Shadowlands Covenants Overview
WoW Shadowlands Covenant Overview

Among the many new features that Shadowlands is going to introduce, one that we have never seen before is Covenants. There is a lot of info about Covenants and a myriad of advice and suggestions on picking the best. We decided to also make an overview!

Class Changes In Shadowlands
Class Changes in Shadowlands

Shadowlands are bringing many interesting changes and refreshments to the gameplay. Since we are all impatiently waiting for the global release of Shadowlands, it’s useful to prepare for the changes WoW's eight expansion will bring.

World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Expansion Overview
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Expansion Overview

Shadowlands are getting huge improvements and many of you tried the bits through alfa. Now, it really looks great on paper – a lot of innovation, the rectification of older issues, and the implementation of player's wishes/remarks to the game's core. 

How To Level Up Fast In Wow Shadowlands
How to Level Up Fast In WoW Shadowlands

Shadowlands is WoW’s eight expansion, scheduled to launch globally on October 26th (NA) /October 27th (EU). Besides the brand new storyline, six new locations, and a whole new mega-dungeon that we'll be able to crawl (and loot!), this means that we'll all be back to every MMORPG's square one: leveling. But this time, the developers promise us a completely new and revamped experience. Just how new it is? Let's find out!

Wow Classic Dungeons Guide
WoW Classic Dungeons Guide

Going through dungeons will make you an experienced player, with tons of valuable knowledge and history of WoW. Not only that, but you'll also gather powerful gear and recipes which will be of enormous use later in the game. This guide will provide descriptions and advice on how to conquer the dungeons in the most efficient way.  Let’s dig deep into the world of dungeons in World of Warcraft!

How To Earn Stygia In Wow Shadowlands
How to Earn Stygia in WoW Shadowlands

Stygia is an unusual currency used specifically in the Maw for purchasing various commodities from Ve'nari. With it, you can purchase sockets for hero’s gear, permanent upgrades, or rare legendaries with a couple of exclusive items. Just as before, there are several ways to earn this currency. This article covers some of the most efficient.

Glory Of The Nathria Raider Achievement Guide
Glory of the Nathria Raider Achievement Guide

Getting to the Nathria Raider Achievement requires you to first finish ten different achievements. You need to do them all at least on a Normal difficulty. Here is some insight into the deed from our most experienced raiders.

The Great Vault: Shadowlands Weekly Chest Overview
The Great Vault: Shadowlands Weekly Chest Overview

In Shadowlands, the Great Vault is the analog of the weekly chest. It allows you to unlock gear from PvP and raiding, as well as Mythic dungeons, and choose one piece of gear per week from up to nine options.

Torghast Bosses: How To Beat Them - Epiccarry
Torghast Bosses: How to Beat Them

Every boss that appears in Torghast has its quirks and requires a unique approach. However, there’s a way to slay them all – and we are going to discuss that now.

Top 10 Rarest Wow Mounts In Shadowlands
Top 10 Rarest WoW Mounts in Shadowlands

Mounts are a detail that makes our hero appear powerful, cool, creepy, and sometimes even cute. Furthermore, they enhance the game experience and we all know how cool you feel when riding a sleek mount, especially if it's a rare one. Therefore, we created the top 10 list of the rarest mounts, so you can get them too and boast of a bit.

How Will Allied Races Work In Shadowlands?
How Will Allied Races Work in Shadowlands?

One of the significant new changes comes for Allied Races and it simplifies their unlock mechanism. These changes combined with the level squish will make it noticeably easier for players to unlock and develop their Allied characters. Today we will show you precisely how will Allied Races work in Shadowlands and how to harness their full potential. Let’s start!

What To Farm In Shadowlands?
What to farm in Shadowlands?

Farming, farming, famous farming. We've been doing it since Vanilla and it is one of the main staples of this game. Nonetheless, every expansion comes with desirable items you should farm if you want to advance and enjoy the game like a pro.

How To Unlock World Quests In Shadowlands
How to unlock World Quests in Shadowlands

Focus on World Quests — the most reliable and stable way to farm rep and some gear. Even if they bore you, try to relax and enjoy some old-school, traditional game mode while reminiscing about WQs from Legion and BfA. In this article, we will talk specifically about one interesting activity you can do when you hit the level cap – the World Quests. 

Rbg Rating In Wow: What Is It?
RBG Rating in WoW: What is it?

Except for pure joy and enjoyment it brings, we all play WoW so we can get some cool achievements and get rewarded with some sleek titles. Besides, it feels great and rewarding when we get high ranks and, even more, when we get among the best.