RBG Rating and Wins Boost

Product Description

Here you can buy World of Warcraft (WoW) RBG Rating Boost service. We will boost your character’s RBG Rating to the selected value. The RBG carry will be done by teaming up with our players and playing until you get enough RBG wins to reach the desired rating.

The RBG matches you’ll participate in will be real. During the RBG boost, you will face real opponents; therefore, we cannot guarantee that you’ll win all the matches, but we will complete as many as required to get your character to the chosen rating.

The ETA on the RBG boost service may vary, it depends on the number of matches we’ll need to play to gain the desired rating.

If you select the RBG Raid Attendant option, you will be accompanied by a personal coach that will help you to play effectively in a team. He will coordinate you with the team and assist you in completing the RBG objectives.

This boost will be completed in RBG Rating and Wins Boost | Buy boostSelf-Play mode.

Additional info

  • All timeframes begin from the point when you join our RBG group for the first time;
  • WoW RBG Boost is not a service that can be realistically done in AFK mode. You will be playing RBG matches with the best boosters we can offer, but they will need your participation and full attention in order to complete the RBG carry for you. While playing with our RBG team, you are expected to do your best, be at least competent with your class and follow the group leader’s requests as closely as possible. This especially applies to healers and those players that aim for high RBG ratings;
  • During the WoW RBG boost, the raid leader may or may not require you to complete some specific task on RBG. You have to understand that it may be impossible to complete your boost if your personal PvP skill is insufficient to complete this task;
  • If your main spec is healer or tank – please be ready to spec to DPS at the raid leader’s request; our RBG team has its own players that fill these roles and the RBG carry may be impossible if the team becomes unbalanced role-wise; 
  • If for some reason, you don’t think you are able to meet these requirements or have changed your mind and decided to end the boost prematurely, the price difference between the price of the RBG rating you paid for and the price we charge for the amount of rating you got with our help, will be compensated to you;
  • RBG Boost does not account for the possibility of losing the rating while playing with a third-party RBG group. In other words, we won’t restore any rating you may have lost while playing with anyone other than our team.
  • The completion deadlines may be postponed by us only in the following cases:
    • In-game servers are down for a noticeable period of time or there is a long queue to log into the realm your character is on;
    • The quality of connection to the game servers does not allow for a viable way to progress the boost;
    • The RBGs were unavailable for a noticeable period of time at some point during the boost for technical or any other reason;
    • Other reasons that are beyond our control.


Level 70 character. Use our Dragonflight leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

Your character’s average item level has to be 375 item level or higher if your target RBG rating is 1600 or lower. If it is higher, your character’s gear level must be 380+. Consider using our Full Gear service if your gear level is lower.

You have to be ready to spec into DPS at the raid leader’s request.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does WoW RBG Boost work?

You have to make some steps before your RBG boosting will begin. First, you need to select desirable options, such as the amount of rating or a number of wins you want to get. Then our support team will contact you to settle details. Your boosting teammates may ask you to complete certain tasks during combats, so be ready to listen and follow their instructions. We ask you to stay active while boosting is in process, as your absence may lead to the boosting failure.

How Much Does a WoW RBG Boost Cost?

The total price for this service will depend on the boosting options you’ve chosen. The more fights you want to win, for example, the more you will pay. Use the table at the right part of the screen to learn the cost. Feel free to ask our support managers if you have questions, they will answer all of them. We will also try to compensate you the unspent money if anything goes wrong.

What Are the Main Requirements for RBG Boost Service?

The requirements for the RBG boost do not dramatically differ from other PvP boosting services. The character you’ve chosen for the boosting has to have a maximum for the actual expansion level, and the competitive general iLvL of gear. Another important thing is that you have to be ready to switch your current spec to DPS in case it will be needed. The boosting team has tanks and healers, so you might be more useful as a damage dealer. Your personal skill is also a very important component of victory; that’s why you have to be honest and outspoken with the boosting team.

Is WoW RBG Boost Safe?

EpicCarry has more than a decade of successful work; we know how to secure our customers and their personal data. We use only safe VPN programs and routes. Our boosters are extremely experienced not only in gaming mechanics but also in securing methods. However, you should remember that all PvP activities, including RBG, are closely monitored, and there is always an infinitesimal chance to get caught. That’s why we ask our customers to take active participation in a boosting process.

Why Should I Buy WoW RBG Boost?

RBG is considered a rated PvP activity, which means it has the same reward system. And the best reward in this category is Vicious Mounts. Each and every of these mounts look badass and attract admiring gazes wherever it appears. We bet you want to have at least one of them. The RBG Boost is a perfect opportunity to not only raise your rating, but to get closer to the Vicious Mount of your dreams.

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