PvP Elite Gear

Our pro players will carry you to 1800 in the 3v3 bracket of the Arena. Getting a Rival rank in the rated Arena is nowadays the most efficient way to access the elite PvP items for your character.

Furthermore, you will also unlock transmog armor by improving your Arena Rating to 1800+ in our professional PvP boosting team. Buying our boost, you:


The ETA on this boost will vary depending on the number of matches we’ll need to play to gain the desired rating.

Additional Options

Honor Gear — choose this if you lack suitable gear for PvP. Our players will equip your character with Honor gear. The average item level will be 359 for the world, and 411 for PvP. This option adds 1-2 days to the ETA of the service and will be done in Piloted mode.

Vicious Saddle — after reaching 1000 rating in the Arena 3v3 bracket, you will win enough PvP matches to earn the Vicious Saddle while maintaining your PR at 1k+. This option is only available in Self-Play mode. Increases ETA by another 5-7 days.


Level 70 character. Use our Dragonflight leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

Your average gear level has to be 476+ . You can use our PvP gear boost if you don't meet this requirement.

You must be ready to spec into DPS at the team leader’s request.

Elite PvP Gear Carry

The elite PvP gear carry service is a perfect opportunity to get an outstanding elite transmog set suitable for your class and armor type. Choose a character on your account and prepare to become the arena champion. With our boosters, you will win as many 3v3 arena matches as it needs to get enough conquest points to buy PvP items of the elite gear for the current season of the Dragonflight expansion.

You will join our team of professional and highly experienced PvP players who have reached a high Gladiator title multiple times with many classes. They will find a way out from desperate PvP situations. Together you will have an arena rating boost up to 1800, receiving all potential rewards in the process.

About Our Elite PvP Gear Carry

The World of Warcraft game is so huge and so detailed that everyone may find something interesting in it. There are dozens of different activities to concentrate on. Some players collect mounts, pets, armor, etc; others unlock various achievements.

Some prefer PvE content and do their best to finish high Mythic+ keystones within the time limit. And there is a part of a community that loves putting its skills to the test on PvP Arenas and RBG.

Of course, such perseverance should be rewarded, and the reward has to be adequately demonstrated. One of the best ways to show your gaming skill and current rating is elite PvP gear, which may be bought and upgraded to a needed ilvl by using special in-game currency.

EpicCarry offers an elite PvP gear carry, allowing you to raise your arena rating to 1800 quickly. This will be enough to get all the elite set items and complete your new perfect look.

Acquiring WoW PvP Elite Gear

In WoW Dragonflight PvP season one, players get Arena rating, Honor, and Conquest points each time they play and win a PvP battle at a rated Arena. The higher your rating is, the more of each reward you can get every lockout. This makes the arena farm the most convenient and efficient way to get PvP rewards, which include character titles, mounts, and unique sets, which can be obtained from different sources.

Players may buy Aspirant, and Gladiator’s sets for Honor or Conquest points accordingly. However, to get elite PvP gear, they will need to reach a specific Arena rating or RBG rating during the current PvP season in World of Warcraft in either Rated Arenas or Rated Battlegrounds. Below you may see a short table that represents the needed arena rating and the corresponding elite reward.

  • Combatant I (1000): Cloak;
  • Combatant II (1200): Legs and Bracers;
  • Challenger I (1400): Gloves and Boots;
  • Challenger II (1600): Chest and Belt;
  • Rival I (1800): Head, Shoulders, and Helm.

If you would love to complete this elite PvP set, there is also a tabard, but it requires a specific rating score. Still, Our support team can help you to make a custom order which will include this transmog item.

Elite PvP Set Boost Rewards

Apart from the elite set for the current season, World of Warcraft: Dragonflight players will get access to other compelling bonuses, including additional PvP awards from the Great Vault, which you can choose and collect once a week for free.

Each time you win an arena game, you will get Conquest and Honor points as currency, which is used to buy and upgrade PvP gear and weapons until you reach the maximum Ilvl. You also get a higher rating, increase your PvP level, and get new titles. The game awards you PvP-related achievements every once in a while.

Apart from everything said above, each arena win brings you closer to the following:

  • Almost unattainable Gladiator title, achievement, and a mount. World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion offers a Cosmic Gladiator’s Soul Eater;
  • A Vicious Saddle. This is another addition to your collection that becomes available after you reach a specific Arena rating.

Currently, there are around thirty Vicious mounts available for both factions. Check our site and sign in for this service if you want some of these creatures. Note that these elite items are bound to the character and are not account-wide.

Elite PvP Set Boost: Before You Buy

EpicCarry offers two ways to get a PvP elite set: in a Self-play or a Piloted mode.

A self-played variation imposes certain restrictions on players. It is better to select a DPS spec and provide good communication to our boosting team to deliver the best results.

We also recommend having at least 240 item level of your current PvP gear (that’s a full set of Honor gear). This will make the task at hand much more manageable. You can always use a character boost or contact our support to learn other ways to upgrade your character.

The piloted mode has no limitations at all. Our boosters will do everything for you.

Other PvP Services

Apart from the elite PvP set boosting, EpicCarry has other offers. We can upgrade the general item level of your PvE armor and weapons or even supply you with the BiS Dragonflight gear.

One of the most useful boosting offers is our PvP Coaching. Here you will not only raise your current PvP rating and receive in-game bonuses, including weekly Great Vault pieces of armor, but, most importantly, you will gain priceless PvP experience, learn the strategy, tactics, the value of proper communication, and other critical skills from our professional World of Warcraft: Dragonflight players. We’ll help you git gud, and sooner rather than later, you won’t need our help to achieve your PvP goals!

Need Help? Get in Touch!

You may always contact our support team to learn all the details of things like:

  • the most popular PvP services we have on sale;
  • account share;
  • delivery time;

or anything that’ll help you to make an informed decision, don’t hesitate to ask us in web chat. We will do our best to brief you on the specifics of the WoW PvP system in general, new PvP abilities, Arena Rating, PvP rewards, Honor points, and other aspects of Player vs Player mechanics in Dragonflight.

Frequently Asked Questions

What PvP Rating is Elite PvP Gear in WoW?

This Set of advanced transmog items can be acquired as a prize for reaching 1800 in the 2v2 or 3v3 bracket of the Arena or Rated Battlegrounds.

Is Elite PvP Gear Account-Wide?

No, it’s bound to the character that has reached the rating.

Where Can I Purchase PvP Armor?

Dragonflight PvP vendor is located in Valdrakken. Look for Gladiator Refuge near the Seat of the Aspects. You’re looking for Malicia, the NPC that’ll hook you up with all things PvP, including Honor gear, Conquest items, and various other things.

If you want to purchase the Elite PvP sets specifically, Glamora is standing right next to Malicia; they offer all the cosmetic rewards for Conquest points, including the PvP Elite Set.

Other NPCs of interest in the area are Seltherex, which sells Honor gear, and Calderax, a Conquest gear vendor.


Got Questions? Ask Away!