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WoW Power Leveling

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Why You Might Need Our Boosting Services for Power Leveling?

The leveling process is a basic aspect of every RPG game the industry has ever known. We doubt you have ever dealt with an RPG game, that wouldn’t require leveling in this way or another. This refers especially to MMORPG games, such as World of Warcraft from Blizzard Entertainment, as a good half of the time you spend raising your character to the maximum level either solo or with the team of other players.

Usually, the leveling process in WoW is quite entertaining. The player learns the lore of the game, understands the motives of the main characters, explores the Azeroth, and game mechanics, participates in PvE and PvP activities.

By the time you gather enough Experience Points and reached max level, you have already visited the majority of battle and raid zones, dungeons, know all flight paths, maybe even met some veteran players, who helped you along the way. Now you are ready to play the end game content. Congratulations! However, sooner or later you will realize, you either want or need to have more than one character. And this is where you begin your journey to hell.

Yes, things became a way easier with the release of the latest Shadowlands expansion for WoW. There was a level squish – now the max level is 60 again. The developers added tonnes of exciting content and new gameplay options.

The leveling system for both new characters and those, who’ve been playing for years was changed for good, but, unfortunately, it is not that helpful for those, who have already several WoW characters. Players are to spend the same time on the same quest chains, collect the same gear, visit the same locations, do the same routine – it even sounds dull and boring.

And what if you need not only a new alt, but a new profession as well, or even worse – a one more time raised reputation with a certain faction… Terrifying! Your only wish is to skip all these horrific and monotonous actions, and to play the World of Warcraft you know and love. This is when you understand, you need a WoW power leveling service.

What Exactly Do We Offer

EpicCarry knows everything about players’ struggles. That’s exactly why we offer any WoW leveling service you can imagine. We have experienced all kinds of in-game suffering ourselves and know exactly what you may wish and desire. No matter what expansion you are interested in, no matter how many years have passed, we are always here to help you. You may find any type of boosting services on our marketplace.

Decided to master a new WoW profession? We know the best recipes. Do you need that nasty reputation with Burning Crusade factions? Our professional boosters are at your service. Suddenly realized, you can’t fly in Legion zones? Use our Pathfinder power leveling boost and get a result within few days. We offer all kinds of power leveling services including daily and world quests and WoW character power leveling. Check the most relevant offers below.


The Most Essential Power Leveling Services From Epiccarry

The leveling mechanic was present at the very launch of this game in WoW Classic and has since changed quite a bit. We expanded our portfolio to represent any and every aspect of power leveling and today our services cover all your possible needs. We can offer:

  • Shadowlands 50-60 Level Boost;
  • Any Reputation throughout the World of Warcraft factions up to Exalted status;
  • Covenant Assaults boosting services;
  • Patch 9.1 Starter Bundle;
  • Any Profession improved to current maximum;
  • We will unlock Shadowlands Flying for you;
  • Allied Races power leveling boost;
  • Any Allied race Heritage armor;
  • Daily and World Quests routine;
  • We will farm Stygia for you in the Maw;
  • Any Pathfinder of any expansion.

And so much more. If you can’t find the WoW power leveling service you desire, just ask our support team in the chat, and we will find you a personal assistant or any other way to fulfill your wishes. You don’t have to wait for your comrades to help you. Save your time and efforts, buy WoW power leveling boost, and enjoy playing the class you like. There is nothing, EpicCarry can’t do!

The Process of Power Leveling

The greatest doubt is, of course, the security of the WoW account, and the boosting services delivery process. Your uncertainty as a buyer is well-founded. Concerning this subject we are happy to assure you of the following:

It does not matter whether you play WoW Classic or the newest Shadowlands expansion. Whether your new character or alt lives in the US or European realm, whether it is a brand new world or a long-existing one, we will manage to focus on your needs. Feel free to chat with our power levelers, discuss order details, the price, and other character leveling issues. We are capable to grant any WoW service you may wish for.

There is almost a decade of successful work to our name, meaning we are extremely experienced in every aspect of WoW power leveling service.

We work only with professional boosters and may assure you, each of them knows exactly what and how to do. We will use the fastest possible route to meet your requirements. We also guarantee the delivery of your order – no delays or excuses.

Such terms as third-party programs or individuals do NOT exist for us, as we use our own facilities for all boosting services.

You may not worry about the warranty, as all your personal data is well secured. All account details are kept safe. The account sharing system allows you to watch your WoW power leveling boost via stream online.

We understand that our help is needed in different countries with different time zones. This is why our support team works 24/7 with no lunch breaks and weekends.

While doing WoW power leveling for our clients, we use a combination of options to get the best and fastest results. We go to certain raids, dungeons, complete world quests, open new flight points if needed.

Your raiding schedule won’t be disturbed or displaced – your account will be free to use whenever you like it.



Is it safe to buy a WoW power leveling service in WoW?

Yes! Any type of character progression boost from EpicCarry is completely safe, including our leveling service. We are not interested in the propagation of personal data, and we will not spread it elsewhere. We also protect your account by using secure SSL protocols and VPNs that correspond to your country. No bots or scripts are used as well - each character leveling service is provided by the hands of our boosting team. We would love to ask you to mute your friend list on a precise game client. We'll be able to use your account correctly in such a way.


How much faster is Shadowlands leveling?

It is not that much faster, actually. The thing is, you still need to boost any WoW character on your account to level 50 via one of the other expansions, and only then you can start the final part in SL, which will take about 8 hours.


Which way of WoW power leveling is faster in Shadowlands?

The combination of multiple options would be the best and the fastest way to power level your WoW characters. We recommend the usage of heirloom gear, optimized routes, add-ons, and a PvP mode. Plus you need to visit certain instances multiple times and still do some quests. We recommend creating a custom order, settle the details and the price, and you'll get what you paid for in no time.


How long does 1-50 take in Shadowlands?

The latest expansion for World of Warcraft made it possible to level up anywhere you choose, whether it is Classic power leveling or Battle for Azeroth. The fastest, however, is the Warlords of Draenor expansion - you will need approximately 8 hours to get your WoW character to a maximum level. The slowest turned out to be Wrath of the Lich King and the Burning Crusade. You will have to wait for 24 hours before you start actual play.


How much does a WoW leveling service cost?

Right now, the price of our WoW character leveling service starts from €74 for a 1-60 leveling and €22 for a 50-60 leveling boost. This product is so popular that it goes on a discount fairly frequently, so you can add this product to your cart and wait for a sale announcement if you want to save some money. We also price match! If you find a competing shop that offers a character leveling service cheaper than us, contact our Support Team via web chat and we are likely to make a deal.

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