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What are Mythic+ dungeons?

Mythic+ mode is one of the main branches of PvE content in late-game WoW. The principles of designing 5-people content were first used in Legion and take their roots in Challenge mode dungeons. To beat the dungeon, players must defeat all bosses and a set number of “Enemy Forces” within a time limit.

Mythic mode offers an ever-increasing challenge to the players. The damage and health of the enemies goes up with each level of the Keystone. In BfA, each dungeon may have up to 4 affixes. Each affix adds a global modifier to the dungeon. This changes the approach that a party has to take to beat the bosses or even mob packs. In 8.3, dungeons are affected by a seasonal “Awakened” affix, which adds N’Zoth’s Lieutenants to the list of bosses you have to tackle.

There are three possible outcomes once you enter a Mythic dungeon:

  1. Beating the dungeon within the time limit. Rewards everyone with Azerite, Titan Residuum and 3 pieces of gear. The group will also get a Keystone, that will lead to a random dungeon. The level of the Key depends on the time surplus and may surpass the level of the source dungeon by up to 3
  2. Completing the dungeon missing the timer. If you let the timer come to an end, everyone will only get 2 pieces of gear. The Keystone will be one level lower than it’s dungeon of origin.
  3. Fail to complete the dungeon, and you will get a Keystone, that points to the same dungeon one level lower.

Why do you need Mythic+ to progress in the game?

Unlike regular dungeons, Mythic+ is one of the main sources of high-level gear. The loot for completing a level 14+ dungeon is comparable to Heroic NWC loot. Players also get a piece of gear by looting a chest of their faction at the beginning of every in-game week. The rewards from the chest include:

Keystone level End-of-dungeon reward Weekly Cache reward Titan Residuum per week
RIO score per run
7 450 460 195 ~70.6
8 455 460 205 ~80.7
9 455 460 215 ~90.6
10 455 465 1700 ~100.7
11 460 465 1790 ~111.8
12 460 470 1880 ~121.7
13 460 470 1970 ~133.2
14 465 470 2060 ~147.6
15 465 475 2150 ~161

Why would you need our help with Mythic dungeons?

Any player of level 120 can participate in Mythic+ mode. This makes M+ dungeons the most accessible part of end-game content in BfA WoW. This means, that there are plenty of groups out there that are actively looking for new members. So why would you need our help?

First of all, you may never be certain that you will complete the dungeon at all, let alone beat the timer with PUGs. Mythic mode requires high levels of group coordination and strategy from every member of a team. Most teams just run for the fun of it and cannot guarantee that you will achieve the best result.

Second, while it is fair to say that everyone can access any dungeon, there is a caveat. Mythic+ is a highly competitive community, and players have created an unofficial rating system which tells the recruiting groups exactly how skilled you are in a given dungeon. The system is called RIO score. Having such a handy way to track Mythic+ progress makes choosing the best candidate a matter of comparing numbers. It also means it’s all but impossible to find a good party after a realm transfer or for your alt.

Why would you choose us?

Our store has any kind of Mythic+ service that you might need to make and keep your character relevant in end-game PvE. We hire a large number of teams to be able to meet the needs of as many players as possible at any given time. This helps us to keep the wait time for a random low-to-medium level key under 30 minutes.In addition, our M+ boosters are able to do any dungeon up to +15 within the time limit. As a result, gaining achievements such as BfA Keystone Conqueror and BfA Keystone Master with us is just a matter of few days!

Mythic+ run

The most basic service anyone may need. Best-suited for taking care of your weekly routine. Customize it by specifying the Keystone level, the dungeon you need and making it so we’ll complete it within the timer. You can also choose up to 20 runs for a progressively bigger discount. Keys up to 12 can be started within 15-60 minutes after the purchase. The difference between this service and our “3 + 1 free” offer, is that this one does not require you to play all the dungeons within one week.

Mythic Keystone upgrade

The go-to service for returning players and people who love leveling alts. Our team will accompany you from the very beginning of the Mythic+ content – keystone level 2 and boost your keystone to the level of your choice. This will give you access to better gear, tons of Azerite and upgrade your Keystone. Best way to jump-start an alt and get ready for Heroic NWC!!

Mythic +15 Weekly Chest

Often bought by high-level players to take care of their weekly chores. This service consists of a single M+15 run. Completing it ensures that a player will get a 475 level item and tons of Titan Residuum on the next in-game week.

Keystone Conqueror / Keystone Master

This service is an achievement boost. We will help you in getting the Keystone Conqueror: Season Four or Keystone Master: Season Four. The rewards you will get include a new Title – The Awakened, Awakened Mindborer mount, loads of Azerite. Also, as a byproduct of this service, you will get a significant RIO score boost.

Buy 3 Mythic+ Get 1 Free

A best-value offer for those who farm dungeons for gear in BfA 8.3. If you buy this product, you will get 4 dungeons at a price of just 3. This offer is widely popular among people, that want to raise their item level. The gear that drops from level 12 dungeons is similar to NWC Normal gear. This offer works for all keys up to +12.



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