Dual Destiny Exotic Mission Boost

Dual Destiny is a new Exotic Mission represented in the Episode Echoes of the Final Shape DLC. It is secretly placed within the game, and in order to unlock the Dual Destiny mission, you will need to complete various tasks in the Pale Heart location.  To go for this challenge, you will require a skilled teammate to get it done for the desired Prismatic Exotic Class Item because it is a 2 player activity in Destiny 2. 

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Service Includes

  • Completed Exotic Mission – Dual Destiny;
  • Solipsism, Relativism, or Stoicism Exotic class item obtained;
  • Any other loot and resources from the Dual Destiny mission;
  • Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact level.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 1-6 hours.
Estimated Completion time:

  • Normal: 2-8 hours;
  • Express: 2-6 hours; 
  • Super Express: 1-4 hours.

Additional Options

The Final Shape Legendary Campaign – we will complete The Final Shape Campaign on Legend difficulty.
Unlock Dual Destiny Mission – we will complete Overthrow activities and defeat secret bosses to unlock access to Dual Destiny Exotic Mission.
Stream – watch the Dual Destiny Exotic Mission process via a personal stream online.


The Final Shape campaign.
Access to Dual Destiny Exotic Mission activity.
Power Level 1960+. If your Light Level is not strong enough, you can upgrade it with our Power Leveling Boosting Service.

How it Works

Dual Destiny is for Guardians with strong nerves because to start it, you will need to overcome plenty of Overthrow activities and find secret bosses to defeat at the Pale Heart location just to unlock the Exotic Mission. You can’t complete it alone. You need a skilled player to progress the thought task to get the desired Prismatic Exotic Class Item for your Guardian. Make your life easier in the game and buy the Dual Destiny Exotic Mission Boost. Our pro players are ready to help you with all kinds of difficulties you may face in Destiny 2. Here are the instructions on how to place the order:

  1. At the moment the service is available in Piloted mode only. Soon, Self-play will also be available. For piloted service, you are required to make an account sharing with our verified pro player, who will perform the order for you. He will be playing with our other booster in a team to get the Dual Destiny Exotic Mission Boost completed.
  2. We offer 2 additional options for the Dual Destiny mission service: stream so you can watch the order progress live, and Unlock Dual Destiny Mission – we will unlock the access for the challenging Exotic Mission.
  3. Once you customize the service options, you are ready to place the order via a convenient payment method. We have plenty for your preferences.
  4. You will receive an email notification about your purchase, and in 3-10 minutes, our Customer Support team will contact you to clarify the details and schedule the time for your order.
  5. When the Dual Destiny Exotic Mission Boost is completed, you will get contacted via your preferred communication channel.
  6. We would be happy to hear about your feelings about the service you received and would greatly appreciate it if you decided to leave us a review.
  7. Congratulations on the new Prismatic Exotic Class Item acquired. Feel your Guardian getting stronger within Destiny 2 gameplay with the new loot.

Dual Destiny Exotic Mission Boost is available on PC, PS, and Xbox platforms. In order to start your order faster, if you play on PS or Xbox, we advise you to enable the Cross-Save function. In this case, our PC player will be able to take over your boost faster.

Contact us in online website chat if you have any questions about the Destiny 2 Boosting Services. Our Customer Support team works 24/7 to answer all the queries you may have. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to unlock the Dual Destiny Exotic Mission?


In order to unlock the Dual Destiny Exotic Mission, it is required to complete the secret puzzle quest. At first you will need to complete the Overthrow activities in full within the Pale Heart location in all three zones: Landing, Blooming, and Impasse. It is compulsory that the areas start from The Landing and finish with The Impasse and defeat all the encounters within each of them.

Once you are done go to the Savathun to get the invitation to start the Exotic Mission – Dual Destiny.

Is it hard to complete the Dual Destiny Exotic Mission?

The Dual Destiny is quite a challenging Exotic mission. Because it is required to have a teammate to go for the mission, which should be at a different subclass as your Guardian, and also, it is a timed exotic mission. That means you will need to resolve all the tasks in the timer. You will have only 45 minutes to do so.

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    The service is currently available in Piloted mode only.