Trials of Osiris Loot Bundle

Trials of Osiris activities are available weekly from Friday to Tuesday. If the order is placed on Tuesday there is the possibility it will be scheduled for the next week if there is a queue.

Trials of Osiris is a special Crucible event, considered to be a pinnacle of Destiny 2 PvP – a competitive mode in a 3v3 Elimination format held during weekends. Two teams face one another in mortal combat for the passage to the Lighthouse. Trials of Osiris require a high level of players’ ingame skill and dedication – to claim all the rewards from the Flawless run you and your team must win matches and secure seven wins in a row. It is where Trials carry come in handy as the fastest and easiest option to get things done.

Destiny Trials of Osiris Loot Bunlde Boost Rewards

Trials of Osiris Rewards are certainly worth fighting for, despite all the challenges of the event, but it does not have to be your fight when you can solve it with the Trials of Osiris Carry.

Trials of Osiris Flawless Carry service includes:

  • Guaranteed (7-0) Trials of Osiris Flawless completion (Confidence Passage – Loot x2) + 7 Wins after flalwess;
  • Progress in Flawless Triumphs Seal;
  • A chance to get a Unique Trials of Osiris Exotic reward: Horus Shell Ghost, Hushed Syrinx Ship, or Falcon’s Chase Osiris Sparrow;
  • At least 3 Adept Weapons;
  • Trials Engrams and Trials of Osiris armor set pieces;
  • Pinnacle reward from the Lighthouse – weekly Adept weapon.

Importance of Trials of Osiris Loot Bundle Boosting

The Trials of Osiris Boost service offers a way to obtain all the rewards associated with Flawless Trials, such as new Adept weapons, the Trials of Osiris gear set, and other distinctive rewards. Opting for Flawless boosting allows you to team up with skilled players who achieve Flawless status multiple times each weekend. This enables you to complete the Flawless Trials of Osiris swiftly, bypassing hours of intense and stressful gameplay.

You can choose either Self-Play or Piloted mode for this boost.

Join and battle side by side with a Fireteam of expert Destiny 2 players, or opt to let the booster take on the challenge by sharing your account and waiting for the results.

The Osiris Carry known in the community as the Trials of Osiris Recovery has been one of the most popular Destiny 2 services since the launch of the first Trials of Osiris – trials carries had saved players tons of time and provided some of the most wanted rewards in the entire game.

Here on Epiccarry, you can buy Trials of Osiris carry services at the best prices on the market – over the years of work we have gathered thousands of excellent reviews from all our customers of Trials of Osiris carry services, as well as all our services in Destiny 2 and other game titles. Our customer support team is available 24/7 to provide assistance with the Trials carry services.


The Default delivery time for this service is 1 – 3 Days. Depending on the selected options, the ETA for the Trials of Osiris Boost process may be extended.

Trials Loot Carry: Extra Option

Selecting additional options allows you to customize the Trials carry service to meet your requests and claim even more unique Trials of Osiris rewards:

Claim my Lighthouse Rewards – we will additionally collect the reward from Lighthouse for you.

Express and Priority – we will focus on your order in priority, and ETA for the Trials of Osiris Flawless service performance will be reduced by 30%.

You may choose to complete Trials of Osiris Flawless multiple times on the same character, whether for the triumphs or additional Trials of Osiris rewards, or complete Osiris Trials Carry on all of your Guardians.

Contact the support team to get additional information about the options or make a custom order.

Important Information

In case your Power Level is lower than 1802 and you pick the extra option indicating your Light Level, otherwise our players will not be able to complete the Trials of Osiris.

If you choose the Self-Play option of Trials Carry Services, please be ready for some level of participation, due to possible losses if you are AFK! This is not a service that can be realistically done in AFK mode. You will be playing with the best boosters we can offer, but they will need your participation and full attention in order to help you complete the Flawless Trials run you’re aiming for.

All the loot drop during the Trials Flawless Carry is random and we can’t guarantee any specific items drop.

Small delays may occur as during certain hours boosters might be having a rest or be less active. In this case, Cross Save can help significantly, as a PC player will be able to fulfill your PS4 or Xbox order. Unfortunately, there are fewer Destiny 2 players on PS4 or Xbox compared to the PC platform.

It takes only a couple of minutes to enable the Cross Save. If you have some difficulties with it, please contact our Customer Support team for assistance.

Destiny 2 Trials Loot Carries Requirements

You have to own Destiny 2: Lightfall expansion.

Power Level 1802+ (without Artifact). You can improve your Light Level using our Power Leveling service if you don’t meet this requirement.

Completed «Trials Access» Quest.

If you place an order after 2pm CET/ 9am EDT on Sunday and have already completed Flawless Trials of Osiris this week, you must add the “I’ve already done flawless” option to checkout.

To provide Trials of Osiris Carries in the Piloted mode we need only your login and password. We don’t need the answer to your secret question nor the password to your email address, which makes it impossible to steal your account.

Depending on the Platform of your choice, you are required to provide us with the Steam Guard/Playstation/Xbox authenticator code to process the service.

We will need access to your Steam account for some meaningful amount of time to work on your order. It will be occupied while we work. We need only your login and password to provide the Piloted mode service. We don’t need the answer to your secret question nor the password to your email address, which makes it impossible to steal your account. Depending on the Platform of your choice, you must provide us with the Steam Guard/Playstation/Xbox authenticator code to process the service.

Please disconnect the Steam Guard or disable the "always require authenticator for login" setting in Security Settings. The secret question will protect your account for the duration of your boost. Remember to re-enable it once we finish the service.

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    Add wins after Flawless

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