WoW Earthen Heritage Armor Boost

The Earthen are a unique allied race introduced with the War Within expansion. Proud elementals, descendants of the Titans, the Earten are always vigilant and ready to protect the natural order from whatever evil wishes to bring disbalance in the Azeroth. Besides all that fantasy stuff, this faction also has some refined style, with the Earthen Heritage armour set being one of the best-looking in the game.  

All you have to do to get this gorgeous look is to level your Earthen character to level 50 and complete a specific quest – that’s it. However, it is entirely possible and completely normal to actually dislike this unique, and definitely not reskinned dwarf race, which can possibly bring some complications into the entire process. With this WoW Earthen Heritage Armor boost you can unlock this stony set of armor for your transmog collection without even breaking a sweat!  

Service Includes

  • Unique Earthen Heritage armor set;
  • Heritage of the Earthen achievement unlocked;
  • Level 50 Earthen character on your account.

This boost will be completed in Wow Earthen Heritage Armor Boost | Buy BoostPiloted mode.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 15-30 minutes;
Estimated Completion Time: 1 day.

Additional Options

Unlock the Earthen allied race – usually new races have some prerequisites to complete before being accessible. Our booster will complete whatever is necessary to get you your Earthen fast;
500,000 Gold – once your nice, glowy bug mount is successfully obtained, a hefty sum of gold will be sent to your character to boost your Azeroth journey even further;
Stream watch our reliable booster conquer the industrious Ringing Depths live from wherever you are for an interactive gaming experience!


Active World of Warcraft subscription.
Character level 70+. Use our Leveling Boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.
Earthen race unlocked on your account.

How it works

Sometimes even levelling your character to the necessary level can be tedious and cumbersome, especially if you want to have nothing to do with the Alliance or the Earthen or simply lack time to sink dozens of hours into one character just for one armor set (even if it’s nice). Nothing to be ashamed of and completely understandable. Time is precious, so why waste it on something you dislike? Our booster will take this burden off your chest, providing you with an admirable armor set to use on other characters. Orc warriors, for example, will look fabulous in the Earthen Heritage Armor! Using boosting services is scary, though, we are aware of that. Hopefully, this walkthrough below will make you feel right at home with our reliable team:

  1. Check the list of requirements for this boosting service, a list of additional options, and “Service Includes” to make sure you haven’t missed anything about your WoW Cyan Glowmite Boost service. Place an order when you’re ready!
  2. One of the members of our Customer Support Team will contact you immediately to confirm the order’s details, including the schedule, the payment method and possibly some other account details. Our managers strive to be as helpful as possible, so if you have some unanswered questions – this is the best time to ask them;
  3. Once we’re done with the paperwork, a reliable booster will be assigned to your order. This guy is a hardened WoW player and knows exactly how to level your character fast and effectively, so you can expect your new threads in a record time! Be advised, however, that for the optimal completion speed, this service is done in Piloted Mode, which means account sharing. No reason to fret, though, our team’s top priority is to keep your data safe and sound until your triumphal return;
  4. That’s it, essentially. Once we’re done leveling your character and completing the necessary quest chains, a corresponding message will be sent to you on our website. Enjoy your new Earthen Heritage armor set and make sure to tell your friends about us!

Thanks for sticking with our Earthen Heritage Armor boost, make sure to leave us some feedback so we could improve our boosting services and become the very best on the market!

Frequently Asked Questions

What unique abilities or traits do the Earthen possess that distinguish them from other races in Azeroth?  

There sure is! The Earthen have a few unique abilities setting them apart from other races:

  1. Stoneform: the Earthen can for a brief time turn into stone, reducing incoming damage and giving them immunity to poison, disease, and bleeding damage;
  2. Earthmeld: the Earthen can become invisible to the naked eye by mending with the ground beneath them. Great set-up for the Earthen rogues;
  3. Elemental Resistance: the Earthen are a great pick for tanks due to their increased resistance to physical damage and environmental hazards.

Can I wear the Earthen Heritage Armor on other WoW races and are there any limitations?

Of course, you can! And no, there are no apparent limitations to what race can and can’t wear the Earthen Heritage Armor. Put it on your undead for all we care, probably going to look pretty sick too. That’s the beauty of transmog system, you see, once your Earthen Heritage Armor is in your collection – any character in your roster can wear it!