Many of you already got to the cap level 60 or are steadily closing in, so you might wonder what can you do next. Well, we already talked about this and our previous article will help you overstand all of the possibilities of your future endeavors in Shadowlands. However, we will talk specifically about one interesting activity you can do when you hit the cap – the World Quests. 

Precisely, we’ll show you how to unlock them, and provide a preview of what they bring to the table. But anyhow, it’s up to you to conquer them all and fully immerse yourself in this incredible experience. 

Prerequisites to unlocking World Quests

Apart from hitting the cap, few more prerequisites need to be fulfilled to unlock World Quests. Let’s sort them in this order:

  1. You need to choose your Covenant. Now, this is something that falls into the category of what you personally like and stand for. Wondering why? – Well, the purpose of joining the Covenant should be aligned with your personal goals and values, it’s not just a cosmetic-choice to make. Therefore, make sure you take your time and consider this Covenant article we’ve made for you earlier, to help you choose wisely. 

Finally, if only the Covenant abilities are preventing you from choosing properly then make sure to preview the abilities of every Covenant. To accomplish this, have a conversation with each Covenant’s Ambassador while doing the “Choosing your purpose” quest. 

  1. Go through Covenant rites of passage and pick up the skills from the NPC. Note: Make sure to pick up all of the skills. 
  2. After the Covenant ceremony ends, tap M to open your map and choose the currently open World Quests. To be precise, World Quests are marked with an exclamation mark “!” with its background colored in black.
  3. Simply click on the quest after you read its description and start questing.

Now, let’s take a look at what you actually get by doing WQ.

What’s in it for you? 

How To Unlock World Quests In Shadowlands

For one thing, a lot of players are discussing the effect of WQ on Shadowlands and the supposed limitations they bring to the eight expansion. In that light, the game’s logic works in a way that it will trammel your progress to some extent if you don’t do the WQ. 

Therefore, your main way to continue unlocking Allied races and gain Renown, for example, will be exactly through WQ. Apart from it, you can also gain Rep by following these action steps, preferably combined for the best effect.

Next, following a tradition from previous expansions, WQ in Shadowlands have a role to rake you rep, gear, gold, and some Anima.

Now, here are some more details on the World Quests with a list of active quests following. Nonetheless, the World Quests are grouped in five, well-known areas:

  1. Bastion
  2. Maldraxxus
  3. Ardenweald
  4. Revendreth
  5. Oribos 

What’s more, each of them will fill with quests that will start and end predetermined by the game’s algorithm.  Additionally, among regular “kills the X mobs” or “collect X scrolls” tasks inside a quest, you’ll also come across some fierce pet-fighting competitions.  

Anyhow, here is the list of currently active World Quest from all of the five areas:

  • A Call to Ardenweald
  • Aiding Bastion
  • Storm the Maw
  • A Dangerous Harvest
  • A Thorn In Their Side
  • Drust Between You and Me
  • Gormling Piper: Tranquil Pools
  • Lurking In The Shadows
  • Squish and Burn
  • Tailoring: Cloak of Camouflage
  • Who Devours the Devourers?
  • Centurions, Assemble!
  • Cliffs of Bastion
  • History of Corruption
  • Leatherworking: Steelhide Leather Harness
  • Limbo
  • March of the Eternal Protector
  • Things Remembered
  • Valinor, the Light of Eons
  • Vesiphone’s Vicious Vesper
  • Troubles at Home
  • Bet On Yourself
  • Deadly Reminder
  • Fishing: Skeletal Mudskipper
  • Forged in Secret
  • Further Gelatinous Research
  • Gettin’ Even
  • Not Much to Goo On
  • Spore Losers
  • Uncomfortably Undercover
  • Cooking: Skewered Meats
  • Darkwing Drills
  • Dirty Job: Demolition Detail
  • Eyegor’s Special Friends
  • Light Defense
  • Major Mirror Disruptions
  • Soul Snares
  • A Monument to Vengeance
  • Acquisition: Crystallized Stygia
  • Feed Your Soul
  • Forces of Perdition

Specifically, Shadowlands doesn’t oblige you to play or complete WQ at all costs, and they are optional. To top it off, players over the internet are complaining that some WQs isn’t worth a candle. However, you can hope for occasional World Quest Bonus events, with the most recent one from mid-January.

Nevertheless, within this event players got 750 Anima and 500 Rep token for successfully completing 20 WQ on that week. Particularly, that’s why you should stay up to date and do not disregard WQ even though it may be boring and cumbersome at some moments.

Final Words

To wrap it up, we advise to focus on World Quests and view it as a means to an end to farm rep and some gear. Nevertheless, even if they bore you, try to relax and enjoy some old-school, traditional game mode while reminiscing about WQs from Legion and BfA. After all, many senior players admitted that World Quests at that time were the bee’s knees.