With the newest 9.1.5 patch released, Shadowlands will have a lot more to offer in terms of sets and cosmetics. The new patch is focusing mostly on delivering the most amazing sets for both Horde and Alliance players.

Therefore, let’s get down to business and see what the most impactful changes are in this patch.

Let’s begin!

New Admirable Armor Sets 

As you could already suspect, Shadowlands 9.1.5 patch brought us some of the most amazing armor sets. No matter the class you play, there are plenty of new and specially designed sets.

What is even more interesting is that there are some sets that have four or more tints. So, in a way, there are a lot of armor sets that we will cover today.

Besides the whole new look and aesthetics features equipped in Shadowlands, there are also some changes we will talk about later. In that light, you’ll get the full picture of what’s actually happening in the Shadowlands as we speak.

Let’s get busy with Armor Sets, shall we?

Covenant Armor Sets

When they designed each set separately, developers had only one thing on their mid – aesthetics! Simply put, these sets are amazingly appealing as they reflect the true beauty of each Covenant. So, in a way, there are 4 sets that are specially made for each armor type. 

Since the launch of Shadowlands, there hasn’t been such thing as a set that applies all stats and has splendid appeal. 

Anyhow, when it comes to Covenant Armor Sets, we have:

Kyrian Covenant Armor

New Armor Sets for Shadowlands 9.1.5: What's New

Since Covenant Armor sets are mostly used for transmogrification, you can count on Kyrian Set to be a majestic purchase. Also, don’t forget that if you want to get your hands on this set, you need to play and complete plenty of different Covenant activities. 

Here’s how you can get one:

  1. Aspiring Aspirant’s Regalia 

You will be given this set once you get to Renown 60. There is a Tunic version and a Robe version of this set.  Both are really interesting and fun to have. 

  1. Devoted Aspirant’s Regalia 

Get to Renown 77 and purchase this set from Adjutant Galos for 10k Reservoir Anima. This one also has a Tunic and Robe version, you can choose the one you like more!

  1. Battlefield Messenger’s Regalia 

In order to have this set equipped, you need to have Renown 60 and have a way with Death’s Advance fraction. Duchess Mynx in Korthia will give you this set for 6K Stygia. On top of that, this set is also rich with 2 different choices, Tunic or Robe version. 

  1. Foresworn Aspirant’s Regalia  

Simply do daily quests with Kyrian in Korthia in order to obtain this set. And, you can also choose Tunic or Robe version here as well. 

Selfless Path – Kyrian quest line

New Armor Sets for Shadowlands 9.1.5: What's New

As we previously said, in case you want to get sets from this Covenant, you need to do a lot of activities, mainly quests. So, the first thing to do is to start playing the Kyrian Campaign. Once you start with the first Chapter, you will notice that the reward system is really interesting.

Meaning, as you go, you will complete each quest at the time and get rewarded a different piece. Once you complete the whole quest line, you will get to acquire all pieces and therefore complete the whole set. 

As you might suspect, there are four different tints for this set. Therefore, we have:

  • Cloth
  • Leather
  • Mail
  • Plate

To be perfectly honest, the Plate one is looking the best! 

So, in case you want to benefit from the Kyrain Campaign, feel free to complete all quests as you will get some killer sets.

Harmonious Set 

Moving onto the next one, this set is not that hard to acquire. Therefore, you can just ‘’farm’’ a bit more Reservoir Anima and spend it in order to acquire this set. The Adjutant Galos, a guy who is selling parts of this set will gladly take your Anima and give you the piece you want. 

However, the important part here is the Renown. The more you advance in terms of Renown, the better sets will await you. So, when you get to Renown 16, you can acquire Wrist, Gloves, and Waist.

Renown 26 will allow you to get Cloak, Legs, and Boots. And, most importantly, Renown 32 will allow you to acquire Helm, Shoulder, and Chest. 

Necrolord Covenant Armor

New Armor Sets for Shadowlands 9.1.5: What's New

In order to get your hands on this set (8 available tints), you have to do plenty of activities in the Covenant Storyline. Anyhow, here are sets and how to obtain them:

  1. Initiate’s Necromantle Vestments 

Once you get to Renown 60, you will be granted this set. However, there’re lots of activities to do in order to get there. Therefore, buckle up and start your journey!

  1. Marileth’s Assistant Vestments 

A guy called Su Zettai is selling this set for 10k Reservoir Anima. You need to be at least Renown 77 and be patient for some time. This means that you can only buy one piece of the set after completing a quest.  

  1. Frontline Necromancer’s Vestments 

Duchess Mynx will sell you this set, but only if you have 6k Stygia, and Renown 60. Also, you have to be good with Death’s Advance faction. 

  1. Rogue Necromancer’s Vestments 

Just do a lot of activities with Necrolord NPCs in Korthia. But, don’t even think that’s going to be easy. You will need to do a lot of things in order to get all pieces of this armor set.

Campaign Matters

Just by doing the Necrolord Campaign, you’ll be able to get yourself on a really interesting Bladesworn Set. First of all, this set requires you to spend hours on doing quests in this storyline, but after all, it’s worth it!

You have to collect each item individually as a reward for completing chapters of the campaign. Therefore, stack yourself with potions and edibles since you’ll need them to go through the whole thing.

Renown Necrolord Set

This set truly is something special and it requires you to do a bit more than just completing quests. First of all, you need to push to the milestones in order to achieve 16, 26, and 32 Renown. Once you do that, you will be rewarded with the great pieces of the whole set.

This means that you can get some pieces of gear at renown 16, a bit better pieces at 26, and the most interesting pieces at 32. 

As you can see, the more you increase, the better the gear is!

Abomination Stitching Armor Set

This one is truly a masterpiece when it comes to Necrolord armor sets. Namely, you need to prepare well in order to get this set. You need to complete the Abomination Stitching quests that are available on weekly basis. 

Once you reach Rank 5, you will start to do weekly quests and after finishing them, you might get some pieces of this armor set. Continue in the same fashion and you’ll soon enough have a great armor set on your character. 

Abomination Factory Armor Set

This one is called Necrolord Unity and it’s looking like a real nightmare. So, what’s the catch here? Well, you simply are supposed to be at least level 5 when it comes to Abomination FACTORY. 

Since you will start from level 5, the goal is to push forward until you reach the level gap. Only then will you be able to get all pieces of this set.

Night Fae Covenant Armor

New Armor Sets for Shadowlands 9.1.5: What's New

In case you’re willing to complete this patch’s activities, you will be rewarded with a great armor set with different tints. The Night Fae Covenant Armor set is specially made to ensure maximum appeal with a great combination of colors. Anyhow, here’s what you can get and how:

  1. Garb of Pure Spirit

 Just after you get your Renown 60, you’ll be able to acquire this set for free. Getting there is not that easy, however, it’s a lot of fun to go on the journey! 

  1. Garb of the Azure Dusk 

Getting this set requires you to be at least 77 Renown and spend 10k Reservoir Anima. You can buy it from Elwyn. Be aware that you can’t buy all at once, you actually have to wait a bit and complete quests as you go. 

  1. Garb of Fall’s Promise 

This one is tricky; you need to give 6K Stygia to Duchess Mynx and be at least 60 Renown. On top of that, you should be exalted with the so-called faction Death’s Advance. 

  1. Garb of the Twilight Grove 

Getting this one is ‘’easy’’. You need to complete most of the activities with Night Fae NPCs in Korthia. So, start pumping those quests from the story line. 

Getting into the Campaign

The first thing you need to do is to get yourself ready for the campaign. This means that the first covenant armor set awaits you once you finish the story line. Simple as that, you will need to go through the story line and do as many quests as you can.

Upon completing each quest, you will be rewarded with one piece of the set. So, in a way, you should complete all quests and not skip any.

Starting from chapter 3, you will get a lot of gear that you can equip until you get chapter 7 done. After that, your character will have the full set equipped!

Renown Night Fae Armor Set

This one surely is amazing, and it takes a lot to get it done! Besides the already costly pieces, you can acquire at the Renown milestones, this set requires you to spend some Grateful Offering as well.

The first Renown milestone is at 16 – Here, you will get basic items such as Gloves. 

The second milestone is at 26 – This milestone will provide you with a bit more interesting pieces like a Cloak.

And the third one is at 32 – The most interesting parts are here, such as Chest. 

Venthyr Covenant Armor

New Armor Sets for Shadowlands 9.1.5: What's New

Those who are really set on doing the Covenant activities are in a treat with this Armor Set. Namely, you need to follow the storyline carefully and you can choose from 8 different tints once you acquire Venthyr Covenant Armor. Let’s see where you can get this piece of beauty:

  1. Harvester’s Court Attire

Perfect as a beginner set. This armor set is given to a player once he gets 60 Renown. The only thing about this set is that you have to reach this level. Other than that, it’s all fine. 

  1. Court Inquisitor’s Vestments

This one sparks joy in almost every player. You can get this armor set from Chachi the Artiste, but you need to spend 10k Reservoir Anima. Also, you need to have at least 64 Renown.

  1. Renathal’s Battlefield Attire 

Duchess Mynx is the person who can sell you this set, but you have to spend 6K Stygia and be Renown 60. Also, you need to buy one part after another, not all at the same time. 

  1. Radiant Court Attire 

You can get this armor set only if you grind through daily quests with Venthyr NPCs in Korthia.

The Campaign Armor Set

As you could already suspect, the Venthyr Campaign Armor set is actually obtainable only if you follow the story line. Similar to others before, you need to complete all chapters in the campaign as the pieces of the set will be rewarded to you after each chapter.

Therefore, start your journey and go through the whole story line.

Crimson Armor Set – Renown

The second set worth mentioning for Venthyr is the Renown one. Now, you will have to start slowly on this one and gather as much Reservoir Anima as you can. This set is only obtainable if you purchase its parts from the vendor. 

So, stack up and get as much anima as you can. Also, it’s important to get have a lot of Grateful Offering to spare. You will use it for more valuable parts of the set such as the Helm, Chest, and Shoulder. 

Once you get all these parts together, you will see how beautiful the set truly is!

Ember Court – What’s up with that one?

This set comes with a special feature. Namely, besides Reservoir Anima you need to spend in order to get pieces, you also are in need of a good reputation in the Ember Court! That’s why this set is maybe the hardest to get.

Sanctum of Domination Armor

New Armor Sets for Shadowlands 9.1.5: What's New

Do you remember the time when the 9.0 patch introduced us to the Legendary armor sets? Well, the Sanctum of Domination armor set for raids is looking exactly like it. The most important thing to know about this set is that you can only unlock its parts by doing getting your hands on the raid items.

Move ever, this set has 6 different tints which are all specially designed in order to combine an exclusive look and a great appearance. 

Therefore, you can choose to equip some of these:

  • Cloth Raid Amor
  • Leather Raid Armor
  • Mail Raid Armor
  • Plate Raid Armor 

All in all, each of these sets brings a whole new look to your character while doing PvP or Raids, the choice is yours!

What About the Weapons? 

Chains of Domination 9.1.5 patch surely did bring a lot in the field of weapons. Namely, you can now choose from a variety of raid, dungeon, or PvP weapons to aid you in your battles. 

Also, there are a couple of categories in which all weapons are divided, so let’s discuss them one by one.

Weapons for Raid – Sanctum of Domination 

At the first glance, the Sanctum of Domination weapons is designed in order to follow the old Covenant style. However, the Torghast touch is present and definitely noticeable on each weapon.

Anyhow, since there are plenty of weapons to choose from in this category, we will take a look at some of the most impactful ones. 

  1. Raid Dagger – This one stands out with the uniquely designed skull, just above the handle. Also, this weapon has a really impressive red (blood-like) color. 
  2. Raid Warglaive – Warglaives are definitely getting more and more attention in Shadowlands. Therefore, this one surely is eye-catching with all its blue (fire-like) details.
  3. Raid Staff – One the first look, this staff looks like an old Covenant weapon. However, the top and the bottom of the staff are definitely bringing some green magic-like touch to showcase the Torghast details. 

As you can see, these weapons are definitely worth the time and effort you would put into getting them. After all, they all look neat with great details to further boost your appeal. 

All in all

As we can see from everything above, Shadowlands 9.1.5 patch really brought us something special. Each of these sets is masterfully done with attention to detail. Therefore, we can all be satisfied with the cosmetics in Shadowlands so far.