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EpicCarry offers several extremely relevant WoW gear services. Choose WoW items you need; save your in-game gold, hours of real life, and nerves. We will farm raids and dungeons until you get the desirable armor. There is nothing impossible for our pro players. Check our prices and the text below to learn more.

Why Gear in World of Warcraft is Important?

This question is not as simple, as it may seem at the first sight. You may think that armor, weapons, and other analogous WoW items make your DPS higher. Right? Not quite, actually. The gear plays a much more important role in the World of Warcraft gameplay, than we may conceive of. Every single armor piece we wish to obtain, especially a legendary item moves us forward on game lines.

Millions of players across the whole game world spend hours and hours of their lives in dungeons, raids, and on Auction House. They gather resources and materials everywhere, even if it is the Lich King zones. These players collect all possible types of in-game currency. None of them will be happy until they get or create all the legendary items. And every step players take is designed to play the games the designers want us to play. We visit another raid not to experience a new adventure, but to get a piece of armor with a low drop rate. We explore new territories, do quests, take part in PvP or PvE activities just to get new WoW items. And yes, we move on throughout one expansion to another, starting from the Burning Crusade, just to get new armor, new weapons, new tier sets, etc.

You May Not Be Prepared

EpicCarry understands the extreme importance of good gear for each character on your account. We also understand that your WoW items should be relevant and competitive towards the other players’ ones. There are several possible ways to get WoW gear of your high demand. You may take your friends and complete each quest, dungeon, or raid yourselves. Such a path saves, of course, real money, gives more fun, and you keep playing the World of Warcraft game after all.

Sounds like the description of the perfect game. And WoW still may be called one of the best MMORPGs in the world. But here hides the reiteration and the sameness of the gameplay. You may not be ready to find yourself repeating the same routine dozens of times. Just imagine wasting hours of your life on repetitive actions, which seem to be endless. You have geared your main character. Well done! Now go and do the same for your alts on each server. Why? Because otherwise none of them will be able to conquer current in-game objectives. Without the proper gear, your alts will just occupy the slot on your account, producing a sense of discontent.

But are you really sure you need all this disquiet? Are you ready to go through all these leveling and gearing processes for much more than two characters? Do you need all that stress you experience each time you enter a PvP battle, where the only reward you are interested in is another piece of armor?

There is Another Way

EpicCarry is happy to offer you another procedure for getting the gear you desire. We offer you the usage of our WoW gear services for the latest expansion of the World of Warcraft game. Choose the service you prefer, settle all payment details, and let us do the business thing, while you may enjoy your free time. You may be absolutely positive that everything will be done in the shortest possible time and in the best way.

There are no restrictions for a chosen character. The only requirement is a maximum level. Avail yourself of using our power leveling service in case you need it. Our professional players are ready to face any adventure with any character on any game server. This particular WoW service does not include quests completion but has another form of obtaining the gear you wish for. We will do such PvE activities as relevant WoW raid boost and Mythic+ dungeons. The difficulty of instances is talked over before the payment is complete. Below you may find more information about current services.

Buy Gear Upgrade

This EpicCarry service is designed especially for those players who want to upgrade the concrete champions on the WoW account. Yet they are extremely tired of a repeated adventure that takes hours and hours of real life to be finished. Here you pay for a concrete item level you wish to reach. If you’ve had enough battle games, we will get you covered, while you may enjoy other games you usually have no time to play.

Such services may take some time due to game restrictions, however, we do our best to shorten this interval. Unfortunately, it still will take days, not hours. Your account may be located on any WoW server – we are able to help you nonetheless. Unlike other marketplaces, we do not use bots, programs, or unreliable persons. Your account data is always secured.

Sanctum of Domination Full Gear

This category represents several variations of Tier sets from the Sanctum of Domination – the latest raid for the retail World of Warcraft. The raiding zone is located in Korthia, and there are ten bosses waiting for you. Your future armor and weapons’ item level will depend on the difficulty of the raid. You may choose one out of three services:

-the basic type, where you receive the first item, that drops directly to you. Such boost takes usually up to 7 weeks, but you may be absolutely positive to get the exact items, you have paid for.

-extra fast variant. Here you may skip certain bosses and have additional loot traders, who will give the appropriate loot to you. Such WoW gear carry lasts around 2 to 5 weeks.

-last, but not least option – BiS WoW items for your character on any server of your choice. This option is longer but provides the best quality of current WoW items.

If our prices seem to be high, do not worry. EpicCarry cares about you and often arranges different sale shares and discounts.

A Word About Shadowlands Legendary Items

A World of Warcraft Shadowlands legendaries are additional headaches. First, you have to master the chosen profession up to the highest rank. And even though the Legion changed the system, it is still annoying, though not impossible anymore to do it quickly. You have to gather numerous crafting resources of all kinds and legendary recipes in any dungeon, in raids, or around the Warcraft world. You may also look for an accidental sale on Auction House, which might happen anytime. Don’t forget to sell collected materials you don’t need, while you are there. Do not forget to visit Torghast regularly just to collect a needed amount of special currencies. Now you are able to craft your own legendary item with chosen stats to place it in a slot you want.

This all even sounds terrifying. And even though EpicCarry does not have individual services for this type of boost – we are ready to lend you a helping hand. Discuss such a possibility with our support and together we will manage something.

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