Legion Timewalking Mage Tower Challenges Overview - Epiccarry
Legion Timewalking: Mage Tower Challenges Overview

The Mage Tower Challenges are a series of mind-bending puzzles and tests, designed by the titans to test mages' wit and will. It is said that those who complete the tower challenges will be granted an audience with one of the titans themselves.  This guide will give you a look at what awaits inside!

How to Level Up Faster in Shadowlands 9.1.5

Leveling in Shadowlands 9.1.5 has been changed a bit. Now requires a lot of focus and attention to detail, but with enough preparation and knowledge, you can reach 60 faster than ever!

New Armor Sets for Shadowlands 9.1.5: What's New
New Armor Sets for Shadowlands 9.1.5: What’s New

With the newest 9.1.5 patch released, Shadowlands will have a lot more to offer in terms of sets and cosmetics. The new patch is focusing mostly on delivering the most amazing sets for both Horde and Alliance players.

Sanctum of Domination Raid Overview - Epiccarry
Sanctum of Domination Raid Overview

Patch 9.1 represents lots of new features, and the most substantial among them is the new raid Sanctum of Domination. The new instance contains ten bosses on the whole with a long-anticipated Lady Sylvanas Windrunner at the end. Below you may find all the necessary information about the raid itself, the new systems, rewards, achievements, and much more.

Shadowlands Covenants Overview
WoW Shadowlands Covenant Overview

Among the many new features that Shadowlands is going to introduce, one that we have never seen before is Covenants. There is a lot of info about Covenants and a myriad of advice and suggestions on picking the best. We decided to also make an overview!

Class Changes in Shadowlands

Shadowlands are bringing many interesting changes and refreshments to the gameplay. Since we are all impatiently waiting for the global release of Shadowlands, it’s useful to prepare for the changes WoW's eight expansion will bring.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Expansion Overview

Shadowlands are getting huge improvements and many of you tried the bits through alfa. Now, it really looks great on paper – a lot of innovation, the rectification of older issues, and the implementation of player's wishes/remarks to the game's core. 

How to Level Up Fast In WoW Shadowlands

Shadowlands is WoW’s eight expansion, scheduled to launch globally on October 26th (NA) /October 27th (EU). Besides the brand new storyline, six new locations, and a whole new mega-dungeon that we'll be able to crawl (and loot!), this means that we'll all be back to every MMORPG's square one: leveling. But this time, the developers promise us a completely new and revamped experience. Just how new it is? Let's find out!

WoW Classic Dungeons Guide

Going through dungeons will make you an experienced player, with tons of valuable knowledge and history of WoW. Not only that, but you'll also gather powerful gear and recipes which will be of enormous use later in the game. This guide will provide descriptions and advice on how to conquer the dungeons in the most efficient way.  Let’s dig deep into the world of dungeons in World of Warcraft!

Sunwell Plateau Raid Overview

Sunwell Plateau is the final and the most challenging raid dungeon of all TBC addons. The dungeon is located on the Isle of Quel'Danas. Boss includes six bosses. Dungeon drops the remaining three parts of the T6 set and other powerful gear. The last boss of the raid is Kil'jaeden.

Black Temple: A Complete Guide

Black Temple is the penultimate raid in World of Warcraft TBC history. This is for sure the symbol of the Burning Crusade add-on. In-world it is located in the eastern part of Shadowmoon valley - the high-level location of Outland. Even to this date, the BT fortress is one of the most grandiose places in the game. In this guide, we will teach you how to deal with various bosses and encounters in BT.

Can you just PvP in TBC?

The Burning Crusade Classic brought us a lot of changes regarding the gear for PvP. And, the most common question people ask is whether you are able to just enroll into the PvP world.

TBC Druid Leveling Guide - Epiccarry
WoW TBC Druid Leveling Guide

Playing Druid in WoW TBC brings a special kind of feeling. This class is specially designed with versatility in mind which offers every player to choose many paths to go by. We will do our best to explain how to play this class effectively and have fun doing so!