Heroic Ansurek Carry & Boost

Purchase our outstanding service Queen Ansurek Heroic Boost and kill the desired final boss of the Nerub’ar Palace raid in a stress-free setting. You will receive the rare Ahead of the Curve achievement and excellent raid experience, which will be helpful for future raids. Our experienced boosters will help you quickly kill the last boss and get a chance to loot a fantastic mount and Top-tier gear. With Epiccarry, you will experience the best sides of World of Warcraft gameplay and stop the Nerubians in their dark deeds. Our boosting services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we will help you quickly achieve the desired result, even if it is the first week of the first season of The War Within.

Service Includes

You can choose either Heroic Ansurek Carry &Amp; Boost | Buy BoostSelf-Play or Heroic Ansurek Carry &Amp; Boost | Buy BoostPiloted mode for this boost.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: Flexible;
Estimated Completion time: 20-30 minutes.

Additional Options

Add Mythic +10 — After Ansurek Heroic Kill, our professional players will help you complete Mythic+10 Dungeon;
Add x3+1 Free Mythic +10 — After the Ansurek Heroic Kill Boost, our seasoned professionals will help you complete four Mythic+10 Keystones for the price of 3;
Stream — We will provide you with a personal stream on Twitch or YouTube, and you will watch the Heroic Ansurek encounter.


Active World of Warcraft subscription.

Level 70 character. Use our Dragonflight leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

How it works

By purchasing our Kill of Last Nerub’ar Palace Boss Boost, you will receive high-quality and fast execution of a good service. Our best players with extensive experience in raids will help you achieve your desired goal. We have prepared step-by-step instructions for you that describe the entire Carry process:

  1. Select boost mode and desired additional options and place your order. Pay for your order using a convenient method from those available;
  2. In 3-7 minutes, our customer support team will contact you via online chat. You will view our raid schedule and select a convenient time for AotC Ansurek boosting service;
  3. The following actions depend on the selected boost mode:
    • For Piloted mode, please provide your login information. Our Pro player will log into your account and perform Ansurek AotC carry. We will provide you with a personal stream;
    • For Self-Play mode, at the scheduled time, you will be invited to a pre-prepared raid slot to kill Queen Ansurek in heroic difficulty. Be prepared to change your spec to DPS at the request of the raid leader;
  4. Our experienced team will help you to kill heroic Queen Ansurek, and get the AotC Ansurek achievement;
  5. When the last boss in heroic mode dies, our support staff manager will write to you and congratulate you on receiving the Queen Ansurek achievement and a new gaming experience.

Please leave an honest review about our Queen Ansurek Heroic Kill boost. Your feedback helps us become better and provide great customer service. Our main goal is to provide the highest quality services to our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people usually get the Ahead of the Curve achievement?

Ahead of the Curve achievements are rare, although far from Cutting Edge. Since Nerub’ar Palace is the first raid of the new expansion of The War Within, the only possible option would be to compare it with the results of the previous expansion – Dragonflight. Ahead of the Curve achievements cannot be obtained after the new season’s release; comparisons can be considered objective. In the first season, the Vault of the Incarnates raid was relevant. Only 17% of World of Warcraft players killed Raszageth the Storm-Eater in heroic mode. Over time, the results got better and better. In the second season of Dragonflight, the final boss of Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible heroic raid – Scalecommander Sarkareth, was killed by 21% of the players. In Season 3, 29% of players killed Fyrakk the Blazing in the heroic difficulty of Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope.

By purchasing our service, you will become one of the unique players who obtained the Ahead of the Curve achievement. This is an achievement you can be proud of having.

What loot options will we use during the Nerub’ar Palace Final Boss carry?

During the Queen Ansurek kills boost, we will use the standard group loot system, which Blizzard Entertainment returned to the Dragonflight expansion. You will have to compete with other players for equipment, which will be dropped after defeating the final boss. The only exception is the mount; the defeated boss usually drops the mount to one player and does not require a roll.

If you are interested in Ahead of the Curve achievement and gear, you can check out our “Nerub’ar Palace Full Gear Boost” service.

Are there gear requirements for the raid on Heroic difficulty?

Heroic Queen Ansurek in the Nerub’ar Palace does not require any specific gear. The best option would be to have a gear with 600-613 ilvl, which can be looted in the normal difficulty of a raid. However, our experienced players have good enough equipment to compensate for your skill and equipment level. By purchasing our service for the kill of the last boss in heroic mode, you can be sure that your order will be completed efficiently and quickly, regardless of your preparedness for the raid run.