Torghast Bosses: How To Beat Them - Epiccarry
Torghast Bosses: How to Beat Them

Every boss that appears in Torghast has its quirks and requires a unique approach. However, there’s a way to slay them all – and we are going to discuss that now.

Top 10 Rarest Wow Mounts In Shadowlands
Top 10 Rarest WoW Mounts in Shadowlands

Mounts are a detail that makes our hero appear powerful, cool, creepy, and sometimes even cute. Furthermore, they enhance the game experience and we all know how cool you feel when riding a sleek mount, especially if it's a rare one. Therefore, we created the top 10 list of the rarest mounts, so you can get them too and boast of a bit.

How Will Allied Races Work In Shadowlands?
How Will Allied Races Work in Shadowlands?

One of the significant new changes comes for Allied Races and it simplifies their unlock mechanism. These changes combined with the level squish will make it noticeably easier for players to unlock and develop their Allied characters. Today we will show you precisely how will Allied Races work in Shadowlands and how to harness their full potential. Let’s start!

What To Farm In Shadowlands?
What to farm in Shadowlands?

Farming, farming, famous farming. We've been doing it since Vanilla and it is one of the main staples of this game. Nonetheless, every expansion comes with desirable items you should farm if you want to advance and enjoy the game like a pro.

How To Unlock World Quests In Shadowlands
How to unlock World Quests in Shadowlands

Focus on World Quests — the most reliable and stable way to farm rep and some gear. Even if they bore you, try to relax and enjoy some old-school, traditional game mode while reminiscing about WQs from Legion and BfA. In this article, we will talk specifically about one interesting activity you can do when you hit the level cap – the World Quests. 

Rbg Rating In Wow: What Is It?
RBG Rating in WoW: What is it?

Except for pure joy and enjoyment it brings, we all play WoW so we can get some cool achievements and get rewarded with some sleek titles. Besides, it feels great and rewarding when we get high ranks and, even more, when we get among the best. 

Wow Keystone Conqueror — Ways To Get
WoW Keystone Conqueror – Ways to get

Since the new expansion is here, it is expected that many of us wanna stoop and conquer the game from the inside out. Therefore, we will talk today about WoW Keystone achievements and how to get them in Shadowlands. In that light, let's first see what we need to do to get it and later on how to do it and add it to the WoW achievement arsenal.

Ways To Farm Renown In Shadowlands
Ways to Farm Renown in Shadowlands

If you ask yourself: "what’s the best way to farm Renown in Shadowlands?" then you must’ve already hit the ceiling. You saw how essential Renown is and its unique connection with your progress. That is why we decided to show some of the most effective ways to farm Renown in WoW's eight expansion

Wow Shadowlands – What To Do At Level 60?
WoW Shadowlands – What to do at Level 60?

Some players got some cool rewards, titles, and achievements and some have hit the cap level 60. If you are wondering what to do at level 60, we are here to help you solve this dilemma.