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Since we are all impatiently waiting for the global release of Shadowlands, it’s useful to prepare for WoW’s eight expansion and the changes it will bring. Therefore, we can expect gameplay mechanics that are entirely new, major class changes, and some cosmetic and quality-of-life innovations. 

In particular, we will talk about the changes that will significantly impact the gameplay of all classes, since every class will “suffer” distinct alterations and Shadowland’s new core system will also affect them. In that light, we made this guide to make it easier to follow and understand all the class changes in Shadowlands.

What’s more, we have seen class changes with every expansion, and they brought various modifications. Remember the changes in Warlords of Draenor and the attempt to make a playstyle more effective by diminishing the number of buttons a player needs? Sure, you do – so you are probably expecting a new class philosophy to be introduced in Shadowlands, and you are right. 

Now, let’s see which class changes are going to knock on our doors on October 27th and how to combine them with the new core changes in Shadowlands. 

Class Changes 

Class Changes in Shadowlands

Important to say, there will be a major update to all playable classes. However, it’s all good news, since many abilities which were removed with mass prune from past expansions are back on the table. Therefore, this guide will show you all class abilities and explain them enough, so you’ll have a clear picture of what’s coming.

Finally, we’ll cover game changes including GDC, AoE, Legendary items, and other novelties like Covenants and Anima powers. But first, let’s quickly skim through to what all of these changes represent.

  1. The Covenants

A completely new system, the Covenants, represents four groups of which each controls one of the principal zones in the expansion. These factions control the expanded zones of Azeroth, the Afterlife – a hub of infinite, interconnected realms. Furthermore, you will be able to choose one of these four (when you reach cap level 60):

  1. Kyrian
  2. Venthyr
  3. Necrolord
  4. Night Fae

Next, whichever Covenant you choose you will get 2 new abilities:

  • A Signature Ability – unique to every Covenant;
  • A Class ability – combat ability depending on your class and the Covenant you belong to.
  1. Conduits

Resembling a talent tree, there is an interface in Shadowlands that is unlocked once you choose your Souldblind Character. Conduits are tied to Souldbinds and the slots in this “Talent Tree” copy consist of Soulbind Abilities connected with the Soulbind character you selected. 

Also, if you remember Artifact Relics from Legion, then you can get a clearer picture of what conduits are. Further, there are three categories of conduits:

  1. Potency or Throughput
  2. Endurance or Defensive
  3. Finesse or Utility

Moreover, you can easily change your Covenant, but if you want to return to the one you left, the process will be cumbersome – You’ll need to prove yourself again and literally “swim upstream”. So it is best 

NOTE: Conduits will be destroyed when you replace them. What’s more, Blizzard is reconsidering to destroy Conduits once they are switched. 

  1. Legendaries

In Shadowlands, expect crafted Legendaries which you will personally craft with material collected in Torghast. This system is the next level of punchcard trinket we’ve seen in Mechagon and you’ll be able to craft items, tailormade to your needs.

  1. Anima power

With Shadowlands, a new feature called Torghast, Tower of Damned emerged. So, when you enter Torghast, you’ll be able to tap in Anima Powers. 

With temporary anima power skills, your interaction with Torghast will be affected. Besides, like with the Covenant skills, you’ll have General Anima abilities and skills that are specific to your class at your disposal. 

  1. Area of Effect Damage

With this one, Blizzard returned AoE to more strategic core principles. In BfA, you were able to pull and kite a lot of mobs with AoE abilities, while dealing damage to all of them. 

Now, there will be target caps for every ability and the abilities with different cap numbers will be used contingently, appeasing the situation. Simply said, you will have a range of abilities with different numbers of AoE target caps that will define its use.

Covenant Signature Skills, Class Abilities and Legendary Powers

As we previously mentioned, Covenant signature skills are Covenant-specific, and are the same for every class:

As for the class abilities and legendary powers, you may check the following table to familiarize yourself with them.

Class &
Death Knight
Kyrian:Shackle the UnworthyDeath’s Embrace
Venthyr:Swarming MistGrip of the Everlasting
Necrolord:Abomination LimbPhearomones
Night Fae:Death’s DueSuperstrain
Demon Hunter
Kyrian:Elysian DecreeCollective Anguish
Venthyr:Sinful BrandDarkglare Boon
Necrolord:Fodder to the FlameFel Bombardment
Night Fae:The HuntHalf-Giant Empowerment
Kyrian:Kindred SpiritsCircle of Life and Death
Venthyr:Ravenous FrenzyDraught of Deep Focus
Necrolord:Adaptive SwarmLycara’s Fleeting Glimpse
Night Fae:Convoke the SpiritsOath of the Elder Druid
Kyrian:Resonating ArrowCall of the Wild
Venthyr:Flayed ShotNessingwary’s Trapping Apparatus
Necrolord:Death ChakramSoulforge Embers
Night Fae:Wild SpiritsCraven Strategem
Kyrian:Radiant SparkDisciplinary Command
Venthyr:Expanded Potential
Necrolord:DeathborneGrisly Icicle
Night Fae:Shifting PowerTriune Ward
Kyrian:Weapons of OrderEscape from Reality
Venthyr:Fallen OrderFatal Touch
Necrolord:Bonedust BrewInvoker’s Delight
Night Fae:Faeline StompCharred Passions
Kyrian:Divine TollFrom Dusk till Dawn
Venthyr:Ashen HallowVanguard’s Momentum
Necrolord:Vanquisher’s HammerThe Magistrate’s Judgment
Night Fae:Blessing of the SeasonsUther’s Devotion
Kyrian:Boon of the AscendedCauterizing Shadows
MindgamesMeasured Contemplation
Necrolord:Unholy NovaTwins of the Sun Priestess
Night Fae:Fae GuardiansVault of Heavens
Kyrian:Echoing ReprimandEssence of Bloodfang
Venthyr:FlagellationMark of the Master Assassin
Necrolord:Serrated Bone SpikeTiny Toxic Blades
SepsisInvigorating Shadowdust
Kyrian:Vesper TotemAncestral Reminder
Chain HarvestChains of Devastation
Necrolord:Primordial WaveDeeptremor Stone
Night Fae:Fae TransfusionDeeply Rooted Elements
Kyrian:Scouring TitheSkybreaker’s Fiery Demise
Venthyr:Impending СatastropheElemental Equilibrium
Necrolord:Decimating BoltEchoes of Great Sundering
Night Fae:Soul RotWindspeaker’s Lava Resurgence
Kyrian:Spear of BastionLeaper
Venthyr:CondemnMisshapen Mirror
Conqueror’s BannerSeismic Reverberation
Night Fae:Ancient AftershockSignet of Tormented Kings


Shadowlands is bringing many interesting developments and refreshments to the gameplay of WoW. Furthermore, some rely on old fame from previous expansions, and some are bringing brand new innovations, alternating the way the game works. 

Overall, we all know you can’t wait for the global release. Therefore, until it gets released, it’s good to know what to expect and what wow class changes are coming, so enjoy our guide and keep yourself updated.