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PvE Services from EpicCarry

EpicCarry presents numerous PvE boosting options for World of Warcraft MMORPG from Blizzard Entertainment. Every little thought that comes to your mind may and will be fulfilled in the best possible way.

You may be struggling with the evil boss in the recent raiding content on normal, heroic, or mythic difficulty. Or your progress in getting a specific mount has stopped due to missing achievements. Maybe you would love to try some other activities, say go to Rated Battlegrounds (RBG), but don’t know tactics, and have no clue what is it in general. Whatever is your wish or your trouble, we are ready to fulfill and solve it.

We work only with extremely experienced professional boosters, who know every aspect of the game and have years of practice. Choose among multiple WoW boosting services on our website. Contact our support team via chat to settle all details, such as type of the boost, time, rewards, etc.

Invite your friends to any WoW raid boost to get the best gear, or become a part of the other raid group. You may even order a personal VIP mode, where you will be the only customer. Your privilege is to choose any amount of loot traders throughout the raid carry, select a suitable time and day of the week to produce a raid boost, and select bosses to kill, and loot.

As long as EpicCarry has a variety of options, we have highlighted the most popular ones below. Feel free to learn more about WoW raids, dungeons, and other PvE activities in the game. We hope, this will help you to make the right choice.

Note, that each article of trade is valid for the Patch 9.1 WoW version.

Sanctum of Domination

Sanctum of Domination is the newest WoW raid, which is located in the Maw. There are the usual amount of difficulty levels – Normal, Heroic, and Mythic. Our professional boosters provide all kinds of SoD raid carry. You may either defeat each raid boss or pick up the final boss only. There is also an option of a complete raid loot service, where the selected character from your account will get new armor and weapons in every gear slot. You may also join our team to complete a rather time-consuming “Glory of the Dominant Raider” achievement to get the Hand of Hrestimorak mount. Whatever boosting service you prefer – EpicCarry is always here to help you!

Castle Nathria

Castle Nathria raid is the first instance of the latest Shadowlands expansion for World of Warcraft. It has ten bosses with the Sire Denathrius at the end. EpicCarry has several obvious options for this raid. Choose the “Glory of the Nathria Raider” service to get an epic achievement and a Rampart Screecher mount at the same time. A mythic raid service is perfect for those players, who don’t have active guild comrades to complete mythic raids of the latest patch themselves. We want you to enjoy playing your favorite game, so just choose a WoW boost service you like and wait for the result. We’ve got you covered.


This variation of the dungeon activity became much more popular than even Blizzard Entertainment had expected. What has started as an additional difficulty level, became a worldwide championship, called MDI. Unfortunately, not everyone can count on participating in high-leveled Keystones due to META restrictions. EpicCarry understands the crankiness of this situation and offers its clients multiple solutions.

We provide loot raids to Tazavesh, the Veiled Market. Choose the difficulty (normal mythic or heroic mythic), the raiding team, which consists of pro boosters, kill the bosses and get the loot. You may even capture a Cartel Master’s Gearglider if you are lucky enough.

You may also pay once and get three services at once. By selecting a Soultwisted Deathwalker option, in addition, you will receive the Keystone Master and Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season Two achievements. Our boosters know all the tactics, so you may relax and watch us finishing your raid boost.


It positively does not matter what class and spec do you play, what armor do you wear, how many heroic dungeons have you finished, or what covenant are you in. Our boosters are happy to help you anytime and no matter what.

We have WoW characters raiding for both Horde and Alliance factions, in every game world, and are ready to provide all types of dungeon boosting services. This may be recent 5 ppl instances or the achievements in the Legacy category. Whether you want to get a transmogrification tier from the Burning Crusade expansion, or to have a heroic boost for Shadowlands zones, order it on our marketplace. Our prices are much cheaper, check them out. Find a suitable boosting group and get ready to receive rewards. Let EpicCarry solve your problems.


Every alt on your Warcraft account needs not only the cap level but a bit of proper gear, or better a full tier set to function properly. But what if you have several alts already and just can’t stand another round of this routine? Have a chat with our professional boosting team and order a Shadowlands gear update. We will do all the annoying stuff for you, so you could enjoy WoW raids, such as Castle Nathria raid, and kill all the bosses using any class every week.

Legacy Raids and Glories

Now, this is the service, everyone has thought of at least once. Whether you collect WoW achievements, transmog sets from raids, or raid mounts, you have to not only conquer different bosses but do it in a certain way at the same time. It is great if you can chat with your friends and do it together even in mythic raid difficulty if you like, but what if not? Then you are obliged to spend weeks and even months due to a raid GCD system. Let us lend you a hand.

It does not matter, whether you are a Horde or Alliance representative and what class do you play. What Patch or expansion you are interested in, whether you need Sanctum of Domination, Castle Nathria, or The Throne of Thunder WoW raid boost. EpicCarry can handle any raid boost in Azeroth’s world!


This is an extremely useful option for practically everybody, as each of us needs some help and explanation assistance every once in a while. By using this type of WoW boost you will receive tons of helpful pieces of advice in all in-game aspects. You may want to learn what type of gear is more suitable for your characters, or want to visit WoW raids on normal or higher difficulties, but have certain doubts. Maybe you just can’t catch the tactics on particular raid bosses. EpicCarry is ready to assist you in any way. Choose whatever coaching option you feel a need in, prepare some pen and paper, and get ready to absorb tons of new information.


The Black Temple WoW raid boost is finally available! Get all the raid loot and achievements you ever dreamed of. Professional boosters from EpicCarry will help you along the way and will not let you down. Do not disgrace yourself in Illidan’s face, be prepared!


Here you can find every possible World of Warcraft bundle. Anything from Castle Nathria achievements to VIP services, where you will be the only customer. You may even order the latest 9.1 patch starter bundle, and we will pump the chosen character up. Leveling, covenant campaign, renown, flying, gear – you will get everything for a single price. A truly magnificent option from EpicCarry.



How Long Does a WoW Raid Take?

The time you will spend in this or that WoW raid varies, depending on the complexity of the raid, the number of bosses, the amount of DPS, and, of course, the qualification of your team. The easier is a concrete raid, the less time you will spend there. If we take the normal difficulty for the latest Sanctum of Domination raid, you may be stuck there for six hours or even more. However, the SoD boost from EpicCarry decreases this figure to 4 hours.


What is The Current Raid in WoW?

The Shadowlands expansion was released in November 2020 and has two major raids so far. They are Castle Nathria and Sanctum of Domination. SoD is more challenging, offers better gear, and has our favorite Sylvanas Windrunner as a final boss.


What ILvL Drops From The Sanctum of Domination?

The new raid has 10 bosses. The loot item level differs for the first eight ones and the last two. The complete table for the loot ILvL looks like this:

Difficulty Bosses 1 through 8 Bosses 9 and 10
Raid Finder 213 220
Normal 226 233
Heroic 239 246
Mythic 252 259

How do Raid Boosts Work in WoW?

First, you need to purchase the raid carry service you are interested in. Choose a suitable time for you, using our raid calendar. Runs always start at a scheduled time. You may choose between a Self-Play Mode or Piloted Mode. Self-Play means, you will rule your alter-ego, while Piloted mode means, we will do it for you. Note, that you will have to share your Battle Net login and password with us if you prefer the Piloted variation.

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