WoW Raid Boost Explained

We designed our WoW raid boosts categories for all kinds of WoW raid carry services, so you could waste no more time waiting for a proper raid group to form.

Using any WoW raid boosting service from EpicCarry, you may get every reward you want. No matter how many raid bosses there are, what Warcraft raids you need, or what raid difficulty you are interested in, we have all kinds of raid services, including mounts, separate raid boss kills, achievements, and much more. Watch a full list of World of Warcraft raid carry offers below. 

Dragonflight Raid Boost Services

WoW Dragonflight expansion has just started, and all raiding players wait for the first instance to launch. A new raid is called the Vault of the Incarnates, possesses eight bosses, and has all usual raid variations: Normal, Heroic and Mythic difficulties. The last boss is a gigantic dragon called Raszageth, The Storm-Eater.

You can buy a WoW raid boost for any type of Dragonflight raid content. Select a difficulty, set a number of loot traders, and check the raid calendar. Since a personal loot system has been replaced with former Need/Greed options, the presence of loot traders is much more important. Raid runs take place several times a day for EU and US regions, and last for only a few hours. WoW Mythic raid carry service is certainly, more time-consuming, but all raid members will get all the loot they want.

As of WoW Dragonflight raid boosts, we offer all difficulty levels Vault of the Incarnates raid carry runs, Glory of the Vault Raider Boost, Vault of the Incarnates Full Gear Boost, and the last raid boss Raszageth Boost.

Apart from Dragonflight raid boost, EpicCarry offers other raid carry services for all expansions, like WoW Shadowlands, Wrath of the Lich King, or any other.

Full Gear WoW Carry Services

Farming cool gear from raid dungeons is an indispensable thing in the modern World of Warcraft. Everyone wants to have the best armour possible and therefore visit WoW raids as often as they can. The higher the difficulty level, the better the gear, so even though Heroic raids require less effort and time investment, Mythic variations are still the only working scheme. Such WoW raid carries as Vault of the Incarnates Full Gear Boost, for example, are a perfect opportunity to avoid numerous raid runs hoping to get that one lasting piece of gear. You are able to select a desirable number of additional loot traders to fasten the process.

Buying WoW raid boost you not only dress up your character, but get various achievements (if you haven’t collected them before) and all the loot on which you will win the roll. A personal loot system has been removed and now we have a good old Need & Greed scheme.

Buy WoW raid boost from EpicCarry to be among the best players in your realm. No need to give us your personal data (if you choose a self-play option); also, no worries about the security of your account (if a piloted mode is used). We do our boosting manually without any programs or third-party personas.

WoW Raid Mounts Carry Service

Everyone has mounts of this or that kind; but not everyone may boast about having mounts they would truly like to gain. The most beautiful and unique mounts are more often found in WoW raids; and, as luck would have it, you can’t find them in Heroic difficulty raids, only in Mythic.

The mount WoW raid service specialises in rare transport that drops from the last boss in this or that Mythic raid. Surely, you may hope on accidentally getting such a mount doing ordinary Mythic raid boosts, and the precedents exist, but it is more resulting to buy a special option, where our booster will chase a single (usually the last) boss, until you will get what you want.

World of Warcraft Mount Mythic raid boost is the best way to get, say, Glacial Tidestorm from Jaina Proudmoore, spending a minimum amount of your time and energy. No account sharing is required, as you will rule over your character (in case the self-play option is selected, which we highly recommend).

Glory of the Rider Achievements Boost

A usual raid run includes loot and kill credit achievements (if you don’t have them yet) – that’s pretty much it. There is no way you can get a Glory of the Raider meta-achievement by just visiting WoW raids. However, a special WoW Heroic raid boost will cover your achievements’ thirst.

Our team of extremely professional players invites you to a special raid run that aims GotR achievements completion. Choose an instance, and just don’t be late for your raid boosting time. You will also get all the raid loot that drops to you directly, so you win just by participating. We may visit Shadowlands raids to complete a Glory of the Nathria Raider, for example. The Castle Nathria raid boosting is a perfect opportunity to catch up on the content you have missed for some reason.

Apart from GotR, you may order raid-specific achievements in case you are stuck somewhere and need help.

Transmogrification WoW Raid Boost

This WoW raid boost service is designed for those players who like collecting the best gear from various in-game activities in general, and from raids specifically. You may choose any legacy or actual instance and join our raid groups to get the appearance you want. Such WoW raid carries are done on Mythic difficulty, thus the raid loot and the tier appearance could be of a highest quality and beauty.

Obviously, there isn’t any sense in waiting for all mythic raids to become soloable – some will stay tough for a long time. It is much easier and faster to find full raid loot runs or to buy WoW raid carry services, which is even better, as there surely will be no delays or unnecessary wipes.

Make a notice, however, that such raid boost offers are genuine only for WoW retail – the Classic versions of the game do not have transmogrification options.

WoW Timewalking Boost

Some WoW raids turned out so memorable that it would be a waste of work to just forget them. The Black Temple is one of such raid dungeons indeed. Even more famous this instance makes its final boss – Illidan Stormrage, the one who still thinks we are not ready. Nonetheless, champions of Azeroth still enter this World of Warcraft raid to show the betrayer what they are made of.

Surely, the original Black Temple is too easy for modern days, so the Timewalking version was created. All the loot is scaled up to the competitive figures, so raid loot runs are possible.

Black Temple is not the only Timewalking zone available; players may visit a different raid within this event. EpicCarry is ready to lead you through all WoW raids, which count into Timewalking. Check raid calendar, to learn when the next raid carry takes place. Such type of raid boosting services is a very pleasant way of spending time as you may experience each raid boss’ fight the way it used to be many years ago.

WoW Raids VIP Boosting Services

Did you ever dream of having full raid runs just at your disposal? If so, we’ve got an offer that will satisfy your wishes. Here you may have any number of loot traders; this option is especially important since the personal loot system was substituted with a Greed/Need thing.

Using the VIP option, you may go for a Battle of Dazar’alor Heroic, and Mythic WoW carry services. If you do not need this particular World of Warcraft instance, pick another one. You have all the WoW raids in the world to visit.

No account sharing or raid calendar for this option – you are the boss, and you decide what kind of WoW raid carry you want.

WoW Raid Carry Bundles

Various bundles always stay actual due to their capacity. Let us imagine you have completely missed the Shadowlands expansion, and to understand what is going on in a current raid in Dragonflight, and you need to catch up a little. The Shadowlands raid boost bundle is exactly what you need in such a situation. This boosting option will help you to visit all Shadowlands instances on a chosen raid difficulty, kill all the bosses you need, and get all the rewards you want.

If you have started WoW raids recently, you may be interested in All Expansions Raid Bundle. This is a great start for every future World of Warcraft champion! Together with our team of professional boosters, you will go through all expansions and legacy raids in no time! This would be the best capsule for the history of Azeroth!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does a WoW Raid Take?

The time you will spend in this or that WoW raid varies, depending on the complexity of the raid, the number of bosses, the amount of DPS, and, of course, the qualification of your team. The easier a given raid, the less time you will spend there. If we take the normal difficulty for the latest Vault of the Incarnates raid, you may be stuck there for six hours or even more. However, the VotI boost from EpicCarry decreases this figure to 4 hours. The boost can be finished even faster if you don't need to kill all the bosses and c choose only specific bosses to kill.

What is The Current Raid in WoW?

The Shadowlands expansion was released in November 2020 and has two major raids so far. They are Castle Nathria and Sanctum of Domination. SoD is more challenging, offers better gear, and has our favorite Sylvanas Windrunner as a final boss. We still provide WoW Shadowlands Raid Boost services! They can be found in our Legacy section.

How Does WoW Raid Boost Work?

First, you need to find a raid carry service you are interested in and make a custom order. Find a suitable time for you using our raid calendar. Runs always start at a scheduled time. You may choose between a Self-Play Mode or Piloted Mode. Self-Play means you will rule your alter-ego, while Piloted mode means we will do it for you. Note that you will have to share your Battle Net login and password with us if you prefer the Piloted variation.

What is the Best Boosting Service for WoW?

The one that has years of successful work and thousands of satisfied customers, who often return to get another raid carry boost. EpicCarry works with professional gamers only who have years of raiding experience. New content isn't an obstruction to us, for we know how the game works and what to expect from a next expansion.

We do not present our clients' data to anybody; all our routes are safe. We use the region VPN according to the client's wishes. No programs or bots; everything is done by hand only.

Can You Buy Raid Gear?

Yes, sure. You need to select a WoW instance in the gear you are interested in, set a boost using our raid calendar, discuss the details with the support team, and wait for the invitation. A raid run occurs several times a day, depending on the region. Use either self-play or piloted mode; both variants are equally good.

Note, however, that the personal loot system was replaced with the Need over Greed feature, meaning you might not have what you need if you lose the roll.

What is Boosting in WoW?

Boosting is a tremendous variety of paid services where you can have literary whatever you want. Mounts, achievements, gear, whole raids or any raid boss in particular. Here anything is possible: from a single dungeon on Normal difficulty or even a particular quest to the hardest actual Mythic raids. Voice your desires.

How Many People Do You Need for Mythic Difficulty Raids?

Right now, Mythic raids require from 10 to 30 people in a party. The more players you have, the tougher will be bosses and the more trash mobs you are going to meet inside the instance. The amount of health is also increasing together with the number of participants. Luckily, bosses drop more loot as well. Well, if the last statement was not true, we would have endless queues in raids, which is surely not the thing we need.

What is Gold Boosting in WoW?

This is a type of boosting that is usually used inside the game. One players pay others for the completion of certain in-game tasks and pay for it with in-game currency, Gold coins, instead of real money. Such boosting is very popular, but you must remember that prices are high and you will have to farm gold additionally.

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