About The Game

Destiny 2 succeeds in doing what its predecessor struggled miserably at having a plot that will pique the player’s interest from the start. The original’s dry introduction gave way to a two-hour linear section in which you’ll meet main players, battle a new enemy, and face a challenge to the Traveler entity, but you’ll still sacrifice and restore your powers in the true Mighty Rangers style.

Actually, tens of thousands of other players do so in addition to you, who are often referred to as “chosen ones,” but semantics aside. With a shift in action and movie scenes in which Nathan Fillion totally dominates as Cayde-6, the game’s release “buys” players even more.

Where Can You Play Destiny 2?

In October 2019, Destiny 2 became a free-to-play game due the New Light title. Firstly, this game came on PS4, Xbox and Microsoft Windows platforms, but later, they managed to develop and release it to PS5, and XboX Series X/S consoles.

What’s so special about Divinity?

How To Get Divinity In Destiny 2

Divinity stands for an Outlandish trace rifle that comes from the Plant of Salvation strike in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. However, Divinity journey is actually much more than just a fortunate drop after the ultimate boss. (You still ought to wrap up the Plant of Salvation attack on the off chance that you need Divinity.)

This item may be a capable apparatus for attack experiences and main bosses. It includes a special debuff to the target that increments all harm that you just and your Fireteam individual bargain. The leading portion of this rifle is a debuff uniqueness. Meaning, benefits of this rifle will stack with other buffs and debuffs – Similar like Melting Point or Weapons of Light

Why Do You Need Divinity?

Every trace rifle has its own gimmick, and Divinity’s is particularly effective. Holding the beam on an enemy will lock them in an arc cage, which not only increases the damage they receive but also does vital damage to everything that strikes it (including swords and rockets), and Divinity deals a large amount of damage to caged enemies on a regular basis.

Since a single zap will immediately stun Champions, Divinity is one of the most powerful Overload solutions for dealing with them. Divinity is a scalable, strong, and essential tool for creating large amounts of team-based material.

Benefits of Divinity

Here are some of the benefits of having Divinity, let’s see.

  • In Destiny 2, Divinity is one of the finest trace rifles.
  • In Destiny 2, players will have access to one of the best support weapons ever made.
  • One of the rarest Exotic weapons would be available to players.

How to Get Divinity?

In this game, gamers have two ways to come up with this very good and useful item. First and easy one is to follow every guide on the Epiccarry website. You can also find a bunch of useful items to buy there.  

The second way to get this rifle is a bit harder, as it requires you to finish a special quest line in the game. We will now explain in a few steps how to win this remarkable item by playing Destiny 2.

  1. Slay the Mighty Minotaur 

At the very beginning, you need to journey to the Moon and find Lunar Battlegrounds there. There, you will find a red-like bridge after landing in Sorrow’s Harbor. Stroll lightly across the ground before you enter the first large open field. There, you will need to guard special pillars in order to pass this mission.

Next, finding a tiny cave on the left is of the essence. When you enter, there will be a huge Vex gate. You’ll remember this place to be a Raid Opening.

Destroy the waves of Vex before a massive Minotaur appears. You will then be rewarded with an Exotic engram. So, picking this up will allow you to start a quest called ‘’What’s This… What’s This?’’.

  1. Time for some decoding 

To begin this step, you’re required to find three special Chambers on Nessus. 

Chamber 1 – The Orrery

This chamber is located at Artifact’s Edge. Find the door and rush straight in. The left platform is where you want to be, after you’ve arrived. Continue to ascend and try to go straight up for the third floor. 

There, you need to look for a nook.  Scrutinize the node and prepare for a war. After that, enemies will appear so you need to kill them and find nodes once more. At this point in your search, you should be around 1/3 of the quest.

The Conflux

Going on with this step, it’s needed to search the lost sector, located in Nessus’es Cistern, and it is called The Conflux. As you enter, keep your right side, and then you must leap on the wall to gain access to a tiny space.

There, you will turn on the corner so the file system is directly ahead of you. Now, remember what you did in the Orrery and do it again here. 

The Ancient Haunt

Your last Lost Field is The Ancient’s Haunt, which is placed in The Tangle. This file system is easy to find. Play normally in the Lost Field, and keep an eye out to your left for a tunnel. Even before you enter, you’ll see the data node. It’s visible from the main lane. If you search and fight as you did before, you’ll complete the quest step.

  1. Put an end to 120 VEX

Go on with the simple part of the search by entering the Vex Offensive and destroying as many Vex as you can get your hands on.

Don’t think this is easy, you actually need to put a lot of effort into killing all of them. After you do, visit Eris before you agree on going on a raid.

  1. Put phantasmal fragments to good use on Eris 

Proceed to the Lectern beside Eris. To purchase the next level of the search, it’s required at least thirty Phantasmal Fragments. If you run out of Phantasmal Fragments, you can seek help from the Lectern.

If you run out of Helium Filaments, transition towards the Moon and participate in the Nightmare Hunt games to get more Phantasmal Fragments.

  1. Riddle me this? Garden of Salvation 

Shortly after you get your hands on the final piece, it’s time to group up with other Guardians and stroll lightly towards the Garden of Salvation

Once you get there, you will need to solve a special puzzle. Now, don’t take this step for granted as this can be a real headache to complete. Therefore, it’s important to find exact puzzle locations and put your brain on the job.

So, after going through the initial portal and arriving into the Garden, simply turn around and go beneath the place. There will be a hidden room where you will start your puzzle quest.  

First Puzzle

It’s actually quite easy to get to the first puzzle as it’s only ahead of the first encounter. Simply go up the stairs and you will see two different holes, left and right. Now, it’s important to split – Meaning, at least three people should drop in the hole on the left and two people should go on the hole to the right. 

In case you didn’t know, the goal to this puzzle (and other puzzles) is to create a tethered chain between the players. So, how do you do it in this puzzle? 

Person 1(in the hole to the left) should drop down to the bottom of the hole. There, he needs to shoot the tethered box and he will get chained. After that, he should link with the Person 2 who is on the top ledge. After the Person 2 is linked with Person 1, Person 2 should link with Person 3 who is on the top of the hole – This will create a zigzag pattern.

You get the point now, the Person 3 should link with the two remaining players in the hole on the right. Then, they should create the same zig zag pattern in their hole and that should do it!

Second Puzzle

The second puzzle is waiting once you finish the second encounter. Now, it’s important not to continue to the chest, but rather go back into the Cyclops Field and find the Pink Tree (on the right hand side). Go to the tree and jump into the hole beneath it. 

To get this puzzle done, you need to position well. Player 1 should stand on the spot where you all drop down. Everyone else will simply go under the rock into the hole.

Player 2 and Player 3 needs to be on the other side of the rock, not an inch more. Player 3 should stand right by the blue glowing circle. Player 2 should be right on the other side of Player 1.

Other players should jump across the hole and continue to the right until they find the glowing blue hole in the wall. That’s where Player 4 should stand. He should then see the Player 3 from the hole. 

Next, Players 5 and 6 should go back where they came from. Just before the exit, there will be a little hole in the wall where Player 5 should stay. Now, Player 6 should go outside and head left, jump across the hole, go straight to the edge and find the cave. 

There will be a tethered box – Player 6 should shoot the box, begin the linking as they will all see each other. 

Third Puzzle

After you complete the first encounter in the jumping section, don’t go left towards the chest, it’s important to go right. Look for a three with a large branch. Stand there and you will activate the puzzle. 

Therefore, Orange Notes will appear and you will clearly see what’s needed to be linked. In order to activate them, tethered players should stand near them.

So, Player 1 will shoot the tethered box from the spot. After that, Player 2 and 3 should stand on the long branch so they can connect with Player 1. Then, Player 4 will need to be on the other side of the branch. 

Now it gets tricky as Player 3 needs to jump over the Player 2 and connect with Player 4. They will all be tethered while Player 5 and 6 will wait on the other side of the opening. 

Once the Player 4 connects with the Player 5 over the opening, Player 6 will easily connect with Player 5. Then, Player 1 will have to move a bit forward in order to connect with Player 6 and everything should be just fine. 

Fourth and Fifth Puzzle 

They are basically the same as they are only doable once you finish the third encounter. 

So, for the fourth puzzle, players need to be all in line of sight of each other. That’s the only way this puzzle can be completed. It’s actually hard to achieve the line of sight, but that’s the only way to do this puzzle as the Orange Notes are positioned that way. 

The fifth puzzle is actually the easiest one. All players should group up near the tethered box and activate it. Then, players will all be linked and able to move freely on the map. After that, players need to go over the spinning platform as there will be Orange Notes.

These notes are making an Hourglass symbol, so you will have to position yourself there and everything should be right. 

Six and Seventh puzzle

Both puzzles are in the next area just before you meet the final boss. First of all, find the big open area, at the top of the waterwheels where waterfalls are. Between 2 waterfalls, you will see a cave – enter it. 

Now, the sixth puzzle begins first, and you will need to connect all players. But, the trick here is that the Player 6 should jump on the ledge right after you enter the cave. That way, once Player 1 continues to the tethered box and shoots it, everyone else could position themselves in order to connect with Player 6.

Seventh puzzle is the most fun one! You will find 6 spots on the ground between the tethered box and the key. Now, the light on the floor will show and it will guide you to an exact pattern you need to do. Simply speaking, you first need to be tethered as a team, and then move onto the spots in exact order.

This is why the seventh puzzle is the most fun one as it requires coordination and speed. 

After you do it properly, you will get a screen notification and move onto the final boss.

Final Words

Divinity, on the other hand, defies these laws by piling an extra 25% damage on top of the buffs and debuffs that players submit. As a result, Divinity is genuinely exotic. 

Bungie has previously addressed how exotics are often constructed with the goal of determining what the game’s rules are, then determining how much an exotic can bend, stretch, or break certain rules without being overwhelmed.

And Divinity is the pinnacle of the style.

It also makes getting a Divinity on a fireteam extremely useful in PvE operations like the Garden of Salvation raid. It’s an unusual weapon that goes beyond simply being a high-damage weapon by adding technique, utility, and a viable option to consider getting in a loadout.

 Hopefully, in the future, there will be many more strong exotics like it.