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S3 release features a brand-new hardcore FoS achievement called Keystone Hero: Season Three. To obtain the Dragonflight KSH achievement, a player must complete Mythic+ Dragonflight dungeons on high keys until their Mythic+ rating reaches at least 2500.

Your 2500 Mythic+ rating gives you many rewards: You’ll unlock a dungeon portal to any DF Dragon Isles dungeon, dramatically increasing your travel speed through the Dragonflight continent.

Keystone Hero Boost is the ultimate service for payers who want to get every single Mythic+ rating-related Feat of Strength. Buying our KSH achievement boost, you receive all the easier Mythic+ rating achievements, which include amazing rewards such as the Keystone Master achievement, “the Dreaming” character title, and a Verdant Armoredon mount.

Dragonflight Keystone Hero Boost Includes

Our professional Mythic+ team will carry you through M+17-21 dungeons until your Mythic+ rating hits 2500. As a result, you will get the Keystone Hero meta-achievement, which consists of several specific Keystone Hero achievements.

  • Up to 8 account-wide Feat-of-Strength achievements and 3 meta-achievements: Dragonflight Keystone Hero: Season Three, Keystone Master, and Keystone Conqueror;
  • Tons of valuable crafting reagents, currency, and powerful gear rewards:
    • A level 483 Great Vault item that you’ll get the next in-game week;
    • there is a chance of obtaining 467-470 ilvl gear from end-of-the-dungeon chests;
    • tons of Flightstones and Aspect’s Dreaming Crests;
  • The Dreaming” character title;
  • You’ll earn the Verdant Armoredon mount;
  • A helpful ability to fast travel within the game world of Dragon Isles: you’ll unlock a personal teleport to each selected Season Three Mythic dungeon (sold separately).

You can choose either Keystone Hero Boost | Buy BoostSelf-Play or Keystone Hero Boost | Buy BoostPiloted mode for this boost.

Additional Options

Teleport Unlock — by default, the service is completed by running +17-21 dungeons, meaning that you may miss some of the teleports, which require completing a dungeon on level 20 key. If this option is selected, our team will ensure that you’ll get all 8 teleports by completing 8/8 Season 3 dungeons at Mythic Level 20 or higher, within the time limit.


Full Keystone Hero Achievement Boost takes 14 to 21 days (or 2-3 weekly lockouts). If you’ve made some progress towards the achievements and completed some dungeons before buying our service, the process will take significantly less.

The KSH boost delivery time may vary slightly, depending on many factors: your current progress, which dictates the options you have selected and the dungeons you need, whether you selected the Self-Play option or not, and even the day of the in-game week.

On average, each Mythic+ run will take 30 minutes to an hour, but, as with our other services, which happen in Mythic+ dungeons, the team will spend most of this time on setup, and runs themselves will be very fast. The dungeons will be beaten within the time limit, which varies for every Mythic+ run. Easier dungeons may be completed faster, and most difficult ones may take slightly longer than stated.

Keystone Hero Carry: Requirements

Level 70 character. Use our Dragonflight leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

Item level 454 and 50k+ average DPS if you want your run completed within the timer. Check out our Gearing Service if you need help with meeting gear requirements.

Getting KSH is challenging and taxing on everyone involved; due to the difficulty of this undertaking, we insist that you switch to DPS spec for the duration of this service if you choose the Selfplay option.

Additional Requirements specific to Account Share

We will need access to your World of Warcraft account for some meaningful amount of time to work on your order. It will be occupied while we work.

Please disconnect the Authenticator or disable the "always require authenticator for login" setting in Security Settings. Your account will be protected by the secret question for the duration of your boost. Don't forget to re-enable it once we finish the service.

How To Get Dragonflight Keystone Hero Season Three Meta-Achievement

A player must beat Dragonflight Mythic+ dungeons on high keys until their Mythic+ rating reaches at least 2500 to unlock the Dragonflight KSH achievement. To complete such a difficult task, you’ll need a ton of experience playing on high-level keys, some preparation, and a skillful team.

Dragonflight Mythic+ Season Three dungeon roster sports eight dungeons, which all have a corresponding FoS tied to them:

Keystone Hero Teleport Achievements

When you complete a Mythic+ within the timer, you unlock the corresponding FoS for the selected dungeon, granting you the ability to teleport to its entrance. This teleport is worthy QoL reward indeed, given the difficulty of the task at hand.

Buying our Dragonflight Keystone Hero: Season Three boost, you also get the Keystone Master achievement, the Verdant Armoredon mount, the ability to teleport to any Dragonflight dungeon, and access to potent Mythic+ gear from chests and the Great Vault.


    Do You Have Any Progress?

    Do You Have Any Progress?

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