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We offer the fastest power leveling service on the market as we cooperate only with professional players, who have years of experience in delivering WoW power leveling service. Choose a WoW leveling boost that meets your needs and wishes, and raise as many WoW characters to a max level as you want.

Why You Might Need Our Power Leveling Boosting Services?

The leveling process is a basic aspect of every RPG game. We doubt you have ever dealt with an RPG game that wouldn’t require leveling in this way or another. This refers especially to MMORPG games, such as World of Warcraft from Blizzard Entertainment, as a good half of the time you spend raising your character to a maximum level either solo or with a team of other players.

Usually, the WoW leveling process is quite entertaining. The player learns the lore, understands the motives of the main characters, explores Azeroth and game mechanics, and participates in PvE and PvP activities. All the more interesting it is to spend countless hours in the game playing for different factions, as Horde and Alliance players have different stories to tell.

What WoW Power Leveling Services Do We Offer?

Both veteran players and those who only create the first new characters on the account, come to a point when they might need a WoW powerleveling help. EpicCarry knows everything about players’ struggles. That’s exactly why we offer any WoW leveling service you can imagine. We have experienced all kinds of in-game suffering ourselves, from a walking exploration of flight paths to the high end-game content. We know precisely what you may wish and desire. No matter what expansion you are interested in, or how many years have passed since you could play the WoW game, we are always here to help you. You may find all kinds of boosting services in our marketplace.

Have you decided to master a new WoW profession? We know the best recipes. Do you need that nasty reputation with covenants in the Shadowlands expansion? Our professional boosters are at your service. Suddenly realized you missed the whole Argus Questline? Use our special Warcraft leveling service and get a result within a few days. We offer all kinds of WoW power leveling services, including daily and world quests and end-game content. Check the most relevant offers below.


Overall character leveling mechanics were presented at the very launch of the WoW game, back in 2004. Almost every system has been changed ever since those times. We expanded our portfolio to represent every aspect of WoW power leveling process and today our services cover all your potential needs. Below, you may find only a few of our WoW power leveling offers. Check the full list in the link.

If you can’t find the WoW power leveling service you desire, just ask our support team in the chat, and we will provide you with a personal assistant or will find any other way to fulfil your wishes. You don’t have to wait for your comrades to help you get your character to a max level or to go to dungeons. Save your time and effort, buy WoW power leveling boost, and enjoy playing the class you like. There is nothing EpicCarry can’t do!

WoW Dragonflight Leveling Boost

Putting aside exciting content, WoW Dragonflight didn’t bring any other global changes, so the leveling process is very much alike. Now the level cap is 70; the leveling speed has increased compared to Shadowlands expansion; a quest log is always full of new quests, and you don’t need to rush along Dragon Isles looking for the mobs to farm to get to the desired level.

And even though a new expansion for the World of Warcraft brings tons of big and small in-game changes, raising up another character is still very time-consuming, and the first expressions may fade under the constantly repeated leveling process. Many experienced players have their own ways of fast leveling using a flying mount, dungeons’ runs, some WoW leveling guide, and their own routes, which they use after leaving the Exile’s Reach.

Regular players, however, may be too exhausted to suffer the same torture over and over again. They want to play the World of Warcraft and not live there, but the level cap is the obligatory requirement to literary every activity in the game.

That is why WoW power leveling services for Dragonflight are that much useful and even important. Save your time and gaming thrill for relaxing exploration, raids and dungeons careful visits, and even for a calm World of Warcraft leveling, where you read the quest descriptions for once in a blue moon.

WoW Power Leveling Boost for Hunter Rare Pets

We bet you didn’t even know it was possible. Well, here we are with a very handy Warcraft power leveling service. Every Hunter knows how annoying it may be to hunt rare pets. What it’s like to wait for a needed rare elite to spawn, then tame it without dying, and after raising it to a max level.

Such leveling experience may drive mad anyone, but our professional gamers will ease your sufferings. Buy a Hunter Rare Pets power leveling from EpicCarry and we will take control over the selected character on your account and will complete a WoW powerleveling boost for you in the shortest possible time.

A great bonus is that all pets for this power leveling option have the same price, even if they are extremely rare.

And if it wasn’t enough, you may always make your WoW power leveling cheaper. Ask our support for a discount and we will surely make something out.

Stygia WoW Power Leveling Boost

No one wants to return to the Maw. Ever. And we understand you completely. But what to do if you need a certain amount of Stygia and need it badly? Ask for our help, of course. Our professional boosters will stay in the Maw for as long as you need them to provide you with desired figures. There is no WoW power leveling service that we don’t know of or wouldn’t complete.

Personal Assistant Power Leveling Service

Some tasks just don’t fit into ordinary scheme. You might want to have a heritage armour set for your allied races’ alts, but you are sick and tired of a self-play routine. Or you badly need a healer character, but you only have a Warcraft raid time settled cos of offline things to do. Or you still need to go to Island Expeditions but can’t find a company due to its unpopular status.

You might have any predicament inside the World of Warcraft game from any of the above-mentioned brand names to a power level your character through old zones, and EpicCarry knows how to help you. Use our Personal drivers’ WoW boosting services to get an intimate fellow-helper, who will follow you and assist you with all incoming issues.

All personal drivers are professional players, who have spent countless hours in the World of Warcraft game. They definitely know what WoW power leveling service means and what it takes to power level this or that character of this or that faction, race, and class.

Even though this WoW power leveling boost is usually done in a piloted mode, all your account data is completely secured, so you don’t have to bother about that. Our boosters work with their hands and don’t use bots or unproven programs.

The Process Of WoW Power Leveling Service

The greatest doubt is, of course, the security of the WoW account, and the boosting services delivery process. Your uncertainty as a buyer is well-founded. Concerning this subject, we are happy to assure you of the following:

It does not matter whether you play WoW Classic or the newest Dragonflight expansion. Whether your new character or alt lives in the US or European realm, whether it is a brand new world or a long-existing one, we will manage to focus on your needs. Feel free to chat with our power levelers, and discuss order details, the price, and other character leveling issues. We are capable of granting any WoW service you may wish for.

There is almost a decade of successful work to our name, meaning we are extremely experienced in every aspect of WoW power leveling service.

EpicCarry works only with professional boosters and you may be sure each of them knows exactly what and how to do. We will use the fastest possible route to meet your requirements. We also guarantee the delivery of your custom order — no delays or excuses.

Such terms as third-party programs or individuals do NOT exist for us, as we use our own facilities for all boosting services.

You may not worry about the warranty, as all your personal data is well secured. All account details are kept safe. The account sharing system allows you to watch your WoW power leveling boost via stream online.

We understand that our help is needed in different countries with different time zones. This is why our support team works 24/7 with no lunch breaks or weekends.

While doing WoW power leveling for our clients, we use a combination of options to get the best and fastest results. We go to certain raids, dungeons, complete world quests, open new flight points if needed.

Your raiding schedule won’t be disturbed or displaced – your account will be free to use whenever you like it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Safe to Buy a WoW Power Leveling Service?

Yes! Any type of character progression boost from EpicCarry is completely safe, including our leveling service. We are not interested in the propagation of personal data, and we will not spread it elsewhere. We also protect your account by using secure SSL protocols and VPNs that correspond to your country. No bots or scripts are used as well - each character leveling service is provided by the hands of our boosting team. We would love to ask you to mute your friend list on a precise game client. We'll be able to use your account without raising suspicion and deliver our WoW leveling service quickly and discreetely.

What is the max level in WoW Dragonflight?

A WoW 2022 version is updated with the latest expansion, called Dragonflight. Each new expansion brings new content and the indispensable max level increase. The levels were squished in the previous Shadowlands expansion and right now, the maximum level is 70.

What is the fastest way to level in WoW Dragonflight?

The combination of multiple options would be the best and the fastest way to power-level your WoW character. We recommend the usage of heirloom gear, optimized routes, special add-ons, and a PvP mode if you're aiming for fast leveling. Plus, you need to visit certain instances multiple times and still do some quests. We recommend creating a power leveling custom order, settling the details and the price, and you'll get what you paid for in no time.

How long does 1-70 take in Dragonflight?

For several years already World of Warcraft players have had a right to level up anywhere they choose, whether it is Classic power leveling or Battle for Azeroth. The fastest expansion, however, is the Warlords of Draenor - you will need approximately 8 hours to get your WoW character from the start to a maximum level. The slowest turned out to be Wrath of the Lich King and the Burning Crusade. You will have to wait for 24 hours before you start the actual play. A power leveling process in the Dragonflight will take about 15 hours at the same time - somewhere in between.

How much does a WoW leveling service cost?

Right now, the price of our WoW character leveling service starts from €50 for a 1-70 power leveling and €26 for a 60-70 boost. This product is so popular that it goes on a discount fairly frequently, so you can add it to your cart and wait for a sale announcement if you want to save some money. We also price match! If you find a competing shop that offers a character WoW power leveling cheaper than us, contact our Support Team via web chat and we are likely to cut you a deal on your custom order.

Is there power leveling in WoW?

Surely, there is. There are dozens of different WoW power leveling services for every taste. Get a max level for a single character in this game or a power level your long-forgotten alt. EpicCarry may help you with every wow leveling idea. Contact us to learn more about WoW power leveling.

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