If you’re unfamiliar with this game, raids are an awesome practice. To try one, you’ll need to call your mates and choose the best items. All in good sport to win achievements and have fun!

Each raid has a different boss battle with different mechanics to work, which makes each experience more like a riddle. You’ll get handsomely for your troubles, as this activity contains top-notch loot like armor and guns.

Even without completing everything, there’s a lot of stuff promised for anyone. So, brace yourself and let us guide you through the Deep Stone Crypt in Destiny 2.

Preparation Process

Deep Stone Crypt - Preparation

The eighth group activity in Destiny 2 is called ‘’The Deep Stone Crypt’’, which is exactly the stuff we would love to talk about. So, Europa is the place where it all happens, and despite the fact there are many fights, we’ll provide a reasonable strategy to do it. Until entering, the recommended Power Rating should be 1220. The preference is to reach as close as you can to full strength. 

Previous patch has changed significantly with Beyond Light and Season of the Hunt. Most popular weapons are overrated now, and modern Legendary Tools are gaining traction. Simply put, you can now choose a lot of different guns now.

Therefore, a few guns are getting quite a lot of attention in this place, making the raid a little simpler. In that light, we have:

  • Xenophage – Outstanding choice for massive damage at the first stage.
  • Fourth Horseman – Special ‘’Thunderer’’ feature available for more auto-fire damage. 
  • Riskrunner – Simplifies Atraks-1 combat, particularly for weaker players.

So, having this on our mind, let’s get down to business and see how hard it is to pass all encounters in this raid.

1st Encounter – Run Towards the Bubble

The first stage involves using Pikes or Sparrows. You should aim to stop the hurricane by running from one place to another while preventing icebergs from hurting or killing you.

The hurricane will affect you badly, causing a Frostbite effect, but each bubble will shield you from this damage. If you ignore the Frostbit debuff and reach 10 piles, you’ll die. The fun starts with you entering bubbles and dealing with the Fallen.

Also, this adventure holds quite a unique chest that’s not easy to find. You actually need to look before the last drop, moments before you spot the final bubble. 

2nd Encounter – First Real Challenge 

Second stage will ensure the most fun in Deep Stone Crypt. The aim here is ‘’Shielding‘’ rather than killing everything in your path. This will allow you to inflict more chaos.  

Coming on top here requires you to gather into 2 groups, one covering the bright side while the other team is positioned in the dark side. Also, it’s crucial to know that one is needed to possess the Operator Buff while one has the Scanner Buff.

These two will work on their communication as it’s crucial to know what to hit here. Meaning, Scanner will tell its teammates to shoot the right tube, while the Operator needs to open doors and connect all players together. 

Once you kill all 6 tubes, it’s all done!

3rd Encounter – Fight Against Atraks 1  

Atraks-1, Fallen Exo, is what comes next. This part is actually quite interesting as it requires you to do multiple things at once. 

This boss fight will determine if a team succeeds or fails. Characters must pass Augments between areas, find the real big guy, and control creeps, which has a number of important parts.

Here, you begin with also splitting the squad but this time in 2 teams (half in each team). 

Now, start by rampaging through the place. Once the Sentinel Servitors are slain, you will gain the Operator buff. Furthermore, bosses will start to appear on the top platform, and the Scanner is of the essence here. He needs to inform everyone who’s the boss that they need to kill. 

For example, Scanner will say ‘’Kill the middle-right boss’’. Only a guy with this buff will see the boss glowing yellow. Then, everyone should use their swords instead of their guns as this boss will just stand there. Inflict the most damage as you can and everything will run smoothly. 

4th Encounter – Prevent Europa’s Destruction 

In the ‘’Rapture’’ stage, you’ll face many troubles, among which is the next. There is no harm process involved here; instead, it all comes down to dealing with the Nuclear Cores that will suppress Taniks!

Once you meet this bad boy, it’s definitely necessary to deal with enemy spawns and Augment buffs. Also, there’s a new moment here – the Radiation effect. This means, if you carry Nuclear Cores for too long, you’ll die! To stop this, a Nuclear Core can be exchanged between players.

Now, first things first – Your team needs to acquire all previously mentioned buffs. And, each of them will have its function in assistance to get on top of this mission. 

Scanner should determine how much this will hurt, Operator needs to fire pads to gain Nuclear Cores. And, finally Suppressor hides in the ‘’no-drone’’ area. 

This final step is repeated several times until the middle hatch opens and both players drop down and flee. This might be one of the most brain-requiring tasks you will have and make sure you don’t have anything to distract you, it is really necessary to pay attention and focus on the tasks because they can easily be failed.

It all comes to this – TANIKS the Boss

The most terrifying robot-like creature is a final boss you will face here. Dealing properly with this guy requires you to incorporate all things you did before, and add a few new moments to the party. The key thing to do here is not to kill TANIKS right away (you simply can’t)! You should first suppress him long enough to place Nuclear Cores on the right spot.

Now, here is the last process you should follow – split into 2 teams and cover each corner. Again gather the previously mentioned buffs. Nuclear Core is earned by firing two Tanki’s wings and once you earned it, you should carry it with you. 

Fun starts now – Taniks enters the middle phase and that’s when you must try to inflict damage. Once the Augment is deactivated, use Augmentation Terminal to switch to a different player and repeat those moves before the top of the ladder. 

But be careful, because Taniks will start teleporting all over, continuously hurting everyone around. Then, he will surrender! 

Congratulations – You did it!


At the end of the day, each of these steps seems quite easy and effortless. But, when you meet this raid and fight the battle against the Vandals, where your brain has to work constantly because it is very important that every event is monitored, you will not find it as simple as it seems.

But we have set aside for you in this article the most important information on how to successfully complete it and collect the Raid. It is difficult, but it is not unattainable.