Trials of Osiris

Trials of Osiris activities are available weekly from Friday to Tuesday. If the order is placed on Tuesday there is the possibility it will be scheduled for the next week if there is a queue.


Here you can buy Trials of Osiris Boost Service.

You will get:

  • Guaranteed (7-0) Flawless Trials of Osiris completion.
  • Exile’s armor set pieces and weapons, Trials-related materials.
  • Progress in Flawless Triumphs Seal;
  • A chance to get a Unique Trials of Osiris Ghost Shell – In Memoriam Shell;
  • A chance to get a unique Trials of Osiris Exotic Ship – Wind of Change;
  • A chance to get a Unique Trials of Osiris Exotic Vehicle – Paradigm Shift;
  • Trials-related materials, Pyrrhic armor set pieces;
  • 4 Rewards from Trials: 3 Powerful engrams and 1 Pinnacle engram (Note: Loot pool changes every week).

During the boost process, you will get some Rare and Legendary Gear.

ETA: from 1 hour to 1 day.

For Piloted mode service we will use the VPN of your country to work on your order.

Boost is available on the PC, PS4 and Xbox platform.

We don’t use programs or bots in our work. All orders are done by hand. We can stream the progress of your boost or provide screenshots at your request.

We provide this service with and without account sharing.


Pre-order Flawless for Next Week option – you are making a Pre-order for flawless 7-0 Trials of Osiris for next week. (The option excludes the completion of other options the next week if any selected)

Bounties from Saint-14 option – from Saint-14 we will complete 4 Daily bounties and either 1 Weekly + 3 Random or 2 Weekly Bounties (on booster’s choice) for you.

Confidence Passage option – we will first complete the Flawless Passage (7-0) and after complete the Confidence Passage with a bonus Reward. (You must have 50.000 Glimmer to purchase the Confidence Passage and 1300+ Power Level)

Claim my Lighthouse Rewards option – we will additionally collect the reward from Lighthouse for you.

Spend all my tokens to Saint-14 option – we will additionally give all the Trials Tokens with bounties to Saint-14 after Flawless (7-0) Trials run.

I don’t have 1320 Power Level option – we will complete the Trials of Osiris if your Power Level is lower than 1320 but at least 1280.

Self Play option – you will be playing your character during the run.

Express and Priority option – we will focus on your order in priority, ETA for the service performance will be reduced by 30%.


Some small delays may occur because during some period of time of the day boosters may having a rest or be less active. In this case, Cross Save could significantly help, since a PC executor would be able to fulfill your PS4 or Xbox order. Unfortunately, there are fewer D2 players on PS4 or Xbox to compare with the PC platform.

To enable the Cross Save takes no longer than a couple of minutes. If you find some difficulties with it please contact our Customer Support to provide you with guidance.


You should be ready to do some actions in case of the Self-Play option due to possible losses in case you are AFK! This is not a service that can be realistically done in AFK mode. You will be playing with the best boosters we can offer, but they will need your participation and full attention in order to help you to complete the Flawless Trials run you’re aiming for.

All the loot drop during the boost is absolutely random and we can’t guarantee any specific items drop.


Power Level 1320+ (without artifact) or you can order it using our Power Leveling offers.

Completed “Trials Access” Quest.

For Piloted mode services, we need only your login and password. We don’t need the answer to your secret question as well as the password to your email address, which makes it impossible to steal your account.

You are required to provide us the Steam Guard/Playstation/Xbox authentificator code to process the service. It depends on the platform you play on.

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