Profession Leveling


  • Here you can buy World of Warcraft Classic (Wow) Profession Leveling Boost;
  • We will level one or multiple professions of your choice to 300;
  • Boost takes approximately 7-10 days per profession, and depends on the chosen profession;
  • Due to the fact that currently there is no viable way to obtain enough reagents to level two crafting professions, for now, we can only offer you a combination of any crafting profession (e.g Enchanting  or Blacksmithing) with any gathering profession (Mining, Herbalism or Skinning), or a pair of gathering professions;
  • We will be offering combinations of any two crafting professions as the game progresses;
  • This limitation does not apply to secondary professions: (Cooking, First Aid, Fishing);
  • All the resources and items received in the process will remain in your bags or bank;
  • Our employees only access customer's accounts through a VPN connection that matches the original location of the account, or the location of customer's choice;
  • The boost is to be done without the use of any third-party software. This includes the software that both complies with developer's ToS and EULA (multiboxing software) and that does not (bots, keyboard emulators). This policy applies to all the services we provide and is non-negotiable;
  • This service is done exclusively Piloted. This means that you will have to let our employee into your WoW account. This does not mean that you will not have access to the account during the boost. We can adjust our boosting schedule according to your needs;


  • All the above-mentioned timeframes apply starting from the point when the Epiccarry employee manages to log into your account successfully for the first time;
  • We will not use your gold to level up the weapon skill. We will, however, use the gold generated by the booster is leveling of the profession or farm the reagents/gold required to supply further weapon skill leveling if necessary;
  • All the loot received during the boost will be left in your bags or bank;
  • We will create a new character on your account and use it as a “bank mule” and to sell the reagents via the Auction house;
  • The completion deadlines may be postponed by us only in following cases:
    • In game servers are down for a noticeable period of time or there is a long queue to log into the realm your character is on
    • The customer haven’t provided us with data required to access your account for a noticeable period of time. This includes sending any additional security codes you may receive after the boost had started, but before it is finished, to our representative at his request, re-activating your subscription if it expires before the boost has been completed;
    • The quelity of connection to the game servers does not allow for a viable way to progress the boost;


  • A level 60 character on your account. If you don’t have one – we offer a powerleveling service and you can find it here;
  • Some gold to repair and travel around the game world. A minimal amount that will allow the booster to start the process will suffice;
  • Our employee will need access to your account and some meaningful amount of time to work on your order. The account will be occupied while they work;
  • To make logging into your account easier for us, please remove the authenticator from your account or cancel “Ask code each time I login” mode, and provide us the security code. Your account will still be protected by the secret question answer only you know.
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  • The risk is minimal. However, you should always keep in mind the possibility of getting your account penalised in the future for sharing it with other people

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