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Counter-Strike 2 Boosting – The Best CS2 Carry

Welcome to our Cs2 boost page. Without extra words, let’s tell you about we’re offer you in counter strike as boosters. We’re Epiccarry — the old fashioned boosting team, and for today, we have some anonymous contract with “Major” players, who are incorporated with us. What does it mean for you, as for simple gamer? Simple — what our boosters are playing the most tough tournament around the planet. They can defeat any player (includes the cheaters).

Why are they helps us to do our counter strike boosting service for the new Cs 2? Simple, it means, that they’re use our services, as their training area to master their skills as solo player at the new CS 2.

All are in pros. They have extra practices, we have great boosters, and can guarantee you the perfect services, with guaranteed results.

So, for today, Epiccarry can offer you the best CS 2 services:

CS2 Wins Boosting: Get more wins with this cs2 boosting service, fast.

  • CS2 Rank Boosting: Reach higher ranks with this cs2 boosting service.
  • CS2 Premier Boost: Stand out in premier games.
  • CS2 Wingman Boost: You and our buddy, top of the game with this cs2 boosting service.
  • CS2 Coaching: Get better with expert tips instead of buying boosting services. 
  • CS2 Placement Matches: Start strong in placements Get the desired rank in the most fair way.

Counter strike boosting service in pilot-mode

We’re strive to dodge Counter strike 2 boosting services in a pilot-mode, in next causes:

  1. We think, that the best experience in counter strike is your own experience.
  2. We’re try to maximally strictly hide you from valve sight!

Instead of this, we’re offer you a professional team of cs2 boosting players, who have premier rating, the trusted steam account, and can guarantee your rank progression, from newbie to global.

But if you need, and trust us your steam account, we can do boost completion in counter strike 2 by our professional gamers faster, and still security.

Main Boosts of counter strike

All we do, is just play the game, called counter strike 2. But as we’re major players, we’re do it a little better than other people, so we can offer you wins, ranks, and coaching. If you’re interested in details, catch them from a proper description for each of them!

CS2 boost Wins

Ready for some serious CS wins? With our pro team, packed with Major veterans, we offer solo boosting or you can play alongside us. Get the highest rank without a hitch. Just head to our order page, pick your cs2 boosting orders, and watch the magic in the members area. We handle the whole process in offline mode, securing significant results for your money. Trust our boosters; they’re the real MVPs.

CS2 Rank Boosting services

CS ranks? It’s how the game figures out your skill level. Win games, climb up. Lose, and you drop. We’re offer you an alternative way in how to climb from the Silver 1, to the Global elite rank with our professional services. We’re just put you in our professional team, and together will PROWN all those bastards, who wank instead of CS 2 practicing.

To get the specific rank, all you need is just:

  1. Choose the proper rank.
  2. Choose the way in how you want to get that boosting.
  3. Choose the comfortable time, when you want to play, and get your higher rank.

And that’s all. Prepare for the ergonomic, and amazing journey from the S1 to Global and premier mode!

CS2 Premier Boost services

With our boosting services, exactly rank boost, you can get the premier rating asap. We’ll deliver you, not 1,or 2… we’ll deliver you 4 professional cs2 boosting mates, and they’ll do their best, we mean boost your rank in asap mode!

CS2 Wingman Boost services

Wingman — one of the most popular services for the counter strike 2. And we have exceptional players to do these cs2 boosting services with a desired rank, which can solo playing defeat all the global elite wankers in counter strike 2.

So all you need, is choose how many matches you want to win in the wingman mode, and offer this cs2 boosting service, to become the best Wingman among all the wankers, who’re use those Aims, WHs, and other crap instead of getting desired rank boosting in counter strike 2.

CS2 Coaching services

Our Counter Strike coaching services are the real deal. No bots here, just real people with mad skills ready to boost your gameplay. After a quick process with our Steam authenticator, you get access to top-notch boosters who’ve achieved what other players only dream of. Our main goal? Helping you crush the competition. These pros won’t just carry; they’ll share their expertise, so you start working towards maintaining that boosted skill level.

Why have you trust us? There’s some reason:

  1. We’re one of pioneers, who creating guides.
  2. Our players are all global elite rank.
  3. As we remain before, we’re incorporated with some teams from the major.

What the offer you in our epiCcarry Cs2 boost services?

  • Gameplay analysis.
  • Strategy development.
  • Personalized feedback.
  • Aim training.
  • Map knowledge and call-outs.
  • Positioning tips.
  • Economy management.
  • Utility usage guidance.
  • Live game walkthroughs.
  • Mental and mindset training.

So, after this, you shouldn’t care about steam guard, and will do your own global rank boosts without any professional support.

CS2 Placement Matches

If you’re a newbie in Counter-Strike 2 but a pro in CS:GO or specifically in CS 1.6, you’d probably want the most optimal way to attain premier rating. With our premiere rating team, you can jump into premier mode swiftly. Just go through the CS2 placement matches with our CS2 boosting service. This process is the quickest and most cost-effective route to access the global rank, especially if you’re highly skilled with ample expertise. Trust our booster to accelerate your game progress, and as our valued customer, you’ll have access to our exclusive members area to monitor your rank advancement..


In EpicCarry, we’re care about our reputation, our qualities, and all those things. So when we do a rank boosting for cs2 for you, we’re strictly look on all the things you’re usually care:

  1. We’re do support to winning matches.
  2.  We boost your rank in self-play mode.
  3. We’re provide you a twitch session if you ordered service in pilot-play mode.
  4. We do not need your account details for almost all services.
  5. We do not steal your skins, achievements and others.
  6. If we do something in pilot-mode, we’re use the VPN services, which are placed maximally close to you! cs2 boosting

So when you will get our rank boost, you’ll know about this is a desired rank, based on competitive play and personal skill of professional players. Even if you have some questions about our lobby boosting service, you can ask them, and get answer from our customer service team.

Forget about Aim, Bunnyhope, and WH. Use the professional boosting gamers services, and stay clear in the Steam Guard eye!

So, why should you choose us? Skilled veteran players, professionals at achieving your goals. We’ve helped a significant amount of customers attain rank progress. Trustworthy boosters, complete commitment, and the best price around.

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