that both suits your needs and is priced reasonably. If not, you can always contact our support team and they’ll help you to make a custom order!

Where is WotLK PvP Vendor?

Different PvP vendors depend on what currency you will spend on buying your WotLK PvP gear. If you want to spend your arena points, you will need to go to the Underbelly in the cloaca of Dalaran to the goblins on the wooden platform. You can buy a 200 ilvl Savage Gladiator’s set for the mix of AP and HP or a Deadly Gladiator’s set.

There are also the old honor vendors in the Orgrimmar (Hall of Legends) and Stormwind (Champion’s Hall). You can also buy their 200 ilvl Savage Gladiator’s set, PvP mounts, and other PvP offsets via spending your honor points.

Entering Sunreaver’s Sanctuary in the Dalaran, you can spend your emblems of Heroism buying the parts of Savage Gladiator’s set or emblems of Valor on the parts of Hateful Gladiator’s set.

What is the best WotLK PvP Class?

Every class has its strengths and weaknesses. You can get a Gladiator title playing with any class and spec. This is just a time of practice. However, some of the classes have excellent synergy and better abilities, making getting a high rating in the Arena easier. If you are a new player, we recommend choosing one class.

Subtlety Rogue

Rogues were always the kings of PvP. Due to invisibility, mobility, and control abilities, rogues synergize well with other classes. For example, RMP (Rogue, Mage, Priest) is the most robust setup in-game. Rogue may be a challenging class for a new player to start but if you are ready to spend time studying how to play this class, it will be absolutely a correct choice.

Holy Paladin

In WoW WotLK, Holy paladins were buffed with auras and excellent saving abilities. Due to high defensive abilities and great healing holy paladin will be a nice combo with Unholy DK and Arms Warrior. This combo will have good survivability and can cause considerable burst damage.

Discipline Priest

Like in The Burning Crusade, Disc priest is an excellent choice if you aim to get a gladiator title. It has dispel, mana burn, and shields which is fantastic for defensive and aggressive tactics. A nice combo with the priest will be rogue + mage or hunter + feral druid.

Arms Warrior

Wrath of the Lich King made warriors extremely dangerous. With the mortal strike, they can blow up almost any target easily. Especially with the assistance of Unholy Death Knight, they can erase any target chosen. Warriors are the most damaging melee class in PvP in WoW WotLK.

Frost Mage

Frost mage is the most accessible class to play and will be an excellent option for someone just starting their journey in the Wrath of the Lich King. Mages have excellent control and slow abilities, high mobility, and impressive burst damage. The suitable option to play with is rogue + disc priest.

But no worries if you are playing any other class. With our WotLK Classic PvP boost service, our boosters will get you to any Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King rating you wish.

How Does WoW WotLK Classic PvP Boost Work?

PvP boost services are the bread and butter of any boosting shop in World of Warcraft. The overall area of the game is highly competitive and players are constantly in conflict with each other. Our professional PvP boosters are ready and capable of helping you in reaching every possible PvP goal you want. Below you’ll find a breakdown of the boosting process in our store:

  1. Choose a service from our WotLK PvP boost catalog.
  2. Proceed to checkout and make a purchase.
  3. Fill in all the important information that we’ll need to perform the service; most importantly, choose an app for communication so we’re able to contact you.
  4. Wait for our support staff to reach out to you in order to confirm that your WotLK Classic order has been received. This doesn’t take longer than 10 minutes.
  5. Please provide us with the necessary information to carry out the service, and most importantly, select a means of contact (such as a messaging app) so that we can get in touch with you.
  6. Your order for WotLK Classic has been received, but it may take up to four business days for our customer service team to get in touch with you. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to complete.
  7. Your WotLK PvP Boost will be scheduled when it is most convenient for you, and a handler will be assigned to the job based on recommendations made by our customer service team.
  8. You can choose to watch your WotLK PvP boost in Piloted mode via live stream if you purchase the service. If you do, we’ll use your favourite messaging app to send you a link to your private live broadcast.
  9. Our services are assured to be performed as quickly as possible; in fact, the vast majority of our World of Warcraft: The Elder Scrolls — Online PvP Boosts are finished ahead of schedule.
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