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Best Dota 2 MMR Boost and Coaching Services

Dota 2 is a competitive MOBA game that is popular around the world. It is played by millions, but only the best are successful. And sometimes even a prompt reaction, many hours of training, and an excellent understanding of the game are not enough to reach the top of the rating. Bad allies, cheating opponents, lack of free time, and a low priority queue will prevent players not only from leveling up but also from enjoying the game. Low rating levels suck down like a swamp. Boosting service Dota 2 from the EPICCARRY store solves all these problems in a simple and efficient way. An experienced professional player will increase the MMR of your account, and you can play Dota 2 at your heart’s content.

Dota 2 Features

The main goal of the game is to win. And there are a number of conditions to be fulfilled to win in Dota 2. However, sometimes such conditions do not depend on how good the player is or how strong his character is. In addition to reaction speed, hero possession, understanding of the game, and general ability to play, several other factors affect the chance of winning in Dota 2.


This is the value of the player’s performance in the game. Based on the MMR account, the player’s position in the rating is calculated. MMR also affects allies and opponents that the system picks up for a match. This system should be objective, but the dominance of toxic players, who deliberately harm their team and feed opponents, makes the task of increasing the rank impossible. The game turns into an endless farming MMR.


Dota 2 is a team game and it is difficult for one player to defeat the opposing team alone. Not even every professional player is capable of this. And not every hero has relevant options. The most important factor to be a winner in Dota 2 is to be lucky in selecting allies. And the lower the MMR is, the greater the chance of failure the player has.


Sometimes players forget that Dota 2 features a behavior score. This is a scale from 1 to 10,000 that shows the level of the player’s behavior in the game. A player with a low behavior score may be placed in a low priority queue. He will have to wait for matches longer, and allies will be players with the same behavior indicator. Thus, the game punishes negative statements or deliberately bad play. It takes much less time to reduce the behavior score than to return it to normal.

How Can Dota 2 Boosting Service Assist a Player?

Boost enables you to solve your problems and increase your rank. Dota 2 boosting service will help to:

  • complete the calibration process. We guarantee to complete the calibration with a win rate of at least 70%. Although the result (a specific medal) depends on many factors, a high percentage of victories in calibration will provide you with a higher level of allies and the quality of the game in general, and will give you a head start in the race for the rank;
  • boost MMR. Professional carries will increase your MMR to any level you wish. When placing an order, you can choose additional options, for example, a role in the game;
  • increase the behavior score. Our players will play as many matches as necessary to improve the behavior score and exit the low priority queue;
  • boost hero’s level for Dota Plus subscribers. Hero levels unlock hero cues for the chat wheel, icons for a hero in the chat and ping on the map. In addition, with each level, a hero is helped to earn shards for purchases in the in-game Dota Plus store. We will help you complete tasks and get a battle pass experience.
  • battle cup boost. Dota 2 has an automatic weekly tournament. For winning you will receive shards, battle passes, unique emoticons, a battle cup image, and a special battle cup trophy. By purchasing the battle cup boost service, you will get a professional team that will win the tournament for you. To do this, you need to give our booster access to your account.

For your order to be executed, you can choose one of two modes: Solo or Duo. In Solo mode, you will be required to transfer the login information to your account. In Duo mode, our booster will play the party with you so you can have fun during the boost process.

Advantages Offered by EPICCARRY

Our store has been providing boosting services since 2012 and we have the quality standards set. Your comfort is important to us, so we guarantee:

  • safety of your account and gear (you can monitor the booster’s activities);
  • the booster’s competence;
  • clear deadline of order execution;
  • best price that is set based on your order’s features;
  • continuous communication with the help desk.

Buy Dota 2 boosting services in the EPICCARRY store and enjoy the game with high ratings.

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