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Burning Crusade WoW Classic Power Leveling

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TBC Classic Powerleveling 60-70

As you may know, Blizzard introduced a character boost feature in the World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic which works just like in Retail. It allows any new player to boost a character to level 58.

If you played the World of Warcraft Classic you can clone your character to The Burning Crusade realm for free with all the items and gold you have. However, TBC Powerleveling is available only once per account. If you want to have multiple alt characters on a single account, you will need to level them from scratch. If you decided on a 58 level boost here is the list of things you get with it:

  • a 58 level character equipped in greens;
  • optional dungeons attunements;
  • Fully unlocked flight points in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdom;
  • a 60% riding speed mount;
  • 4 14-slot bags ;
  • all skills learned to max rank;
  • max weapon and defense skills.

Ordering a WoW Classic character level boost is great for any player that wants to start their journey in the World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic game anew, but you need to remember that you still have a lot of work to do if you want to use this hero on the max level: you will have to level up your professions, get attunements and farm countless types of currency and reputation to be able to get entry-level raiding gear.

Then there are raids, which you will also have to farm in order to be able to progress. This is why you might consider buying one of our WoW TBC powerleveling services and ridding yourself of some of the monotonous work with our help for a small price.

What You Get Buying 58-70 Burning Crusade Powerleveling for a Boosted Character

We only hire professional boosters with proven leveling experience in TBC Classic and therefore can safely guarantee that all 60-70 Leveling carry orders made will be fulfilled exactly on time and nothing will stop us from delivering the service as advertised, exactly to the letter! Our Classic Burning Crusade leveling service includes:

  • TBC Powerleveling to any level;
  • all valuables the booster will get during the level boost: gold, or other forms of game money and reagents;
  • personal stream of the boosting process;
  • customer support 24\7 ready to answer any of your questions about Burning Crusade Classic;
  • daily reports about the progress of your power leveling boost.

Our Power Leveling services are done by hand without using any bots or exploits. Just leave the tedious stuff for our boosters and enjoy overseeing the progress via stream. Order Burning Crusade expansion power leveling boost services on your account with us and get it for a reasonable price.

Ordering our Burning Crusade Classic leveling boost service for your account, you can choose any additional options, including gearing, profession leveling, and much more. Be sure to check other services on our site, they all give great benefits for a small cost!

Burning Crusade Classic Leveling Boost: How to Buy One

We understand that video games consume more time than the majority of players are ready to dedicate to gaming. This is totally fine in our book: the responsibilities like work, family, and friends should always come first and foremost.

The purpose of our business is to aid players in skipping boring and time-consuming parts of gameplay and focus on enjoying the game they love in what limited hours they can spare. Our team consists of World of Warcraft TBC powerleveling veterans with a ton of leveling boost experience under their belts. Getting your character boosted to any level was never this easy:

  • choose the level range you want us to level and extra options if you need them;
  • fill the checkout information and buy WoW Burning Crusade Level Boost of your choice; we’ve got a wide selection of payment methods to choose from;
  • you will be contacted by our customer support via email and the messenger you selected during checkout in about 15 minutes; they will get your account data and pass it to our player;
  • Provide us with account information;

That’s it! Now you can start enjoying the WoW Classic The Burning Crusade level boost service via controlling your account with a personal stream link.

TBC Powerleveling Guide Tips: How to Properly Start Your Journey Through the Dark Portal

Most players choose an inefficient leveling route that does not allow them to level quickly. This leads to frustration and some players get so exhausted that they lose interest and give up in the process or right after they hit level 70. This is why we composed a list of things you must know before you start.

These hints will help you on your path to level 70 and may give you a head start if you really need to get that toon to 70 ASAP.

  1. Start with farming dungeons, especially if you are a healer or tank. You will find a group very fast. Many players make mistakes and start with Hellfire Peninsula quests. By doing so, you lose the potential reputation with Thrallmar/Honor Hold, because first Hellfire dungeons stop giving rep once you reach Honored standing. You absolutely need the rep if you want to get access to Heroic dungeons on level 70. Do yourself a favor and grind dungeons first, until you stop receiving rep for them, and then proceed with quests.
  2. Do quests in your level range. The green quests are easier, but they give less experience and should only be done if you’re farming them for some other reward (like reputation). Also, don’t focus on orange or red ones as you will need to fight with enemies whose level is much higher, which is quite difficult if you are not geared properly.
  3. If you are playing a Druid we highly recommend farming Botanica once you learn your flight form on level 68. Being in a Restoration spec will help you to find a party even if you’re slightly underleveled for it. This will save you a lot of time at 70 as you will have all the reputation you need. This hint is exclusive to Druids; other classes can’t reach Netherstorm dungeons till the very level cap.
  4. If you’re doing it right, you will be hitting the following Burning Crusade Classic world zones at these levels:
      • (58-61) Hellfire Peninsula
      • (61-63) Zangarmarsh
      • (63-65) Terokkar Forest
      • (65-67) Nagrand
      • (67-68) Blade’s Edge Mountains
      • (68-69) Netherstorm
      • (69-70) Shadowmoon Valley
  5. It is highly recommended to set your Hearthstone to Shattrath City. It is the main hub in Outland and it is located right in the middle of the continent, which saves traveling time. You will be able to fly to any zone quickly or use a portal to the Orgrimmar or Stormwind. Also, always recall to the Shattrath city before taking a break and logging out from the game account.

How to level up fast in TBC?

Leveling in the Burning Crusade expansion is a very time-consuming and monotonous process. It may take up to 40 hours for a good player or more if you are a new player. However, there is an exception with frost mages, this class in Burning Crusade Classic can fast level up from 60 to 70 levels for only 25 hours. Frost mages can solo-clear trash in the Salve Pence dungeon with Blizzard and Frost Nova and get obscene amounts of XP very fast.

Other classes will have to stick with normal ways of leveling. There are 3 possible options and you will use all of them in some form while leveling up:


This is the easiest way of getting experience, but mostly you will need to spend a lot of time running around getting, completing, and turning in the missions. We highly recommend using Questie addon if you have chosen this way of leveling. It will help you with finding a quest that you skipped a while ago, locating the quest mobs to kill for completing it, and much more. Very helpful and will definitely optimize your route.

Dungeon Farming

It will not be a problem for you to find a group fast if you are a healer or a tank. If you are lucky to find a group that is farming a dungeon non-stop then you’re lucky, because you’ll be getting the fastest and easiest EXP possible.

Also, the good part about leveling via Burning Crusade dungeons is that you will get good gear for your character and a lot of reputation. With good gear, you can easily do quests while looking for a group for the next dungeon.

If you are playing on a PvP realm (especially a high populated one) we highly recommend dungeon farming as a viable alternative to questing. The issue is ganking and if you’re getting ganked you may want to switch away from questing instead of having to spend time running from the graveyard.

Grinding Mobs

If you’re a well-geared DPS mob grinding is a viable option for you. We recommend grinding only when looking for a group for a dungeon run, though.

As a side note, we highly recommend farming elementals in Nagrand — they drop motes, a crafting material that you can sell for a profit or use later on if you decide to level a profession. Plus, they’re high level and you can grind them until you reach the level cap.

The fastest way of power leveling mixes and matches all the ways mentioned above in some combination depending on the circumstances. You should always be doing something productive with your time in this game. Focus on dungeon farming and doing quests or grind mobs while you are looking for or waiting for a group. This is will be the most effective time spending for XP per hour.

Who Needs a Boost?

Leveling in Burning Crusade Classic WoW is the most boring and routine part of the game. As the actual play starts with reaching max level, you will not be able to raid, PvP, kill the rare bosses and play the TBC we all love and remember at max level. There few types of players who we think may be interested in our in leveling services:

  • altoholics — if you want to have an array of characters to choose from, but can’t stand leveling another character, feel free to get our help by ordering a boosting service from us. You will have as many alt characters as you need in no time;
  • busy people — not everyone has spare 8-10 hours per day. Even at such speed, you will need to spend 4-5 days playing a game. This is too much to expect from players with families, work, or other real-life responsibilities;
  • new players — if you just came to the game and this is your first expansion in the World of Warcraft, everything will be unknown to you. The professional player manages to level up a WoW TBC character from level 60 to level 70 in 30-40 hours, but if you are new it may take much longer — up to 50-70 hours. This is unreasonably long. Most new players just give up amidst the leveling process;
  • people with health conditions — some people are limited due to health issues and can’t sit spend a lot of time in front of the PC. We understand that may impede their leveling journey.

If you are one of these types of players, do not hesitate to ask for assistance. Buy WoW TBC Power leveling boost and our Burning Crusade WoW Classic game boosters will be happy to help you with any kind of service.



How Long Does TBC Leveling Take?

The boosting process varies depending on a chosen range of levels and some additional options. For example, 58-70 TBC leveling services are usually done within 3-9 days. 1-70 level orders take 10-14 days. The ETA really depends on many factors and is different for any case but you can be sure that our players do their best to get the job done as quickly as possible.


How Do You Power Level in TBC?

All our orders are done by professional players that specialize in power leveling boosting. Many of them got their experience power leveling hundreds of characters on retail and have been playing the OG Burning Crusade since beta. Burning Crusade power leveling will be completed via a mix of activities - completing quests, killing monsters, and doing dungeons. Our boosters will waste no time and level you up as quickly and efficiently as possible. The process will be streamed for you personally and you will be able to view and direct it.


Can You Boost a Blood Elf in TBC?

Blood Elves and Draenei are new races that were added in the OG WoW Burning Crusade for the Horde and the Alliance respectively. In the new expansion, you can choose these races when creating new characters. You won't be able to use the Blizzard World of Warcraft Classic level 58 boosting services for these factions, though. You will need to level them from the scratch OR save yourself some trouble by spending a small amount of money on one of Epiccarry's leveling services! Our pro boosters will help you to get any character on your account to the level you want as quickly as possible.


Can You Boost a Shaman TBC?

Yes and no. In the new expansion WoW TBC if you are playing Horde you will be able to boost your Shaman to the 58th level. However, the opposing faction, you will not be able to do it, due to the restriction of the Draenei Blizzard boost services. The same logic is applied to Paladins: you can boost if you're Alliance and have to level your Blood Elf pally manually if you're Horde. But hey! We don't discriminate! Check out our 1-70 leveling services and get a boost for any race!


Does TBC Classic Come With a Boost?

The game is free-to-play if you're subbed to WoW Retail, but the basic edition of the game, which you get automatically by owning WoW Shadowlands does not include a 58 level character boost. To be eligible for it you will need to buy a Dark Portal edition or The Burning Crusade Deluxe edition. Keep in mind though, that you can only benefit from the 58 level boost services once per account and it cannot be used to boost a Blood Elf or Draenei.

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