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About New World: the Basis

New World is an upcoming new game developed and published by Amazon Game Studios where players are put into a savage, lawless land where danger lurks around every corner. New World is set during the 17th-century. Players arrive to colonize the supernatural island of Aeternum — a fantasy continent heavily inspired by the Americas.

When is New World coming out?

Amazon’s upcoming MMO was scheduled to release in August 2021 but after the closed beta, the developers decided to postpone the release date to address server stability issues. The game has since successfully passed the open beta testing and is coming to Steam on September 28, 2021, on a buy-to-play model that does not require a monthly subscription fee.

What kind of MMO is New World?

New world is an open-world MMO filled with endless opportunities. You can play New World like any open-world MMORPG: explore Aeternum, complete various tasks for non-player characters, confront other players in 1v1 or 50v50 PvP, kill strange inhabitants of Aeternum and find valuable loot, wield deadly weapons, etc. It also delivers on a “Massively Multiplayer” front by allowing you to join forces with other players by joining a faction and a Company.

When players achieve level 10, they are prompted to join one of the three factions: the Marauders, Syndicate, and Covenant.

What Are Factions and Companies?

Factions of the New World

Story-wise, factions are very unique and certainly can’t be mistaken for one another. All three have their own motives and are determined to become the strongest group that one day will decide the island’s future.

  • Marauders — a company of mercenaries, brutes, and gun-freaks. This faction is famous for wielding the most brutal melee weapons.
  • yndicate — a band of secretive scientists bound by insatiable desire to uncover the secret truth behind the Corrupted and tame the supernatural forces of Aeternum. Also, the most fashionable faction.
  • Covenant — religious fanatics that want to cleanse the dangerous world of Aeternum of Corrupted.

The faction is the main feature that will define your gameplay in New World. After you pledge yourself to one, you won’t be able to join another faction for 120 days and you can only choose companies that belong to your faction. Furthermore, if you turn your PvP flag on, you will become hostile towards the representatives of rival factions.

Joining a faction gives you the ability to become part of a community, defend the world from the invading forces of the Corrupted in various PvE events, and wage war with other factions. Winning a faction war allows your Company to control territories and settlements.

Companies of the New World

Companies are New Word’s take at Guilds or Clans. Each Company is a group of players that belongs to one of the New World factions. Being a member of the Company (and, by extension, a faction) enables you to compete for territories and settlements with other Companies in a large scale PvP which mostly revolves around sieges that happen once the Company that controls the region loses its grip on it.

But this is not the end of the New World’s social features. The system is quite complex and intertwined, and engaging in the politics of Amazon’s New World grants you and your friends some great perks.

For instance, as a result of winning PvE and PvP battles, your faction may gain control of a certain territory. Your leader then effectively becomes a leader of this area’s capital and is able to influence the development of the settlement by calling the town projects and setting tax rates (which goes straight into your Company’s bank — very beneficial the bottom line of the members).

Even though the robust faction system is one of its main selling points and a cornerstone of the gameplay experience, you won’t need to pay much attention to the player’s politics at all; you can turn your Player versus Player flag off at any moment, and form a small team together with like-minded players to face monsters in the invasions or expedition.

What enemies will I face in the supernatural island of Aeternum?

he island’s wilderness is filled to the brim with all kinds of different monsters. The Corrupted are the main antagonists in Aeternum, but there are three more enemy factions that pose a threat to the adventurers:

  • the Lost, which are this game’s take on zombies;
  • the Angry Earth — spirits of nature that channel supernatural forces;
  • the Ancients — the surviving members of a highly developed civilization that went extinct at some point in the past. They use highly advanced technology powered by Azoth.

What Weapons can I Use?

New World features a real-time combat system that feels a lot like Dark Souls. Danger and opportunity await at every corner and only you will decide how you want to tackle them. You will be able to wield a wide range of weapons and channel all kinds of supernatural power. There are 11 types of weapon types in the game, each features a unique skill tree and has its own pros and cons:

  • Straight Sword;
  • Spear;
  • Bow;
  • Fire Staff;
  • Rapier;
  • Great Axe;
  • Musket;
  • Life Staff;
  • Hatchet;
  • War Hammer;
  • Ice Gauntlet.

What else is there to do in the New World?

New World’s classless system implies that you can take on any role at any given moment, but this is not entirely true. In fact, the range of your skillset and, by extension, roles that you will be able to fill entirely depends on the amount of time you can afford to invest in leveling up your character, weapon mastery, trade skills, and reputation standing. All of which requires an obscene amount of grinding, farming, and questing.

Here is the short list of activities that you will definitely be doing if you want to get anywhere in the Amazon’s New World:

  • Resource Farming — regardless of what you are planning to do later in the game, you will need the experience to level up. Gathering will be your main source of XP, as most quests in the game send you to some location to gather resources for the local town.
  • Crafting and Trade Skills — this game features a robust crafting and trade system, which means that you will need to farm tons of stuff to work on your trade skills. Skills like Logging, Stonecutting, and Engineering will be your main source of income and Experience.
  • Power leveling — be it leveling of your in-game avatar, or Weapon Skill leveling doesn’t matter, as you’ll be doing it by fighting other entities in PvE and PvP battles. Just like in any other MMORPG your level determines the available areas, while your Weapon Skill allows you to wield deadly weapons and control the supernatural powers of Aeternum.
  • Large-scale PvP and Faction Wars — as we already mentioned, faction politics plays a vital role in New World’s story and is a big part of the gameplay.
  • Expeditions are small-scale PvE dungeons you may undertake with a small team of friends to fight inhabitants of the dungeon for loot and challenge.

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The community has been abuzz with the new features that this open-world game offers, one of which being that rather than automatically leveling up as you gain experience points, you have to manually upgrade your character’s skills and new abilities by using them in combat or your everyday activity.

This new feature has sparked a debate on whether or not this new aspect of the MMO genre is beneficial to players as players have been brought up from generations playing other MMOs with automatic leveling and New World’s main selling point takes away some of the ease of accessibility. In addition, people claim that Amazon’s New World takes too much effort and time for the new players to get adjusted.

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At the moment, we offer several boosting services:

  • Power leveling;
  • Weapon skill leveling;
  • Trade skill leveling;
  • Various expeditions farming;
  • Reputation grinding.

Being on the market for nearly a decade, we know all too well that most players are too busy to put this much time into a single game. This is why we offer New World boosting services for sale.

Right now, our services are available for pre-order and we will start delivering the New World boosts right after the game’s release on Steam later in September. If you would like to

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