The Whisper Exotic Mission Boost

The most popular and among the first exotic missions has returned to the Destiny 2 game with the Into the Light Update! It was a huge challenge to find this secret mission in the past, but from now on, it is open to everyone. The guardian who completes The Whisper Exotic Mission will be granted the most wanted weapon drop — the Whisper of the Worm Exotic Sniper Rifle. It returns to the game as a craftable weapon, giving access to Traits and Perks never seen before.

Into the Light update gives us an opportunity to complete the Whisper Mission in Normal and Legend versions. Either of the difficulties will grant the guardian with better rewards. At first sight, this Whisper quest can be completed alone. However, it is more complex than it looks when Exotic missions are time-restricted. This is where the Whisper Exotic Mission Boost will come in handy. Our professional players will be your missing Guardians. They will guide you with secret techniques to successfully defeat the enemies together in combat rooms, followed by the final encounter at Whisper Mission in Destiny 2.

Service Includes

  • The Whisper Exotic Mission completed on desired difficulty;
  • Exotic Sniper RifleWhisper of the Worm;
  • Karve of the Worm exotic ship patterns;
  • Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact level.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 1-2 hours.
Estimated Completion time:

  • Normal: 2-6 hours;
  • Express: 2-4 hours; 
  • Super Express: 1-3 hours.

Estimated delivery time may be slightly increased in combination with additional options.

Additional Options

Solo Flawless – we will complete the whisper exotic missions solo without deaths. (ETA 2-10 hours);
Swift Whisper – we will complete the exotic mission in less than 13 minutes.
Karve of the Worm exotic ship – we will find all secret Oracles to receive exotic ship from the Whisper exotic mission.  
Stream – select this option to follow the whisper exotic mission boost progress online.


Weekly Exotic Mission in a weekly quests rotation.
1810+ Power Level (1820+ for Legend Difficulty). You can use our Power Leveling service if requirements are not met.

How It Works

Challenging Whisper Exotic Missions in Normal or Legendary difficulty are complex and long drawn out. The Legend version requires specific skills to complete exotic missions quickly within a limited time. Spend no hour on the mission and leave it to our Whisper Exotic Mission Boost in Destiny 2. How the service works breakdown:

  1. Option Selection: The Exotic mission boost is available in Legendary version and Normal. Select the one you need help with. Customise your order with additional options for the catalyst upgrade and new Worm Exotic Ship. 
  2. Choose the Service Mode: We offer the Whisper Mission Boost in 2 mode options. Based on your choice, here is how you will achieve the desired rewards:
    • Piloted (Recovery): We will ask you to share your account with our verified player to complete the Whisper missions for you. If you play on PS or Xbox, please enable Cross-Save for a faster delivery time. Feel free to contact our customer support if you face any difficulties.
    • Selfplay: At the scheduled time to process the order, you will be invited to join a team with our skilled guardians. They will lead you in a fight with enemies to gain desirable Destiny 2 exotic mission rewards, including Whisper of the Worm.
  3. Order Details: After purchase, our customer support team will contact you within 3-8 minutes to schedule a convenient time, and other boost queries may be discussed.
  4. Start and delivery: The delivery time will apply from the moment you join our team or our player is on your Guardian.
  5. Whisper Exotic Mission Completion: You will be notified via a preferred communication channel as soon as the service is completed. Log in to your account to check if you received everything you needed.
  6. Feedback: Please share your thoughts on the boost; we would be grateful to receive feedback upon service completion. It is essential for us to identify flaws immediately and turn them into strengths to improve the quality of our services.

Congratulations on completing the Whisper quest. The Whisper of the Worm Exotic weapon will benefit your guardian!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to start the Whisper Exotic Mission?

The mission starts with the Whisper of the Past quest. To collect the task, you should travel to the Moon and speak to Eris. Next, to start the Whisper mission, you have to click on it in the Into the Light menu in Destiny 2 Director. Now you are ready to go and get the pattern of Whisper of the Worm at the end!

How difficult is the Whisper Quest?

Whisper Quest will not be difficult to complete if you have enough skill and good cooperation with your team to defeat all the enemies and bosses in the mission within a specific timeframe. However, it is quite challenging to find all the secret chests – Oracles in the activity.

What is the difference between Normal and Legend difficulty?

This is a timed mission in Into the Light. On Normal difficulty, you will have 40 minutes to complete the exotic mission, and on Legend, only 20. The Legend activity includes additional modifiers that make the mission harder. Master enemies might be challenging even for skilled players. For successful completion, the Guardian must be at least 1810 Power Level for Normal and 1820 for Legend. Contact our customer support if you need help with improving your Light level.

What can I get from the Whisper Exotic Mission Boost?

Completing exotic activities is time-consuming if you do not have much experience. Boosting services will be such a help for this type of mission. Buying Here are the Whisper Mission boost rewards:

  • All the Whisper of the Worm patterns to craft Exotic Sniper Rifle;
  • All patterns for Karve of the Worm ship;
  • Catalyst and Intrinsic Upgrades;
  • And other resources.

Apart from valuable loot, you will free your time. You won’t spend hours trying to compete with bosses in a limited time because our pro players will do the hard work for you rapidly.

Can I get the Whisper of the Worm Sniper Rifle from Exotic Quest?

Yeah. After completing the Whisper exotic mission on the Normal version, you will receive the Sniper Rifle. It is now a craftable weapon with different perks. You may also get the Catalyst upgrade from Legend.

How to get the Worm Exotic Ship?

To obtain the Karve of the Worm exotic ship, you have to find all 7 secret Oracles to complete the Oracular Seeker triumph achievement. Oracles are hidden in different locations of the Whisper quest mission. You have to complete various puzzles prior to Oracle showing up. Once destroyed, each of them will grant you with ship pattern.

Can I get an Exotic Pulse Rifle Outbreak Perfected from Whisper Quest?

No. Outbreak Perfected does not drop from Whisper Exotic activity. To get it in your collection, you have to complete another equally exotic mission – Zero Hour. The mission starts on Earth, that’s where you can grab the quest for Zero Hour. Exotic Pulse Rifle is worth to get, complete Zero quest and enjoy your old new weapon!

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    Additional Options:

    ETA 2-10 hours for the Solo Flawless option.